The monument of matrones conteining seuen seuerall lamps of virginitie, or distinct treatises; whereof the first fiue concerne praier and meditation: the other two last, precepts and examples, as the woorthie works partlie of men, partlie of women; compiled for the necessarie vse of both sexes out of the sacred Scriptures, and other approoued authors, by Thomas Bentley of Graies Inne student.
Bentley, Thomas, student of Gray's Inn., Abergavenny, Frances Nevill, Lady, d. 1576., Marguerite, Queen, consort of Henry II, King of Navarre, 1492-1549. Miroir de l'âme pécheresse. English & French., Catharine Parr, Queen, consort of Henry VIII, King of England, 1512-1548. Lamentacion of a sinner., Tyrwhit, Elizabeth, Morning and evening prayers., Catharine Parr, Queen, consort of Henry VIII, King of England, 1512-1548. Prayers or meditacions.
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Right godlie Psalmes, fruitfull Praiers, and comfortable Meditations to be said of our most vertuous and deere Souereigne LADIE Queene ELIZABETH, as at all times at hir Graces pleasure: so especiallie vpon the 17. daie of Nouem∣ber, being the memorable daie of hir Maiesties most ioifull deliuerance out of trouble: and happie entrie to hir bles∣sed reigne.

The 18. Psalme of DAVID, which he made for the first be∣ginning of his gratulation and thankesgiuing vnto God, in the entring into his kingdome, for the maruelous mer∣cies, victories and graces of God towards him: para∣phrasticallie explaned and opened by that godlie lear∣ned man THEODORE BEZA.

I Doo loue thee, O LORD, my strength: I doo loue thee, euen from the bottome of my hart.

The Lord is my rocke, and my for∣tresse, my deliuerer, my God, my mount, my refuge, my sheeld, the horne wherwith I driue awaie the enimie, and my high tower of defence.

I haue praised the Lord, and called vpon him: and he hath deliuered me from all mine enimies.

Page  254 The bands of death had compassed me round about & bound me: most wicked men, like most raging flouds, made me afraid, enuironing me round about.

I did lie as it were wrapped in my winding sheete, euen snarled with the snares of death.

I called vpon the Lord in these extremities, I cal∣led vpon my God, I saie, and he heard my voice out of his high palace: and receiued into his eares the crie that I made vnto him in the prison.

Then began the earth to quake and tremble, the verie foundations of the mountaines to shake and shudder.

And he breathed out smoke from his nostrels, spit∣ting foorth fire out of his mouth: yea casting foorth euen coales of fire.

He bowed the heauens and came downe, the darke∣nesse being spred all abrode vnder his feete.

He did ride vpon the wings of the Angels, and was caried with the wings of the wind.

Blacke darknesse enuironed his tabernacle round about, and he was caried with most darke and thicke clouds.

Untill his glistering brightnesse did breake those clouds, and the flames of fire did flash on euerie side.

At the length, he thundered from heauen, and filled all places with his mightie sounding voice, and with haile-stones and lightenings.

He shot foorth his fierie darts, and increasing his lightenings, he terrified mine enimies, and destroied them.

Then the deepe bottoms of the waters appeared, and the foundations of the world were discouered at thy rebuke, O Lord, and at the blustering wind of thy wrath.

So then hath he (stretching his right hand from the heauen) taken me, and drawne me out of the bot∣tome Page  255 of the deepe waters.

From the mightie enimie, I saie, and from the other enimies, by whose power I was oppressed.

For they verelie had almost cast me downe, and de∣stroied me at the sudden: but he was my staffe that staied mee.

And he hath drawne me out of these streights, and placed me in an open and large place: bicause it so pleased him (without my deseruing) to fauour me.

For he had regard indeed of me, that so was oppres∣sed of these men without cause, & granted these things to me being guiltlesse.

For I haue followed the waie that the Lord hath appointed me, howsoeuer these men vexed me: neither could I be drawne by anie of their iniuries, that I should fall from my God as the wicked vse.

For I had all his lawes before mine eies, neither did I put his statutes foorth of my sight.

But I behaued my selfe without hypocrisie with him, neither did I followe mine affections, which else would easilie haue caried me foorth of the waie.

Therefore had the Lord regard of me that was op∣pressed of them without anie cause: and fauoured mee the innocent partie.

For thou, O Lord, wilt shew thy selfe good and vp∣right to them that deale vprightlie.

And as thou shewest thy selfe sincere, with them that deale sincerelie: so the craftie men shall perceiue thee to be more cunning.

For although manie times thy seruants be sore vex∣ed: yet dooest thou preserue them, and dooest cast downe those that behaue themselues so proudlie.

Hence haue I my light, whereby thou causest me to shine: and driuest awaie my darknesse.

Thou hast made me to ouercome these dangers ea∣silie, and to leape ouer the wals and lets that were in Page  256 my waie.

For the waie whereby God leadeth vs is plaine, the word of God is most pure: the Lord doth defend all that trust in him as with a shield.

For who is God, but the Lord? And who is migh∣tie, but our God onelie?

He hath girded me with power, and hath made my waie safe.

He hath made me as swift as the Hinds, and hath placed me in most high and safe places.

He hath taught mine hands to fight, and he hath gi∣uen me so great strength, that I am able to breake a bowe of brasse with these mine armes.

Thou hast preserued me with the protection of thy shield, & thou hast staied me with thy right hand, when I was readie to fall, through thy great mercie.

Thou hast caused me to go safelie without danger, and thou hast staied my sliding steps.

Therefore haue I pursued mine enimies, and taken them, and I haue not turned back, till I haue destroi∣ed them.

I haue so beaten them downe, and troden them vn∣der foote, that they were not able to raise themselues againe.

For thou verelie hast giuen me such strength, that they which haue risen against me, haue fallen hedlong at my feete.

Thou hast giuen me power to strike off their heads, and that I might destroie them that pursued me.

Yet Lord, I grant they cried vnto thee: but thou hast not deliuered them, neither wouldest heare their crie.

Therefore did I beate them small, like the dust that the wind scattereth abroad: and I did beate them like the mire, which is tempered vnder the foote of them that walke the streets.

Yea, also thou hast deliuered me from domesticall and Page  257 inward troubles, and thou hast giuen me dominion o∣uer the nations that I neuer knewe before.

Unknowne people (I saie) obey my commande∣ments, and strangers be compelled for feare to submit themselues vnto me.

The hearts of the strangers haue failed, so that they fall downe for feare in their strongest forts.

Let the Lord liue, and let him that is my defence be knowledged and worshipped of all, as he worthilie deserueth. Let God my deliuerer bee praised euerie-where.

Euen God (I saie) who is mine aduenger, who hath subdued so manie people vnder me.

Thou hast saued me from mine enimies, thou hast deliuered me from them that rose vp against me, espe∣ciallie from that cruell curssing man.

Therefore will I praise thee, euen amongst the prophane nations, and I will sing vnto thy Maiestie.

For verelie thou hast maruellouslie preserued thy Queene, & not onlie ELIZABETH hir selfe, whom thou hast annointed Queene, but also thou hast shewed sin∣gular fauour to hir posteritie that shall remaine for euer,

* Glorie therefore be vnto thee ô FATHER, the Sonne, and the holie Ghost, as it was from all beginnings, is at this present, and euer shall be through all ages and worlds, world without end:
Amen, AMEN.
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The 118. Psalme made by DAVID, when he obteined his kingdome after the death of Saule.

OH acknowledge, & declare yee openlie that the Lord is good, for his bountious goodnesse is for euer.

Let Israel now con∣fesse this thing, for his bountious goodnes and mercie endureth for e∣uer.

Let the stocke of Aa∣ron now confesse, that his louing kindnesse is perpetuall.

Let all the sincere woorshippers of the Lord now confesse this, that his louing kindnesse is perpetuall.

I doubtlesse, being a notable example of his vn∣speakable bountie, haue not ceased (as yee knowe) to call vpon him in my greatest extremities: and he (as you your selues see) hauing heard me, hath exalted me into this most large roome.

Wherefore I, hauing experience that the Lord worketh for me, and that he is so neere at hand vnto me, God forbid that I should feare the power or the threats of anie man.

For the Lord himselfe is the chiefe leader of those that helpe me, so that I can not doubt at all, but that I shall see with mine eies those enimies which re∣maine iustlie punished of him.

Oh how far better is it to trust in the Lord, than in men!

Page  259 How far better is it to trust in the Lord, than in a∣nie men, how excellent soeuer they be!

Behold, manie nations compas me about, but I cal∣ling vpon ye Lord, shal most vndoubtedlie destroy them.

They compasse me in I saie, they beset me round about, but calling vpon the Lord, I shall most vndoub∣tedlie destroie them.

Mine enimies in great multitudes compasse me like swarmes of Bees, but I shall forthwith stiffle them, as though they were cast into the fire, and calling vpon the Lord, I shall most vndoubtedlie destroie them.

For in deede before, the most cruell enimie did so sore thrust at me, that I seemed euen now readie to fall: but as I was falling, the Lord supported me.

Therefore I accompt him mine onlie strength, I acknowledge him to be my Sauiour, and praise him in my song.

Heereof come those voices of those that sing, and re∣ioice together with me, out of their tabernacles, now doubtlesse the Lord hath aduanced the power of his most strong right hand.

The Lord hath now exalted that his right hand, now the Lord hath shewed foorth the power of his most strong right hand.

Behold me then that am yet aliue, and about to set foorth the works of God.

For though he hath striken me verie sore, yet hath he spared me life.

I praie thee therefore, let that gate now at the length be open vnto me, which onlie the louers of righ∣teousnesse must go vnto, that I being entred thither, may praise the Lord.

For it is consecrate vnto the Lord, therefore is it o∣pen to the iust alone.

Heere will I praise thee, O Lord, because thou gi∣uing eare hast deliuered me.

Page  260 For the stone which the verie chiefe builders haue so stubbornelie as yet reiected, as nothing fit, is not onlie now counted in the building: but euen as a prin∣cipall it vpholdeth the whole weight of the verie buil∣ding.

Uerelie, it is a worke of God indeede, which maketh all the beholders thereof to be amazed.

Go to then, seeing the Lord hath commanded this most ioifull daie to shine vnto vs, let vs passe it wholie in mirth becomming Saincts, and saie:

I beseech thee O Lord, preserue the Queene that is giuen vs from heauen. I praie thee, I saie, I praie thee O Lord giue the Queene ELIZABETH all prosperitie.

Let hir haue prosperitie and blisse, that commeth to gouerne vs in the name and commandement of God. We wish prosperitie to you also; that are the neerer inhabitants of the house of the Lord.

Iehoua is the onlie God, who shineth vnto vs, binde the Lambe with cords, that is brought to the hornes of the altar.

Thou art my God, I will praise thee, thou art my God, I will sing thy praises most lowd.

Confesse that the Lord is exceeding good, for his bountious goodnesse is euerlasting.

* Glorie be therefore vnto thee ô blessed Trinitie, the Father, Sonne, and holie Ghost, as alwaies it hath bin, conti∣nuallie is, and euer shall be, worlds without ending: So be it.