Meditations on the holy sacrament of the Lords last Supper Written many yeares since by Edvvard Reynolds then fellow of Merton College in Oxford.
Reynolds, Edward, 1599-1676.
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A Summary of the severall Chapters contained in this Booke.

  • Chap. 1. MAns Being, to be imployed in wor∣king: that working is directed un∣to some good, which is God, that good a free, and voluntary reward, which we here enjoy, onely in the right of a promise, the scale of which promise is a Sacrament. pag. 1.
  • Chap. 2. Sacraments are earnests, and shadowes of our expected glory made unto the senses. p. 6.
  • Chap. 3. Inferences of practise from the for∣mer observations. p. 10.
  • Chap. 4. Whence Sacraments derive their va∣lew, and being, namely, from the Author that in∣stituted them. p. 15.
  • Chap. 5. Inferences of practise from the Au∣thour of this Sacrament. p. 19.
  • Chap. 6. Of the Circumstances of the institu∣tion, namely, the time, and place. p. 24.
  • Chap. 7. Of the matter of the Lords Supper, Bread, and Wine, with their Analogy unto Christ. pag. 32.
  • Chap. 8. Practicall inferences from the ma∣terialls of the Lords Supper. p. 40.
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  • Ch. 9. Of the Analogy and proportion betweene the holy actions used by Christ in this Sacrament, and Christ himselfe who is the substance of it. p. 45.
  • Ch. 10. Of the fourth action, with the reasons why the Sacrament is to be eaten and drunken. p. 53.
  • Chap. 11. Of other reasons, why the Sacrament is eaten, and drunken, and of the manner of our union, and incorporation into Christ. p. 60.
  • Chap. 12. Inferences of Practise from the con∣sideration of the former actions. p. 72
  • Chap. 13. Of the two first ends, or effects of the Sacrament, namely, the exhibition of Christ to the Church, and the union of the Church to Christ. Of the reall Presence. p. 81.
  • Chap. 14. Of three other ends of this holy Sacrament, the fellowship, or union of the faith∣full, the obsignation of the Covenant of Grace, and the abrogation of the Passeover. p. 102.
  • Chap. 15. The last end of this holy Sacra∣ment, namely, the Celebration, and memory of Christs death. A briefe collection of all the benfits which are by his death conveyed on the Church. The question touching the quallity of temporall punishments stated. p. 116.
  • Chap. 16. Of the manner after which wee are to celebrate the memory of Christs passion. p. 137.
  • Chap. 17. Inferences of practise from the se∣verall ends of this holy Sacrament. p. 148
  • Chap. 18. Of the subject, who may with best bene∣fit receive the holy Sacrament, with the necessary qualification thereunto, of the necessity of due Page  [unnumbered] preparation. p. 170.
  • Chap. 19. Of the forme, or manner of exami∣nation required, which is, touching the maine qua∣lification of a worthy receiver, faith: The demon∣stration whereof is made, first, from the causes, secondly from the nature of it. p. 185.
  • Chap. 20. Of the third, and last meanes for the triall and demonstration of Faith, namely, from effects or properties thereof. p. 224.