The compleat gentleman fashioning him absolute in the most necessary & commendable qualities concerning minde or bodie that may be required in a noble gentleman. By Henry Peacham, Mr. of Arts sometime of Trinity Coll: in Cambridge.
Peacham, Henry, 1576?-1643?, Delaram, Francis, 1589 or 90-1627, engraver.

Of Difference by the Bend.

A third difference, is by the Bend Baston, &c. as the Page  150 house of Bur••• beareth Fr••••, with a Btune Gules, though the proper and true Coate of 〈◊〉 is Of, a Ly∣on Gules, within an Orle of Escallops Azure.

Lewis Earle of Eureux in Normandy, brother to Phi∣lip le Bll, bare Seme de France, with a Batune Componeè, Argent and Gules.

Iohn Earle of L•••aster, and Brother to Richard the first (afterward King) bare for his difference a Batune Azure.

If the mother be of the ligne Royall, many times her Coate is preferred into the first quarter; as Hnry Earle of D•••nshire, and Marqusse of Exeter,••re his mother Ktharines Coate, who was daughter to King Edward the fourth. And the like Humphrey Stafford, who was the first Duke of Buckingham by Anne Platagn••: his mother, the Coate of Thomas of Woodstocke, whose daughter she was. This Coate, I remember, standeth in the great Chancell window in the Church of Kimbal∣tn.

In France it hath beene,* and it yet a custome among the Nobilitie, to 〈◊〉 their owne proper Coates, and take others; as perhaps their Wies, or the Armes of that Srig••••, whereof they are Lords: or whence they haue their Titles, as Mons. Hugues, brother to King Phi∣lip, marrying the daughter and heire of Herbere Earle of Ver•••d•••s, forsooke his proper Coate, and bare his Wiues, which was Checky, Or, and Azure, onely three Flower-de-luces added in chiefe, to shew he was of the blood. And Robert Coun de Dreux, albeit he was brother to King Lewis 〈◊〉, bare Checky, Azure and Or, with a Bordure Gules.

Robert Duke of Burgogne, brother to Henry the first, tooke for his bearing, the ancient Armes of the Dukes of Burgogne, which was bendy Or and Azure, within a Bordure Gules, giuen by Charlemaigne to Sanson Duke of Burgogne.

Page  151And whereas we in England allow the base sonne his Fathers Coate, with the difference of a bend Batune, si∣nister, or bordure engrailed, or the like: it was in France a long time forbidden (I thinke vnder the Capets) to the Princes of the blood; as 〈◊〉 Earle of Mmfort, base sonne to King Robert, was forced to leaue his Fa∣thers Coate, and beare Gules, a Lion à la queue fourcheè Or, passeè per à lentour, Argent; for, Le maison de France ••••tant les bastardes, no leur endurè son armeirè, &c. saith Tillet.

The last and least obseruation is of Crests, the Helmet, the Mantle, and doubling thereof, which according to the manner of diuers Countries, are diuersly borne. In Ger∣many they beare their Beauers open with Barres, which we allow in England to none vnder the degree of a Ba∣ron: in some places they haue no Crests at all. If you would farther proceed in Nobilitie or Heraldry, I would wih you to reade these bookes of 〈◊〉 ob••itie in gener•••:

Simon Simonius de N••ilit••e, 〈…〉 at Leipsig. 1572.

Chassan••••, his Catalogus Gloria mun••.

Hippolitus à Collibus, his Axumata Nobilitatis.

Conclusiones de Nobilitate & Doctorain. published by one of Meckleburg, who concealeth his name, printed 1621. dedicated to the Archbishop of Breme.

Petrus Eritzius, Coun••••er to the Elector of Branden∣burge, published Conclusiones de Nobilitate, in quarto.

Lionellus De pracedentia omium.