The monument of matrones conteining seuen seuerall lamps of virginitie, or distinct treatises; whereof the first fiue concerne praier and meditation: the other two last, precepts and examples, as the woorthie works partlie of men, partlie of women; compiled for the necessarie vse of both sexes out of the sacred Scriptures, and other approoued authors, by Thomas Bentley of Graies Inne student.
Bentley, Thomas, student of Gray's Inn., Abergavenny, Frances Nevill, Lady, d. 1576., Marguerite, Queen, consort of Henry II, King of Navarre, 1492-1549. Miroir de l'âme pécheresse. English & French., Catharine Parr, Queen, consort of Henry VIII, King of England, 1512-1548. Lamentacion of a sinner., Tyrwhit, Elizabeth, Morning and evening prayers., Catharine Parr, Queen, consort of Henry VIII, King of England, 1512-1548. Prayers or meditacions.


AND I, Ô QVEENE, will surelie performe my couenant (begun with thy father DAVID that chosen man,) vnto thee also his Daugh∣ter, whom I will indue also with eternitie, and make thy kingdome perpetuall in heauen: and I, as is his will, will continuallie defend thee with a cer∣taine Page  313 speciall power, together with the people and land, which I haue chosen and giuen vnto thee.

My hand, I saie, shall establish thee, and mine arme strengthen thee: so that no enimie shall ouercome thee by subtiltie, nor anie wicked man oppresse thee by force.

Yea and though thou shalt not want manie, & those most mightie enimies, both domesticall and forreine, which shall resist thee, O sacred QVEENE, and thy god∣lie proceedings: yet I assure thee, all their enterprises shall be in vaine and frustrate, and thou for all those miseries most greeuous; and battell, wherewith thou maist seeme to be vexed, shalt suffer no detriment: but contrariwise by this same meanes, as it is plaine by experience, thou louing righteousnes, & hating what∣soeuer is against it, and being armed with sharpe ar∣rowes, and the sword of the word, shalt not onlie ther∣with wound the hearts of thine enimies, cast them downe to the ground, and tread them vnder thy feete; but also bring maruellous things to passe in my name, by this thy mightie power.

For I the Lord IEHOVA, which am the reuenger of roiall dignitie, and the defender of DAVID my ser∣uants posteritie, will destroie all that would oppresse thee: before thy face I will slaie all thine enimies, and fill them with shame and confusion.

My mercie shall neuer faile thee, my truth shall ne∣uer forsake thee, and thou (trusting to my fauour) shalt lift vp thine head most high, crowned with euerlasting glorie.

I will cause thee to haue one hand vpon the sea, and another vpon the flouds, and thou shalt call mee thy Father, thy God, and thy safe tower.

And I will place thee as my first begotten Daugh∣ter, in the sacred familie of the Kings of the whole world, euen in a throne most high aboue others.

Yea, thou being a pure Uirgin borne of my kindred, Page  314 shalt be so highlie exalted of IEHOVA, which hath decreed this from all eternitie, that thou shalt sit a glo∣rious QVEENE, ouer a mightie people, and shalt haue rule & dominiō ouer all thy subiects without exception.

Euen I the mightie IEHOVA will giue vnto thee in Zion a kingdome of stabilitie ouer all the ends of the earth, in the which kingdome thy power shall be so great, that the more enimies thou hast, the more excel∣lent and more euident shall thy fame and renowme be to all nations.

And the people shall willinglie and obedientlie offer themselues to be gouerned by thee, after the infinite victories which thou shalt haue ouer the enimies that vexe thee.

And the daie shall come, that when thou hast ouer∣come all thine enimies, thou shalt muster all thine ar∣mies to appeare before thee, and to make a triumph also in garments of triumph which shall be holie, most pure, and most shining. Then I saie Ô QVEENE, thou shalt behold the multitude of thy most chosen yoong men, and beautifull virgins, which the morning of that most heauenlie light shall bring foorth vnto thee, by powring downe hir most plentifull deaw vpon the earth.

Yea, I will arme thee with a double edged sword in thy hand, wherewith thou maist punish the prophane Gentiles, and auenge the crueltie of the proud people, and also maist drawe their kings and nobles bound in chaines and iron fetters, and execute the iudge∣ment appointed and commanded by me thy Lord God vpon them.

And this verelie is the dignitie, the honour and re∣nowme that I will giue thee, O daughter; whome I haue receiued into my fauour, euen to bring into sub∣iection vnto thy kingdome the people far and wide and (sauing thine owne nation) to make an horrible Page  315 slaughter of the rebels and traitors euerie-where, that go about to ouerthrowe the Monarch, which ruleth, and shall rule, both far and neere.

I will defend thee I saie, O my deere Daughter, with euerlasting mercie, and my couenant made with thy father DAVID shall be established for euer in his ge∣neration.

Thy throne shall be as the Sunne before me, it shall continue as the Moone in all ages, and be as stable as heauen it selfe.

For I the holie one haue once sworne by mine owne selfe, and neither will I breake my promise, nor violate my couenant, nor will change anie of those things that I haue spoken to DAVID thy Father.

These things haue I promised of old I saie, and now will I vndoubtedlie bring them to passe. If thou my Daughter keepe my commandements, and do not vio∣late the ordinances that I haue commanded thee, but order thy selfe and thy people by the rule of the lawes that I haue prescribed vnto them.

So shall all things be in good order, and nothing confounded; yea the verie foundations of the earth al∣so shall be firme and remaine stable. Peace, righteous∣nesse, and iudgement, and all good things else shall re∣maine safe and sure amongst men.

Neither will I suffer that in this thy dangerous iournie, and perillous pilgrimage, thou shouldest so stumble, that thou shouldest fall, or be compelled to go backe: and though manie doo lie in wait for thy destru∣ction, yet I (preuenting all dangers) will bee thy watchfull keeper.

For seeing that I haue taken in hand freelie, of mine owne good will, to call thee to this excellent estate of a Prince, & haue hitherto bene verie carefull to defend thee, and my people Israel, I will not now once slum∣ber, much lesse will I be so deepe in sleepe, that I will Page  316 suffer thee to be oppressed.

Therefore let this be a thing certainlie determined vnto thee, and bee thou comforted and confirmed with this onlie hope in all distresse, that I the Lord am thy keeper; and a shadowe for thee against all stormes, and that I am present by thee, and will neuer faile thee.

And as I was present of old, when thou returnedst out of the Egypt, & bondage of the spirituall Pharao: so now also I will be present with thee against ye heate of the Sunne in the daie-time; & against the noisome humors, which the Moone vseth to raise in the night season.

For like as the Citie Ierusalem is compassed round about with massie mountaines, so I the Lord stand round about thee and thy people (trusting in me) on e∣uerie side, and will neuer forsake you.

But as I haue done hitherto, so surelie I will con∣tinue to defend them that loue vertue, and to bind thee vnto me by new benefits.

I will bring to passe that thou shalt enioie a stable peace, and sure tranquillitie, and that thou shalt see Ierusalem flourishing so long as thou doest liue.

Yea I the Lord will so blesse thee from heauen with most plentifull blessings, that by the power of my Maiestie, all thy counselles and enterprises shall pro∣sper, and haue good successe continuallie.

I will preserue thee safe against all discommodities, and defend thy life from violence: yea which waie soe∣uer thou shalt go or ride, I, euen I thy mightie maker and God will be with thee, when thou goest foorth, and commest in, from place to place; and not onlie in this temporall voiage or iournie, but for euer will I go∣uerne and guide thee.

Thou shalt neuer be laid open to the reproch of men.

Thy Crowne shall neuer be cast to the ground, nor Page  317 thy selfe reiected.

All thy fortresses and cities shall stand vnassaulted, and thy forts, and strong castels and holds shall not be battered, nor laid open with breaches to the spoile of passengers.

The edge of thy sword shall neuer waxe blunt, thy scepter neuer broken, nor thy crowne cast downe into the dust, nor thy power stained.

But I will minister continuall power, and cause of ioie vnto thee, ô QVEENE, and take awaie all courage and force from thine enimies, so that they shall not be able to arise or stand against thy mightie power.

Finallie, this my league, which I haue made with thee, shall neuer be abrogated. For I will come downe from my Sanctuarie to helpe thee, euen frō the mount Zion to strengthen thee in all dangers. And when thou callest vpon me by praier, I will heare thy petitions, and grant vnto thee that thy hart desireth, and accom∣plish all thy purposes, so that thou doubtlesse shalt bee preserued and deliuered a waie by me, that haue an∣nointed thee to be QVEENE.