The strangest aduenture that euer happened: either in the ages passed or present Containing a discourse concerning the successe of the King of Portugall Dom Sebastian, from the time of his voyage into Affricke, when he was lost in the battell against the infidels, in the yeare 1578. vnto the sixt of Ianuary this present 1601. In which discourse, is diuerse curious histories, some auncient prophesies, and other matters, whereby most euidently appeareth: that he whom the Seigneurie of Venice hath held as prisoner for the space of two yeres and twentie two dayes, is the right and true king of Portugall Dom Sebastian. More, a letter that declareth, in what maner he was set at libertie the xv. of December last. And beside, how he parted from Venice and came to Florence. All first done in Spanish, then in French, and novv lastly translated into English.
Teixeira, José, 1543-1604., Munday, Anthony, 1553-1633.

〈◊〉 markes and signes which the King of ortugall Dom Sebastian beares natu∣rally on his body.

  • HE hath the right hand greater then the left.
  • The right arme longer then the left.
  • Page  793. The body from the shoulders to the girdle-sted is so short, as his doublet can serue none other but himselfe onely.
  • 4. From the girdle-sted downe to the knees he is very long.
  • 5. The right legge is longer then the left.
  • 6. The right foote greater then the other.
  • 7. The toes almost equall.
  • 8. On the little toe of the right foote he hath a wart so increa∣sing, as it appeares to be like a sixt toe.
  • 9. The instep or necke of the foote, very high raised vp.
  • 10. On the one shoulder is a seale or marke, of the greatnesse of a Vinten of Portugall: such a peece of money as a French peece of three blankes, the very least and auncientest.
  • 11. On the right shoulder toward the chine of the necke, he hath a blacke scarre, of the largenesse of ones little naile.
  • 12. He hath little pimples on his face and hands, and very ap∣parant: but such as knowes it not cannot discerne them.
  • 13. He hath the left side of his body shorter then the right, so that he halts a little without any perceiuing.
  • 14. He lackes one tooth on the right side, in the neather aw.
  • 15. He hath the fluxe of seed, or Gonorrhaea.
  • 16. He doth abound in a signall very secret, that is to be spoken of when need shall require.
  • 17. Besides these secrets and signes, he hath many other which my easily be seene: as the fingers of the hands long, and the nailes likewise.
  • 18. The lip of Austriche, like his graundfather Charles the fift Emperour, father to his mother, and of his graundmother Catherine Queene of Portugall, mother to his father, sister to the sayd Charles the fift.
  • 19. His feete little, and his legs crooked, &c. All these markes were borne with him.
  • 20. He hath many markes of the harquebuze on his left arme, which he receiued in the battell of Affricke.
  • 21. Another marke or wound vpon the head.
  • 22. Another vpon the right eye-brow.