The monument of matrones conteining seuen seuerall lamps of virginitie, or distinct treatises; whereof the first fiue concerne praier and meditation: the other two last, precepts and examples, as the woorthie works partlie of men, partlie of women; compiled for the necessarie vse of both sexes out of the sacred Scriptures, and other approoued authors, by Thomas Bentley of Graies Inne student.
Bentley, Thomas, student of Gray's Inn., Abergavenny, Frances Nevill, Lady, d. 1576., Marguerite, Queen, consort of Henry II, King of Navarre, 1492-1549. Miroir de l'âme pécheresse. English & French., Catharine Parr, Queen, consort of Henry VIII, King of England, 1512-1548. Lamentacion of a sinner., Tyrwhit, Elizabeth, Morning and evening prayers., Catharine Parr, Queen, consort of Henry VIII, King of England, 1512-1548. Prayers or meditacions.

A consideration of our inward corruption, by the outward easement of the bodie.

OH wretch that I am, what am I but a rotten carcase, woorms meat, a stinking coffin, and food for fire? Againe, what am I, O Lord? Euen a darke dongeon, wretched, earth, a child of wrath, a vessell meet for dis∣honour; begotten in vncleannesse, liuing in miserie, and dieng in di∣stresse. Page  376 Out vpon me vile wreth! What am I? Wo is me, Lord. O Lord spare me. Alas, my maker; what shall become of me? I am a sacke of doong, a coffin of rottennesse, full of lothsomnesse and stinch; blind, poore, naked, subiect to manie exceeding necessities, woting neither when I came into the world, nor when I shall go out, mortall and miserable; whose daies passe and glanse swiftlie awaie, as a shadowe, or bubble of wa∣ter, now flourishing, and by and by withering; now aliue, now dead. Oh spare me a little, Lord; for my daies are nothing: and be mercifull vnto a wretch, that is not ashamed to acknowledge hir vilenesse be∣fore thee.

The glorie of mortall man is but doong, and wormes meate.

1. Mach. 2. verse 62.