The iudgment of a Catholicke English-man, living in banishment for his religion VVritten to his priuate friend in England. Concerninge a late booke set forth, and entituled; Triplici nodo, triplex cuneus, or, An apologie for the oath of allegiance. Against two breves of Pope Paulus V. to the Catholickes of England; & a letter of Cardinall Bellarmine to M. George Blackwell, Arch-priest. VVherein, the said oath is shewed to be vnlawfull vnto a Catholicke conscience; for so much, as it conteyneth sundry clauses repugnant to his religion.
Parsons, Robert, 1546-1610.
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To the Reader.

THIS Letter comming to my hands (gentle Reader) some dayes past, from my learned friend beyond the seas, and hauing imparted the same priuately vnto sundry of myne acquaintance, who desyred to read some∣what, concerning the Argument in hād; they were very earnest with me to yield to the printing therof, for eschewing so great labour, tyme, and expences, as would be necessary for the copying it out, to so many, as desyred the view ther∣of: which I intreate thee to take in good part, and vse it to thy benefit. And so to CHRIST IESVS I committ thee, with wish of all felicitie, both in this lyfe, and the next.