The compleat gentleman fashioning him absolute in the most necessary & commendable qualities concerning minde or bodie that may be required in a noble gentleman. By Henry Peacham, Mr. of Arts sometime of Trinity Coll: in Cambridge.
Peacham, Henry, 1576?-1643?, Delaram, Francis, 1589 or 90-1627, engraver.

Bnamic Buffalmacco.

Buffalmacco was scholler to Taffi, and as excellent in his profession, so was he merry and of pleasant conceit: wherefore hee was familiar with Brun and Calandrin, rare Artists and of his owne humour, many of whose iestes are recorded by Boccace. Buffalmacco being a young youth while he dwelt with Taffi, was called vp by his master by two or three of the clocke in winter mornings to his worke, grinding of colours or the like, which grie∣ued him much; and bethinking himselfe how to make his master keepe his bed, he got vp in the fields some thirty or forty Dorres or Beetles, and a little before his master should rise, fastning little waxe candles vpon their backs, Page  129 puts them in lighted, one by one into his masters cham∣ber; who seeing the lights moouing vp and downe, began to quake for feare, committing himselfe to God with hattie prayer, and couered himselfe ouer head and eares in his bed, hauing no mind to worke or awake Buffalmac∣co. In the morning ee asked Buffalmacco if hee had not seene a thousand Diuels as he had; who answered no, for he was asleepe, and wondered he called him not: Called? saide Taffi, I had other things to thinke of then to paint, I am fully resolued to goe dwell in a∣nother house. The night following though Buffalmacco had put in but onely three lights into his chamber, yet could he not sleep for feare al that night: it was no sooner day but Taffi, left his house with intēt neuer to come into it againe. Buffalmacco hereupon went to the priest of the parish to desire his aduice, telling him that in his con∣science the Diuell next vnto God hated none more then painters, for that, said Buffalmacco, we make him odious in the peoples eyes by painting him terrible and in the vgliest shape we can deuise; and more to spight him, wee paint nothing but Saints in Churches to make the peo∣ple more deuout then otherwise they would, wherefore the diuels are very angry with vs, and hauing more power by night then by day, they play these prankes, and I feare they will doe worse except we gine ouer this wor∣king by candle light. This he spake so confidently, and in so deniure a manner to the priest, that the priest anou∣ched it to be true, and with great reasons perswaded Taffi euer after to keepe his bed; which beeing published about, working by candle-light was left through the towne euer after. The first proofe of his skill he shewed at a Nunnery neere Pisa now wholly ruined, being the birth of Christ, where Herod killed the children of Beth∣lem; where the affections and lookes of the murtherers, Mothers, Nurses resisting with biting, scratching, tea∣ring, pulling, &c. are excellently expressed. Moreouer, he Page  [unnumbered]Page  [unnumbered]Page  130 drew the foure Patriarkes, and the foure Euangelists, where he expressed Saint Luke with great art, blowing the inke in his pen to make it runne. He was in his time one of the merriest and finest companions of the world: he di∣ed, Anno 1340.