The monument of matrones conteining seuen seuerall lamps of virginitie, or distinct treatises; whereof the first fiue concerne praier and meditation: the other two last, precepts and examples, as the woorthie works partlie of men, partlie of women; compiled for the necessarie vse of both sexes out of the sacred Scriptures, and other approoued authors, by Thomas Bentley of Graies Inne student.
Bentley, Thomas, student of Gray's Inn., Abergavenny, Frances Nevill, Lady, d. 1576., Marguerite, Queen, consort of Henry II, King of Navarre, 1492-1549. Miroir de l'âme pécheresse. English & French., Catharine Parr, Queen, consort of Henry VIII, King of England, 1512-1548. Lamentacion of a sinner., Tyrwhit, Elizabeth, Morning and evening prayers., Catharine Parr, Queen, consort of Henry VIII, King of England, 1512-1548. Prayers or meditacions.
GIue eare, Ô LORD, and let all my sor∣rowfull complaints, which go foorth of vnfeined lips, come before thee, that my mouth may shew foorth the woor∣thie praise of thy name.

Psalme 17. verse 1.

THy praise is a great thing, O Lord: for it pro∣ceedeth out of the fountaine whereof no sin∣ners drinke. There is no glorious praise in the mouth of a sinner. Deliuer me therefore O Lord from the waie of sinners, and my tongue shall magnifie thy righteousnesse; and my lips and my mouth shall shew foorth thy praise. Thou hast the key of Dauid, which shuttest, and no man openeth; and openest, and no man shutteth. Therefore open thou my lips, as thou hast opened the mouths of infants, out of whose mouths thou hast established thy praise. Trulie the Prophets and Apostles, and all other thy Saints praised thee, & despised themselues. The sucklings extoll thy fame and glorie, which they knowe through thy heauenlie Page  293 and celestiall grace. Thy friends, which spreading thy glorie, haue conuerted innumerable soules from sinne vnto vertue and true felicitie. Thy beloued haue open∣lie preached thy bountious gentlenesse, and mercifull fauour, which thou shewest in thy deere sonne vnto all the world. Now therefore mercifull God, giue me true humilitie, that thou maist stablish thy praise by my mouth. Make me as one of the infants and sucklings, that I may euer hang on the paps of thy wisdome. For thy paps, O Lord, are better than wine, and thy wisdome better than riches. Make me as one of thy friends or beloued, that I may constantlie abide in thee, that my mouth and voice may among the suck∣lings extoll and set foorth thy praise, saieng and sing∣ing, Ozanna in the highest,