The iudgment of a Catholicke English-man, living in banishment for his religion VVritten to his priuate friend in England. Concerninge a late booke set forth, and entituled; Triplici nodo, triplex cuneus, or, An apologie for the oath of allegiance. Against two breves of Pope Paulus V. to the Catholickes of England; & a letter of Cardinall Bellarmine to M. George Blackwell, Arch-priest. VVherein, the said oath is shewed to be vnlawfull vnto a Catholicke conscience; for so much, as it conteyneth sundry clauses repugnant to his religion.
Parsons, Robert, 1546-1610.
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THE GENERALL Contentes of this ensuing Letter, diuided into three Paragraphes.

  • 1. THE first paragraph handleth matters concerning the substance of the Oath, which in the Apologie are spoken by way, as it were, of Preface, before the setting downe of the Popes Breues.
  • 2. THE second, considereth the said two Bre∣ues, & impugnation therof by the Apo∣loger; and how sufficiently, or insuffi∣ciently, the same is performed by him.
  • 3. THE third, discusseth the Answere made to Cardinall Bellarmynes Letter; & diuers poyntes of moment therin con∣teyned, but weakly impugned by the Apologer, as the Authour of this Letter iudgeth.