Syr P.S. His Astrophel and Stella Wherein the excellence of sweete poesie is concluded. To the end of which are added, sundry other rare sonnets of diuers noble men and gentlemen.
Sidney, Philip, Sir, 1554-1586., Newman, Thomas, fl. 1587-1598. aut, Nash, Thomas, 1567-1601. aut, Daniel, Samuel, 1562-1619. aut

Sonnet 71.

BEhold what hap Pigmalion had to frame,
And carue his griefe himselfe vpon a stone;
My heauie fortune is much like the same,
I worke on flint and that's the cause I mone.
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For haplesse lo euen with mine owne desires,
I figured on the table of my hart
The goodliest shape that the worlds eye admires,
And so did perish by my proper arte.
And still I toyle to change the Marble brest
Of her, whose sweete Idea I addore,
Yet cannot finde her breath vnto my rest,
Hard is her heart, and woe is me therefore.
O blessed he that ioyes his stone and arte,
Vnhappie I to loue a stonie harte.