Sinetes passions vppon his fortunes offered for an incense at the shrine of the ladies which guided his distempered thoughtes. The patrons patheticall posies, sonets, maddrigals, and rowndelayes. Together with Sinetes dompe. By Robert Parry Gent.
Parry, Robert, fl. 1540-1612.
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Sonetto. 11

VVHen chirping byrds did chaunt their musickeslayes,
For to salute Dame Flora with her traine,
And vesta cloth'd with chaung of fresh arayes,
For to adorne Hopes happie entertayne:
Then sweetest Bri•…re that shylded our repose,
Sent odours sweete, from her fresh hanging bowes,
And Philomel' oft-changed notes did close,
Which did accorde eu'n with our hallow'd vowes.
But then; ah then, our discontent began,
A barking Dog step'd foorth with scolding rage,
And Musick chang'd to notes of singing Swanne,
That March wee must with swiftest Equipage.
Loose not sweete bird thy voice, nor briet thy set:
Wee'le meete againe when fortunes frownes be spent.