[Certen] instruct[ions, obseruati]ons and orders militarie, requisit for all chieftaines, captaines [and?] higher and lower men of charge, [and officers] to vnderstand, [knowe and obserue]
Smythe, John, Sir, ca. 1534-1607.
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〈◊〉nstruc•••••〈◊〉 and orders Militarie requisit for all Chieftaines, Captaines 〈◊〉 higher and lower men of char••〈…〉 to vnder∣stand, 〈…〉 Composed by sir 〈◊〉mythe: knight, 1591. And now first imprinted. 1594.

Imprinted at London, by Richard Iohnes: dwelling at the signe of 〈◊〉 and Crowne, neer to Sai••••drewes church in Holborne, 1594.