Sinetes passions vppon his fortunes offered for an incense at the shrine of the ladies which guided his distempered thoughtes. The patrons patheticall posies, sonets, maddrigals, and rowndelayes. Together with Sinetes dompe. By Robert Parry Gent.
Parry, Robert, fl. 1540-1612.
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Sonetto. 3

EMerald of treasure eternall spring,
Nurst by the graces day-starre shine on hie,
Ingendring perfect blisse with valens ring:
Twisting loûe and liking with constancie.
Now stanchlesse hart redres & soule-sick wound,
Enwrap the same in foldes of fresh desire,
Let loûe be waking haruest hope be found,
And liuing spring to quench this flame of •…er.
Vnto your excellent loûe sole commaund,
Seing ês you may prooure I me commend,
Into your counsels grace voutch my demaund,
Heate burning ioy sustaine in ioyfull end.
So shall my muse your name ay coronize,
I will it blaze to all posterities.