Humors looking glasse
Rowlands, Samuel, 1570?-1630?, Rowlands, Samuel, 1570?-1630? Letting of humors blood in the head-vaine. Selections. aut
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A straunge sighted Traueller.

AN honest Country foole being gentle bred,
Was by an odde conceited humor led,
To trauell and some English fashions see,
With such strange sights as heere at London be.
Stuffing his purse with a good golden some,
This wandring knight did to the Cittie come,
And there a seruingman he entertaines,
An honester in Newgate not remaines.
He shew'd his Maister sights to him most strange,
Great tall Pauls Steeple and the royall-Exchange:
The Bosse at Billings-gate and London stone,
And at White Hall the monstrous great Whales bone,
Brought him to the banck-side where Beares do dwell
And vnto Shor-ditch where the whores keepe hell,
Shew'd him the Lyons, Gyants in Guild-Hall,
King Lud at Lud-gate the Babounes and all,
At length his man, on all he had did pray,
Shew'd him a theeuish trick and ran away,
The Traueller turnd home exceeding ciuill,
And swore in London he had seene the Deuill.