Sinetes passions vppon his fortunes offered for an incense at the shrine of the ladies which guided his distempered thoughtes. The patrons patheticall posies, sonets, maddrigals, and rowndelayes. Together with Sinetes dompe. By Robert Parry Gent.
Parry, Robert, fl. 1540-1612.
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POSIE. IIII. The Patrons pauze in ode.

DImpl's florish, beauties grace,
Fortune smileth in thy face,
Eye bewrayeth honours flower.
Loue is norish'd in thy bower,
In thy bended brow doth lye,
Zeale imprest with chastitie.
IOVE's darling deere,
Opale lippes of corall hue,
Rarer die then cheries newe,
Arkes where reason cannot trie,
Beauties riches which doth lye,
Entomb'd in that fayrest frame,
Touch of breath perfumes the same.
Orubie cleere:
Ripe ADOn fled VENVS bower,
A•…ming at thy sweetest flower,
His ardent loue forst the same,
Wonted agents of his flame:
Or be to whose enstamed fier,
Loue in•…l'd him to aspire.
Hope of our time,
Oriad's of the hills drawe neere,
Nayad's come before your peere:
Flower of nature shining shoes,
Page  [unnumbered] Riper then the falling rose,
Entermingled with white flower,
Stayn'd with vermilion's power.
Nest'ld in our clime.
The siluer swans sing in poe,
Silent notes of newe-spronge woe,
Tuned notes of cares I fing,
Organ of the muses springe,
Natures pride inforceth me,
Eu'n to rue my destinie.
Starre shew thy might,
'Helens beautie is defac'd,
Io's graces are disgrac'd,
Reaching not the twentith part,
Of thy gloases true desart,
But no maruaile thou alone,
Eu'n art VENYS paragone.
Arm'd with delight.
Iris coulors are to base,
She would make APELLES gaze,
Resting by the siluer streame,
Tossing nature seame by seame,
Pointing at the Christall skie,
Arguing her maiestie,
Page  [unnumbered] Loues rampire stronge.
Hayre of Amber, fresh of hue,
Wau'd with goulden wyers newe,
Riches of the finest mould,
Rarest glorie to behould,
Ympe with natures vertue graft,
Engines newe for dolors fraught,
Eu'n there are spronge,
A Iem fram'd with Diamounds,
In whose voice true concord sounds,
Ioy to all that ken thy smile,
In thee doth vertue fame beguile,
In whose beautie burneth fier,
Which disgraceth Queene desier:
Saunce all compare,
Loue it selfe being brought to gaze,
Learnes to treade the louers maze:
Lying vncou'red in thy looke.
Left for to •…nclaspe the Booke:
Where enroul'd thy fame remaines,
That IVNOS blush of glory staines:
Blot out my care.
Spheare containing all in all,
Onely fram'd to make men thrall:
Onix deck, d with honours worth,
Page  [unnumbered] On whose beautie bringeth foorth:
Smiles ou'r-clouded with disdaine,
Which loyall heart doth paine:
Voyde of disgrace,
AVRORA'S blush that decks thy smile,
Wayting louers to begnile:
Where curious thoughts built the nest,
Which neu'r yeildes to louers rest:
Wasting still the yeilding eye,
Whilst he doth the beautie spie.
Rea'd in her face.
Lampe enric'hd with honours flower,
Blossome gracing VENVS bower:
Bearing plumes of feathers white.
Wherein Turtles doe delighte,
Sense would seeme to weake to finde,
Reason's depth in modest minde:
Yeilding desire.
Lode-starre of my happie choyse,
In thee alone I doe reioyce:
O happie man whose hap is such,
To be made happie by thy tutch:
Thy worth and worthynes could mou•…,
The stoutest to incline to loue,
Enflam'd with fier.