The compleat gentleman fashioning him absolute in the most necessary & commendable qualities concerning minde or bodie that may be required in a noble gentleman. By Henry Peacham, Mr. of Arts sometime of Trinity Coll: in Cambridge.
Peacham, Henry, 1576?-1643?, Delaram, Francis, 1589 or 90-1627, engraver.

Dominico irlandaio.

This Dominico was a Florentine, by profession at the first a Gold-smith, but falling to Painting, hee became a Page  136 great Master therein. His first worke was a Chappell for the family of the Vespucci, wherein hee drew in his Sea habit, and standing vpon an vnknowne shoare, Americus Vesputius, who gaue America her name. His best peeces are to be seene at S. Maria Nvella in Florence. He died Anno 1493.