Syr P.S. His Astrophel and Stella Wherein the excellence of sweete poesie is concluded. To the end of which are added, sundry other rare sonnets of diuers noble men and gentlemen.
Sidney, Philip, Sir, 1554-1586., Newman, Thomas, fl. 1587-1598. aut, Nash, Thomas, 1567-1601. aut, Daniel, Samuel, 1562-1619. aut
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The ninth Sonnet.

GOe my Flocke, goe get you hence,
Seeke a better place of feeding,
VVhere you may haue some defence
From the stormes in my breast bleeding,
And showers from mine eyes porceeding.
Leaue a wretch in whom all woe,
Can abide to keepe no measure;
Merrie Flocke, such one forgoe
Vnto whom mirth is displeasure,
Onely rich in measures treasure.
Yet alas before you goe,
Heare your wofull Masters storie,
VVhich to stones I else would showe;
Sorrow onely then hath glorie,
VVhen tis excellently sorie.
Stella, fairest Shepheardesse,
Fairest, but yet cruelst euer;
Stella, whom the heauens still blesse,
Though against me she perseuer,
Though I blisse inherit neuer.
Stella hath refused mee,
Stella, who more loue hath proued
In this caitiffe hart to bee,
Than can in good to vs be moued
Towards Lambkins best beloued,
Stella hath refused mee
Astrophel that so well serued.
Page  60In this pleasant Spring (Muse) see,
While in pride flowers be preserued,
Himselfe onely, winter starued.
VVhy (alas) then doth she sweare
That she loueth me so deerly;
Seeing me so long to beare
Coales of loue that burne so cleerly:
And yet leaue me hopelesse meerly.
Is that loue? forsooth I trow,
If I saw my good dogg grieued,
And a helpe for him did know,
My loue should not be beleeued,
But he were by me releeued.
No, she hates me (welaway)
Faining loue, somewhat to please me;
Knowing, if she should display
All her hate, death soone would seaze me,
And of hideous torments ease me.
Then my deare Flocke now adieu:
But alas, if in your straying
Heauenly Stella meete with you,
Tell her in your piteous blaying
Her poore Slaues iust decaying.