The monument of matrones conteining seuen seuerall lamps of virginitie, or distinct treatises; whereof the first fiue concerne praier and meditation: the other two last, precepts and examples, as the woorthie works partlie of men, partlie of women; compiled for the necessarie vse of both sexes out of the sacred Scriptures, and other approoued authors, by Thomas Bentley of Graies Inne student.
Bentley, Thomas, student of Gray's Inn., Abergavenny, Frances Nevill, Lady, d. 1576., Marguerite, Queen, consort of Henry II, King of Navarre, 1492-1549. Miroir de l'âme pécheresse. English & French., Catharine Parr, Queen, consort of Henry VIII, King of England, 1512-1548. Lamentacion of a sinner., Tyrwhit, Elizabeth, Morning and evening prayers., Catharine Parr, Queen, consort of Henry VIII, King of England, 1512-1548. Prayers or meditacions.
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The KINGS Heast, or GODS familiar speech to the QVEENE: Collected out of the holie Psalmes of good King DAVID, as they are learned∣lie expounded by THEODORE BEZA:

Wherein almightie GOD (after a diuine sort spea∣king vnto hir Maiestie, as he sometimes did vnto Dauid, though not in so mysticall maner) doth first declare his * mercifull prouidence in preseruing hir, and his gratious goodnesse in exalting hir to the Crowne, exhorting hir therewithall, humblie to acknowledge his souereigntie ouer all earthlie powers, and to worship him. Se∣condlie, * he describeth vnto hir Grace, the woorthie pro∣perties that are required to bee in euerie godlie Prince, and wise Gouernour, for the maintenance of his glorie, and their estates. Thirdlie, he exhorteth hir Maiestie to * the faithfull discharge of hir office and dutie in his feare and seruice, to the increase of vertue, and suppressing of vice. And so shewing the commodities that will insue thereby to hir and hir people, he fourthlie promiseth, not * onelie to be hir continuall defender against all hir eni∣mies; but also to blesse hir, and hir Realme, with manie large, sweet and comfortable benefits, both corporall & celestiall, and to make hir partaker of all his ancient mer∣cies, promised long since to hir father Dauid; namelie, vpon this condition: if finallie she perseuere in the * perfect loue and due obedience of hir spirituall spouse Christ Iesus.

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¶ The first Chapter of the HEAST.

ELIZABETH, thou Uirgin mine, the KINGS Daughter, and fairest a∣mong women; most full of beautie and maiestie: attend a litle to my Heast, and marke what I shall say. Thou art my Daugh∣ter in deede, this daie haue I begotten thee, and e∣spoused thee to thy King CHRIST, my Sonne; crowned thee with my gifts, and appointed thee QVEENE, to reigne vpon my holie mount Zion.

Behold, I which am the onlie Lord (by full right and authoritie) of all men; and doo my selfe gouerne the Empires and Kingdoms, as the greatest King of all, and most mightie Monarch of the whole world: euen I the most high God, and celestiall father, haue elected thee a chosen vessell of high honour and price in my house, and to that end haue mightilie preserued thee, and miraculouslie deliuered thee out of so manie & so great dangers, and now at the last haue brought into thy subiection the people, ouer whome thou hast authoritie.

It is I, and none other, which haue consecrated thee vnto my selfe; and annointed thee with holie oile, to be the Queene, the Mother, and the Nursse of my people in Israel: and who onlie haue giuen thee this most excellent and goodlie heritage, which thou posses∣sest in peace.

Page  308 Thee I saie, O Daughter ELIZABETH, haue I raised vp, and chosen out a pure and perfect virgin from the rest of the whole people, and that because I loued thee most deerelie aboue them all; so that now thou maiest worthilie reioice and glorie of thy dignitie and honour, yet by my singular power and benefit, and for none other cause, but that it hath pleased me thy God to exalt thee aboue others, and to embrace and receiue thee into my speciall grace and fauour.

Therefore, to the intent I might alwaies vse thy diligent seruice, faithfull ministerie, and dutifull en∣deuour in this great businesse, and high office of a Queene and kinglie Gouernour; and that by thy po∣wer receiued from me, my people may be defended and cherished: behold, I haue ordeined a Lampe for thee mine annointed, and powred foorth vpon thee all my bountie, that none is able to be compared vnto thee: yea I haue adorned thee most bountifullie and beauti∣fullie with all my gifts and graces incomparable, which shall neuer be taken from thee.

Now then O deere daughter, consider diligentlie with thy selfe awhile, what maner of husband thou art coupled and conioined vnto: learne of him alone, (thy spouse Christ mine onlie Son I meane) to whom as this daie I married thee, what he requireth of thee: namelie, that thou shouldest forget thine owne Nati∣on, thy Fathers house, and all other worldlie things, now that thou art come vnder his authoritie, and in∣to the familie and spirituall societie of thy heauenlie Bridegroome.

Now therefore, I saie, bee wise O QVEENE, bee learned thou Iudge of the earth, that with all the Emperours, Kings, and Potentats of the world, thou maist giue place vnto the Lord, and resigne vp vnto him the honour of all glorie and power. Giue (I saie) vnto the GOD of gods, and King of kings, euen the Page  309 verie God of glorie, the maiestie and dominion due vn∣to his name, and fall downe and worship him: doo vnto him all possible reuerence, that giueth power to his people, and blesseth both prince and subiect with his continuall benefits: and reioice in him with feare and trembling.

O kisse this my sonne Christ thy spouse betimes, least he be angrie, and then thou suddenly perish, when his wrath shall flame foorth. Worship the Lord I saie with due worship, and trust in him alone, as she that wholie dependeth vpon his mercie, fauour, and prote∣ction: so shalt thou be blessed, and thy throne shall ne∣uer be shaken.

Confesse who it is that hath set thee in so high a place far aboue other men that are thy subiects, and remem∣ber also this, that I the most high God am present with thee, and thine assemblie of States and Sena∣tours; who haue not debarred my selfe of mine autho∣ritie ouer you, neither am I present as an idle behol∣der, but as your Iudge also.

And knowe this assuredlie, that as you are honou∣red in deed with that name (Gods,) whereby mine au∣thoritie ouer all men is declared. And albeit I haue embraced you with speciall fauour, as a father his children; yet thinke that I haue not exempted you from my power and authoritie: and that though you be Princes and Magistrates, yet knowe that you are mortall, euen as other men: yea remember that you shall once die, and shall stand at my iudgement-seate, e∣uen as euerie most vile and poore man, to render and giue an accompt of your stewardship, and of all things done in the flesh.


BEware therefore that yee abuse not this au∣thoritie giuen vnto you by me, vnder certaine lawes and conditions. See that you directlie Page  310 followe the waies that I haue appointed you to walke in, and take heed that you be not drawne awaie to the right hand, or to the left, with the error of the wicked, to forsake my lawes and ordinances, and to fall from me your God, who haue exalted you.

For be you sure that I haue placed you in this seate vpon this condition, and giuen it vnto you in plaine charge and commandement, that you should decree iust lawes, and execute iudgement by right and equitie, without fauour, parcialitie, or regard to anie partie: that you should deuise all manner of godlinesse, and shew your selues openlie to be freends to vertue, and foes to vice, and to weigh nothing but equitie and iu∣stice in your balance.

That as the verie lawe of Nature doth require, you should releeue them that are spoiled by violence, defend the fatherlesse, mainteine the poore against the iniuries of the rich: deliuer the miserable from the hands of the wicked, and see diligentlie that the wrin∣ging worldlings, and cruell extortioners exercise not their tyrannie and oppressions continuallie ouer the godlie and feeble of my people.

Moreouer, that you should make diligent inquisiti∣on for bloudshead and murther, to reuenge it, care∣fullie search out wickednesse and abhomination, to condemne it, to execute the traytor, murtherer, and theefe, to pull the praie out of the teeth of the spoiler, to breake downe the power of the wicked mightie ones, to destroie the workers of iniquitie, and vtterlie to roote out sinne and vngodlinesse from the earth: euen all such as conspire against the soules of the righte∣ous, & abusing iustice by colour of lawe, gather them∣selues together to sit & condemne the innocent bloud, and trouble my heritage.

Finallie, it is I that in the disordered state of the world, which seemed to be vtterlie void of iustice, haue Page  311 set thee, O Daughter of my people, now at the last to restore the same to that ancient and most right godlie order of iustice, religion and faith, that thou shouldest be a defence and fortresse among my people, and fol∣lowe me thy God with great cheerefulnesse, and haue thy delight fullie fixed in my lawes and statutes daie and night, that being well exercised therein, as it be∣hooueth, thou maist be able to knowe, sift and trie the waies of all men, and iudge betwixt right and wrong.


HArken therefore vnto me, O Daughter, and take heed that thou haue nothing to do with the stoole of wickednesse: and that the throne of iniquitie & tyrannicall domination, which forgeth wrong for a lawe, and adioineth authoritie to most wicked decrees, haue no fellowship nor be agreea∣ble with thee.

And bicause the wicked doo wander on euerie side, when the woorst men are exalted into the highest place of honour and offices in the Common-weale: therfore I aduise and counsell thee betimes, to expell and thrust out of thy Court and house, all the vnwoorthie and vn∣godlie men, flatterers, parasites, iesters, atheists, and reuengers of bloud: and place the woorthie and godlie in their roomes, that they may sit among the Princes of my people, and be assistant vnto thee.

O make much of them that feare the Lord, & let all thy delight be vpon my Saints, which are on earth: be carefull alwaie to preserue the vertuous, and exalt the best & most woorthie persons. Call such to be thy states of dignitie, Senatours, Counsellers, Iudges, and Magistrates vnder thee, as are graue, wise, learned, godlie, zealous of my truth, & gelous of thy renowme.

Aduance such men, I saie, to honour and office vn∣der thee, as be of a good conscience, sound religion, and Page  312 vpright life, such as will be painfull watchmen, and di∣ligent stewards, and both can and will make iust de∣crees, and execute good lawes, euen such as will care for nothing more, than to knowe what is their dutie, and that therefore are most willing to doo their dutie, hating vnfeinedlie all maner of vice, and louing intire∣lie all maner of vertue.

Come foorth, I saie, O deere Daughter; come foorth thou most beautifull of all women, and fairer than the children of men: thou, Ô QVEENE, Uirgin, I saie of incomparable eloquence and grace of speech; come foorth thus and shew thy beautie, so full of ma∣iestie and grace, that in this thy gouernement and pa∣storship, there may want neither integritie and vp∣rightnesse in taking of counsell, neither wisdome in performing of thine interprises: but doo all things pru∣dentlie and prosperouslie, caried vpon the triumphant Chariot, euen the word of God, as a wise and vertu∣ous Gouernour directing it: and let truth, mercie, iu∣stice, and equitie drawe it round about thy dominion.

Thus shalt thou declare thy selfe a bountifull Daughter of this Prince and woorthie Gouernour, if vsing thy power neither weakelie nor idlelie, thou go∣uerne my people by moderate equitie, and punish mine enimies and thine by seueritie of iudgement, as shee, before whom also sitting vpon thy throne of Maiestie, the two pillers, mercie and truth are seene to stand and support thee.


AND I, Ô QVEENE, will surelie performe my couenant (begun with thy father DAVID that chosen man,) vnto thee also his Daugh∣ter, whom I will indue also with eternitie, and make thy kingdome perpetuall in heauen: and I, as is his will, will continuallie defend thee with a cer∣taine Page  313 speciall power, together with the people and land, which I haue chosen and giuen vnto thee.

My hand, I saie, shall establish thee, and mine arme strengthen thee: so that no enimie shall ouercome thee by subtiltie, nor anie wicked man oppresse thee by force.

Yea and though thou shalt not want manie, & those most mightie enimies, both domesticall and forreine, which shall resist thee, O sacred QVEENE, and thy god∣lie proceedings: yet I assure thee, all their enterprises shall be in vaine and frustrate, and thou for all those miseries most greeuous; and battell, wherewith thou maist seeme to be vexed, shalt suffer no detriment: but contrariwise by this same meanes, as it is plaine by experience, thou louing righteousnes, & hating what∣soeuer is against it, and being armed with sharpe ar∣rowes, and the sword of the word, shalt not onlie ther∣with wound the hearts of thine enimies, cast them downe to the ground, and tread them vnder thy feete; but also bring maruellous things to passe in my name, by this thy mightie power.

For I the Lord IEHOVA, which am the reuenger of roiall dignitie, and the defender of DAVID my ser∣uants posteritie, will destroie all that would oppresse thee: before thy face I will slaie all thine enimies, and fill them with shame and confusion.

My mercie shall neuer faile thee, my truth shall ne∣uer forsake thee, and thou (trusting to my fauour) shalt lift vp thine head most high, crowned with euerlasting glorie.

I will cause thee to haue one hand vpon the sea, and another vpon the flouds, and thou shalt call mee thy Father, thy God, and thy safe tower.

And I will place thee as my first begotten Daugh∣ter, in the sacred familie of the Kings of the whole world, euen in a throne most high aboue others.

Yea, thou being a pure Uirgin borne of my kindred, Page  314 shalt be so highlie exalted of IEHOVA, which hath decreed this from all eternitie, that thou shalt sit a glo∣rious QVEENE, ouer a mightie people, and shalt haue rule & dominiō ouer all thy subiects without exception.

Euen I the mightie IEHOVA will giue vnto thee in Zion a kingdome of stabilitie ouer all the ends of the earth, in the which kingdome thy power shall be so great, that the more enimies thou hast, the more excel∣lent and more euident shall thy fame and renowme be to all nations.

And the people shall willinglie and obedientlie offer themselues to be gouerned by thee, after the infinite victories which thou shalt haue ouer the enimies that vexe thee.

And the daie shall come, that when thou hast ouer∣come all thine enimies, thou shalt muster all thine ar∣mies to appeare before thee, and to make a triumph also in garments of triumph which shall be holie, most pure, and most shining. Then I saie Ô QVEENE, thou shalt behold the multitude of thy most chosen yoong men, and beautifull virgins, which the morning of that most heauenlie light shall bring foorth vnto thee, by powring downe hir most plentifull deaw vpon the earth.

Yea, I will arme thee with a double edged sword in thy hand, wherewith thou maist punish the prophane Gentiles, and auenge the crueltie of the proud people, and also maist drawe their kings and nobles bound in chaines and iron fetters, and execute the iudge∣ment appointed and commanded by me thy Lord God vpon them.

And this verelie is the dignitie, the honour and re∣nowme that I will giue thee, O daughter; whome I haue receiued into my fauour, euen to bring into sub∣iection vnto thy kingdome the people far and wide and (sauing thine owne nation) to make an horrible Page  315 slaughter of the rebels and traitors euerie-where, that go about to ouerthrowe the Monarch, which ruleth, and shall rule, both far and neere.

I will defend thee I saie, O my deere Daughter, with euerlasting mercie, and my couenant made with thy father DAVID shall be established for euer in his ge∣neration.

Thy throne shall be as the Sunne before me, it shall continue as the Moone in all ages, and be as stable as heauen it selfe.

For I the holie one haue once sworne by mine owne selfe, and neither will I breake my promise, nor violate my couenant, nor will change anie of those things that I haue spoken to DAVID thy Father.

These things haue I promised of old I saie, and now will I vndoubtedlie bring them to passe. If thou my Daughter keepe my commandements, and do not vio∣late the ordinances that I haue commanded thee, but order thy selfe and thy people by the rule of the lawes that I haue prescribed vnto them.

So shall all things be in good order, and nothing confounded; yea the verie foundations of the earth al∣so shall be firme and remaine stable. Peace, righteous∣nesse, and iudgement, and all good things else shall re∣maine safe and sure amongst men.

Neither will I suffer that in this thy dangerous iournie, and perillous pilgrimage, thou shouldest so stumble, that thou shouldest fall, or be compelled to go backe: and though manie doo lie in wait for thy destru∣ction, yet I (preuenting all dangers) will bee thy watchfull keeper.

For seeing that I haue taken in hand freelie, of mine owne good will, to call thee to this excellent estate of a Prince, & haue hitherto bene verie carefull to defend thee, and my people Israel, I will not now once slum∣ber, much lesse will I be so deepe in sleepe, that I will Page  316 suffer thee to be oppressed.

Therefore let this be a thing certainlie determined vnto thee, and bee thou comforted and confirmed with this onlie hope in all distresse, that I the Lord am thy keeper; and a shadowe for thee against all stormes, and that I am present by thee, and will neuer faile thee.

And as I was present of old, when thou returnedst out of the Egypt, & bondage of the spirituall Pharao: so now also I will be present with thee against ye heate of the Sunne in the daie-time; & against the noisome humors, which the Moone vseth to raise in the night season.

For like as the Citie Ierusalem is compassed round about with massie mountaines, so I the Lord stand round about thee and thy people (trusting in me) on e∣uerie side, and will neuer forsake you.

But as I haue done hitherto, so surelie I will con∣tinue to defend them that loue vertue, and to bind thee vnto me by new benefits.

I will bring to passe that thou shalt enioie a stable peace, and sure tranquillitie, and that thou shalt see Ierusalem flourishing so long as thou doest liue.

Yea I the Lord will so blesse thee from heauen with most plentifull blessings, that by the power of my Maiestie, all thy counselles and enterprises shall pro∣sper, and haue good successe continuallie.

I will preserue thee safe against all discommodities, and defend thy life from violence: yea which waie soe∣uer thou shalt go or ride, I, euen I thy mightie maker and God will be with thee, when thou goest foorth, and commest in, from place to place; and not onlie in this temporall voiage or iournie, but for euer will I go∣uerne and guide thee.

Thou shalt neuer be laid open to the reproch of men.

Thy Crowne shall neuer be cast to the ground, nor Page  317 thy selfe reiected.

All thy fortresses and cities shall stand vnassaulted, and thy forts, and strong castels and holds shall not be battered, nor laid open with breaches to the spoile of passengers.

The edge of thy sword shall neuer waxe blunt, thy scepter neuer broken, nor thy crowne cast downe into the dust, nor thy power stained.

But I will minister continuall power, and cause of ioie vnto thee, ô QVEENE, and take awaie all courage and force from thine enimies, so that they shall not be able to arise or stand against thy mightie power.

Finallie, this my league, which I haue made with thee, shall neuer be abrogated. For I will come downe from my Sanctuarie to helpe thee, euen frō the mount Zion to strengthen thee in all dangers. And when thou callest vpon me by praier, I will heare thy petitions, and grant vnto thee that thy hart desireth, and accom∣plish all thy purposes, so that thou doubtlesse shalt bee preserued and deliuered a waie by me, that haue an∣nointed thee to be QVEENE.


THus, I saie my deere Daughter, if thou care∣fullie behaue thy selfe, & walke in the waies that I haue commanded, thou shalt be woor∣thilie honored indeed with that name, wher∣by mine authoritie ouer all men is declared: and I thy GOD and heauenlie Father will imbrace thee with my speciall fauour, as my deerelie beloued Dooue and obedient child.

Yea so shall the KING haue pleasure in thy fairenes, and loue thy goodlie personage: and it shall come to passe, that thou shalt bee more and more in the high fa∣uour of thy spirituall spouse Christ my sonne, to whom Page  318 onlie it is meete that thou shouldst be subiect, as to thy souereigne Lord, King and head, and vnder whose go∣uernement thou shalt remaine most honourable and admirable, for the singular and vnspeakeable gifts of his grace, to all maner of people, strangers & others: of whom euen the most mightie and most rich shall de∣sire to see thee, and to be linked in friendship with thee.

For then shalt thou come foorth of thy princelie yuo∣rie palace, and statelie roiall throne, most gloriouslie adorned with gorgious garments, and roiall robes that smell most fragrantlie, and yeeld their sweete sa∣uours, and odoriferous odours, most pleasantlie spred ouer all those men and people, who to declare their ioie and good-wils towards thee, shall run and presse togither by thousands, to see, praise, and extoll thy re∣nowmed name and Maiestie, crieng alowd, and sai∣eng: GOD saue the QVEENE.

To conclude, here in my house the Church thou shalt see thy children and offspring (who by publishing and promoting my Gospell, thou hast borne after a maner vnto thy husband Christ) flourishing, and spred both abroad and at home: and nothing inferiour vnto those thy most noble Elders, reigning ouer the prouinces of the whole world.

But at home chieflie, euen in heauen, with mee thy Father, and with thy husband Christ, thou shalt sit at my right hand, beautified with all my gifts, and most richlie beedecked all ouer with glorious garments, broidered with gold, hauing a crowne of most pure gold vpon thy head.

Euen thus roiallie, I saie, shalt thou then, O Uir∣gin, ô QVEENE, O deerlie beloued Daughter, be set before the KING thy husband, with such and so preti∣ous apparell, the Uirgins thy companions waiting vpon thee, and going with thee, vnto the most glorious Page  319KING of kings, whilest that you (altogither with most great triumph, mirth, ioie, & reioicing) shall enter into the highest mansion of the heauenlie Paradise, & most holie palace, there to enioie a most certaine, vnchange∣able, and euerlasting kingdome, glorie, dignitie, blisse and felicitie; and to sing praises vnto the name of the holie Trinitie, together with all Kings, Queenes, Saints, Uir∣gins, and elect people of the world, that euer were, are, or shall bee: worlds with∣out end.