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Title: Diues [et] pauper
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Not for the lesynge but for they dred god / & for the drede of god they saued the childern. Therfor god gaue them house & londe / & not for the lesynge / & so sayth holy wryt. Nathelesse some clerkes saye that for her lesynge god chaūged the endlesse mede y• they had ellys be worthy in to temporell mede of house & londe. ¶Diues. Yet cōtra¦te We fynde in the gospell that after yt cryste was rysen from deth to lyfe / he wente with two of his dyscyples Cleophas & an other in the lyknesse of a pylgryme & spake with them of his deth and of his passyon / but they knewe hym not. And at euen whan they came to ye castell of Emaus / he fayned him to go ferther. And yet at theyr prayer he went in with theym. But faynyng as saynt Austen sayth is a maner of lesynge / therfore not e∣uery maner of lesynge is synne. ¶Pauper It semed to theyr syght that cryste hadde fayned / not by false faynynge Inwarde in dede as he she¦wed outwarde / for he was fer fro ther fayth. And therfore he shewed hym outwarde as a straūger & a pylgry∣me passynge / for they knewe hym not ne byleued not in hym stedfastly. Al∣so by yt doynge he shewed that he shol¦de passe forth bodely out of this worl¦de & goo aboue all heuens. ¶Diues. We fynde Gen̄ .xxvij. That Iacob in desceyte of his fader yt was blynde & in fraude of his brother Esau sayd to Ysaac his fader to haue his blys∣synge. I am Esau thy fyrste sone / & that was false / and yet god approued his dede. Therfore than it semeth y• euery lesynge is synne. ¶Pauper That Iacob dyd was fygure & pro∣phecye of thynge y• sholde falle. And for y• prophecye is done in dede / ther∣fore it was no lesynge. For thoughe he were not his fyrste sone in byrthe / yet he was his fyrste sone in dygnyte by ordynaūce of god y• ordeyned / that the people comynge of Iacob sholde be souerayne to the people comynge of Esau. And that the grete byhest of crystus byrth made to Abraham and Ysaac sholde be fulfylled in Iacob & not in Esan as theyr fader wende yt it sholde haue be. And though Esau were the fyrste sone & pryncypall to Ysaac by the dome of Ysaac / yet was Iacob his fyrste sone & his pryncypal sone by the dome of god. And though he were not Esau bodely in persone / yet he was Esau in dygnyte ¶Diues Contra. His fader Ysaac sayd yt he came gylefully & toke his blessynge. ¶Pauper Ysaac sayd as he wende / but not as it was. For he knewe not than the wyll of god in y• doynge / for it was no gyle ne falsenesse in Iacob For it was not the dede ne the speche of Iacob / but it was the dede & y• spe∣che of the holy goost y• wrought in hȳ & spake in hym. And therfore cryste sayd to his dyscyples. It ben not ye that speke / but the holy goost of your fader in heuen speketh in you. And so he spake in Iacob & Rebeca his mod that coūseyled hym so to gete his fa¦ders blessynge.Caplm .iiij.DIues. Saynt Austen sayth that
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