The monument of matrones conteining seuen seuerall lamps of virginitie, or distinct treatises; whereof the first fiue concerne praier and meditation: the other two last, precepts and examples, as the woorthie works partlie of men, partlie of women; compiled for the necessarie vse of both sexes out of the sacred Scriptures, and other approoued authors, by Thomas Bentley of Graies Inne student.
Bentley, Thomas, student of Gray's Inn., Abergavenny, Frances Nevill, Lady, d. 1576., Marguerite, Queen, consort of Henry II, King of Navarre, 1492-1549. Miroir de l'âme pécheresse. English & French., Catharine Parr, Queen, consort of Henry VIII, King of England, 1512-1548. Lamentacion of a sinner., Tyrwhit, Elizabeth, Morning and evening prayers., Catharine Parr, Queen, consort of Henry VIII, King of England, 1512-1548. Prayers or meditacions.

Another praier, or thankes-giuing after the Sermon.

I Giue thee most humble thankes, Lord Iesu Christ, that thou hast vouchsafed euen now, abundantlie to refresh and feed vs with the food of thy word. And I beseech thee, that the vnderstanding and knowledge of this thy word, may be wholsome, comfortable, and effectuall in vs; that this heauenlie seed now sowne, doo not die or pe∣rish in vs without fruit. Keepe our harts, O Lord; in∣uiron and compasse them about with the inclosure or hedge of thy grace; and by thy holie Angels preserue and watch ouer the same, that the infernall fowle bird Satan pull not out thy sacred word out of our harts. But prepare our breast, and make apt our harts vnto thee, good Lord, that they may firmelie keepe thy word, and that they may alwaie sticke, and be as new and Page  549 fresh in our memories. Giue vs also strength, possibi∣litie, and power, that our life may answere to thy doc∣trine heard. Giue increase also to thy word, O heauen∣lie husbandman, that in vs it may augment & growe; and that by thy holie speech and heauenlie eloquence, it may not onlie bring vs to the knowledge of thy will: but also, that we may execute, accomplish, and fullfill that thou commandest and willest; and so perseuering to the end, may at the last aspire to thy celestiall king∣dome,