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Title: Here endith a compendiouse treetise dyalogue. of Diues [and] paup[er]. that is to say. the riche [and] the pore fructuously tretyng vpon the x. co[m]man̄mentes ...
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PauperNat for the lesyng but for they dredde god / and for the drede of god they sauyd the chil∣dren. Therfore god yaue theym house and londe / & nat for the le∣synge and so saith holy wryt Na¦thelesse sūme clerkes sey yt for her lesynge god chaungid the endles mede yt they had elles be worthy. into temporel mede of hous and londe.Diues.yit Contra te. We finde in the gospel that after yat criste was risen from deth to lyf. ne went with ii. of his disciples. cleophas & another in the liknes of a pilgryme & spake with them of his deth & of his passion / butt they knewe him nat And at euen whanne they came to the castell. of emaus / ne feyned him to goo ferther And yit at their prayer he went in with them But feyning as seint austyn saith is a maner of lesyng / therfore nat euery ma¦ner of lesyng is synnePauper.It semyd to their sight that crist hadde feyned / nat by fals feynīg inwarde ī dede as he shewyd out¦ward / for he was fer fro ther feith And therfore he shewyd him out∣warde as a straunger and a pyl∣gryme passing for they knewe hī nat ne beleuyd nat ī him stedfast¦ly Also by that doyng he shewyd that he shulde passe forth bodily out of this worlde / and wende a¦boue alle heuenesDiues.We fynde gen̄. xxviio that Iacob in in disceit of his fader yt was blind and in fraude of his brother E∣sau said to Isaac his fader to ha¦ue his blissīg I am esau. thy first sonne / & that was false And yitt god approuyd his dede Therfor thanne it semeth that euery lesin¦ge is synne / Pau{per}That Iacob dyd was figure and prophicie of thinge that shulde falle / And for that prophicie is don ī dede / ther∣fore it was no lesing For though he were not his first sonne in ber∣the. yit he was his first sōne ī dig¦nitie by ordenaunce of god / that ordeyned that the peple cūmyng of Iacob. shulde be soueraigne. to the people cūmyng of esau. And that the grete biheest of cri∣stes birth made to Abraham and Isaac shulde be fulfilled ī iacob and nat in Esau. as their fader wende that it shulde haue be. ¶And so though Esau. Were the firste sonne / and principalle to I¦saac / by the dome of Isaac yitte was Iacob his firste sonne / and his principalle sonne by the do∣me of god. And thoughe he were nat Esau. bodily in persone yitt he was Esau in dignite.Diues.Contra His fader Isa∣ac seyde that he came gylefully. and tooke his blessynge.
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