The compleat gentleman fashioning him absolute in the most necessary & commendable qualities concerning minde or bodie that may be required in a noble gentleman. By Henry Peacham, Mr. of Arts sometime of Trinity Coll: in Cambridge.
Peacham, Henry, 1576?-1643?, Delaram, Francis, 1589 or 90-1627, engraver.

For Veluets of all colours.

For blacke-veluet, take Lampe-blacke and verdigreace, Page  113 for your first ground; but when it is dry, lay it ouer with Iuory blacke and Verdigreace, (to help it to dry) and for the shaddow vse white Lead, with a little Lampe blacke.

For Greene Veluet, take Lamp blacke, and white Lead, and worke it ouer like a Russet Veluet; then being dry, draw it onely ouer with Verdigreace, and a little Pinke, and it will be a perfect Greene Veluet.

For a Sea-Water Greene Veluet, lay on the aforesaid mingled Russet Verdigreace onely, if you will haue it more grassy, put to more Pinke.

For a Yellowish Greene, put a little Masticot among your Verdigreace at your pleasure: but note this, al your shaddowing must be in the Russet, and these Greens one∣ly drawne lightly ouer.

For Red Veluet, take Vermilion, and shaddow it with Browne of Spaine, and where you will haue it darkest, take Sea-cole blacke mingled with Spanish Browne, and shaddow where you will, letting it dry, then glaze it ouer with Lake, and it will be a perfect Red Veluet.

For a Crimson or Carnation Veluet, put the more or lesse white Lead to the Vermilion, as you shall see cause.

For Blew Veluet, take Oyle Smalt, and temper it with white Lead; he brighter you will haue it, put in the more White; the sadder, the more Smalt.

For Yellow Veluet, take Masticot and yellow Oker, and deepen it for the shaddow with Vmber.

For Tauny Veluet, take Browne of Spaine, white Lead, and Lampe blacke, mixed with a little Verdigreace to shaddow it, where you see occasion; and when it is dry, glaze it ouer with a little Lake, and red Veluet added vn∣to it.

For Purple Veluet, take Oyle Smalt, and temper it with Lake, halfe Lake, halfe Smalt; then take white Lead and order it as bright or as sad as you list.

For Ash-coloured Veluet, take Char-cole blacke, and Page  114 white Lead, and make a perfect Russet of the same, deep∣ning it with the black, or heigthening it with your white at your pleasure.

For Haire-coloured Veluet, grinde Vmber by it selfe with Oyle, and lay it on your picture, and heigthen with white Lead and the same Vmber.