Sinetes passions vppon his fortunes offered for an incense at the shrine of the ladies which guided his distempered thoughtes. The patrons patheticall posies, sonets, maddrigals, and rowndelayes. Together with Sinetes dompe. By Robert Parry Gent.
Parry, Robert, fl. 1540-1612.
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Vpon the Authors muse.

IF Poets with penne doe purchase praise,
Let Pa•…rie then possesse his parte:
Whose Posies rate, report doeth raise,
To Pernasse Mount of due desarte.
In house of fame he ought haue place,
Yf Ouid eu'r deserued that grace.
His pleasaunt vaine, his phrases fine,
Sentencious eke, in verse and prose:
That they include some grace deuine,
His former doinges doe well disoose.
With his sweete Muse, & louely layes,
Who may compare in these out dayes.
But chieflie his SINETES nowe,
Hath moued his muse her prize to playe.
As if therein she had made a vowe,
Some p•… p•…ie to displaye.
There Cupides k•…ke are liuelye seene,
With Venus bai•…es, that louelye Queene.
Then Momus moment; & Zoylus cease,
And foule Mouth Theon leaue to raile:
Seeing Parries penne, the best doth please,
What doth vour carping then auaile.
Whom valiaunt Lyon doth protect:
May well all crauing Curres reiect.
Habet scintilla calorem.

Hu. Gry.