Life eternall or, A treatise of the knowledge of the divine essence and attributes Delivered in XVIII. sermons. By the late faithfull and worthy minister of Iesus Christ, Iohn Preston, D. in Divinity, chaplaine in ordinary to his Majestie, master of Emmanuel Colledge in Cambridge, and sometimes preacher of Lincolns Inne.
Preston, John, 1587-1628., Ball, Thomas, 1589 or 90-1659., Goodwin, Thomas, 1600-1680.

The Attributes of GOD in generall.

NOw we come to declare to you, how this Essence of God is made knowne. It is by his Attributes; and they are of two sorts:*

1 Either such as describe God in himselfe.

2 Or else such as declare God as he is to us. O∣ther divisions there are, but this is the best that I can finde; because it agrees with the scope of all the Scripture.

For the first, those Attributes that shew God in himselfe, as when the Scripture saith, that God is perfect; as, Be yee perfect, as I am perfect. So when the Scripture saith, that hee is unchangeable, al∣mightie, eternall; these shew what he is in himselfe: then his other Attributes shew what he is to you, as that he is mercifull, patient, abundant in mercie and truth, and that he is all-sufficient to you, &c.