The compleat gentleman fashioning him absolute in the most necessary & commendable qualities concerning minde or bodie that may be required in a noble gentleman. By Henry Peacham, Mr. of Arts sometime of Trinity Coll: in Cambridge.
Peacham, Henry, 1576?-1643?, Delaram, Francis, 1589 or 90-1627, engraver.

Thomas Masaccio.

This Thomas, sirnamed Masaccio or the Slouen (for that he neuer cared how hee went in his cloathes) was borne in the Castle of Saint Iohn de Valderno; and being a youth, so much addicted his mind vnto painting, that hee cared in a manner for nothing, not so much as to demand money of his debters where it was due, but when meere necessitie draue him thereunto; yet was he curteous vnto all. He excelled in Perspectiue, and aboue all other ma∣sters laboured in Nakeds, and to get the perfection of foreshortning, and working ouer head to bee viewed standing vnder. Amongst other his workes, that of Saint Peter taking a penny out of the fishes mouth, and when he payeth it for tole, is famous. In briefe, he brake the Ice to all painters that succeeded for Action in Nakeds and foreshortnings, which before him were knowne but of few. For by his peeces and after his practise, wrought Fryer Iohn of Ficsole, Frier Phillip Phillipine, Alessan: Baldovinetti, Andrea del Caslagna, Verochio Dominico de Grillandaio, di Botticello, Leonarde de Vinci, Pedro di Peru∣gia, Frier Bartholome of Saint Marks, Mariotte, Alberti∣nell, the rare and euer admired Michael Angelo, Bonarotti, Raphael d' Vbine, and sundry others. He dyed it was sus∣pected of poison in the 26. yeare of his age. His Epitaph was written in Italian by Hannibal Coro.