The monument of matrones conteining seuen seuerall lamps of virginitie, or distinct treatises; whereof the first fiue concerne praier and meditation: the other two last, precepts and examples, as the woorthie works partlie of men, partlie of women; compiled for the necessarie vse of both sexes out of the sacred Scriptures, and other approoued authors, by Thomas Bentley of Graies Inne student.
Bentley, Thomas, student of Gray's Inn., Abergavenny, Frances Nevill, Lady, d. 1576., Marguerite, Queen, consort of Henry II, King of Navarre, 1492-1549. Miroir de l'âme pécheresse. English & French., Catharine Parr, Queen, consort of Henry VIII, King of England, 1512-1548. Lamentacion of a sinner., Tyrwhit, Elizabeth, Morning and evening prayers., Catharine Parr, Queen, consort of Henry VIII, King of England, 1512-1548. Prayers or meditacions.
Page  103

¶ Morning and Euening praiers, with diuers Psalmes, Hymnes, and Medi∣tations, made and set forth by the Ladie ELIZABETH Tyrwhit.

A Confession to be said before Morning praier.

I Doo acknowledge, and confesse vnto thee, O most mercifull and hea∣uenlie father, mine often and grieuous offences that I haue committed against thy diuine Maie∣stie, from my youth hi∣therto, in thought, word and deed; leauing vndone those things, which I ought and should haue done; and dooing those things which I ought not to haue done: prouoking thy wrath and indignation against me. And now lamenting this my wickednes; I appeale vnto thy mercie, & saie with the Publicane, O Lord GOD be mercifull vnto me a most wretched sinner, forgiue all that is past, saue and defend me from euill, and confirme me in good life, to the glorie of thy name: So be it.

A praier to be said at our vprising.

I Doo thanke thee, my most mercifull and hea∣uenlie Father, by thy deerelie beloued sonne Iesu Christ, that this night thou hast giuen me sleepe and rest, preseruing me from hurt Page  104 and perill. I crie thee mercie for mine offences, and most humblie beseech thee, that thou wilt likewise this daie keepe me from sinne and all euill, so that all my thoughts, words and works may please thee. I doo commit my selfe, both bodie and soule, and all things that I go about into thy hands; beseeching thee that thine holie spirit may abide with me, least my deadlie aduersarie the diuell haue power ouer me,

Another praier at our vprising.

OBlessed Iesu, this daie I commend me and all my proceedings into thy hands: this daie I most humbly praie thee to helpe me, which hast made me to thine owne image, and in thy bloud hast clensed me, which art my hope in heaui∣uinesse, my comfort in care, and trust in trouble. Al∣though sweete Lord, my conscience accuseth me, and the lawe condemneth me, yet thy pretious death and testament hath deliuered me, with thee to reigne in glorie, after death hath arrested me, & the earth con∣sumed me; yet good Lord, I trust in the resnrrection to dwell with thee eternallie, through thy promise made to me, and to all that doo beleeue in thee, and call vpon thy holie name. Thy kingdome come this daie to me, from Sathan deliuer me, with the bread of Angels feede me, from fleshlie lusts purge me, from sudden death and deadlie sinne, O Lord take me. Giue me an hart to beleeue in thee, and that all my senses may obey thee, and of thy mercie accept my praiers this daie be∣fore thee, which art one God in Trinitie, to whom be all honour and glorie,

The Hymne or praier to the sonne of God.
THe beamie sun large light doth giue, & chase away the night:
So blesse vs with thy benefits, endue vs with thy spirit.
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Swéet dews frō heuen to earth God grant, of peace & quiet mind,
That we may serue the liuing God, as his statutes doo bind.
O mightie Lord our helpe at néed, driue far awaie the féend:
That sinne nor hell doo vs molest, when as our life shall éend.
Thou art the euer lasting daie, which shinst in euerie place:
And féedest euerie liuing wight, with plentious gifts of grace.
Into thy heauenlie hands déere God, my spirit I doo commend:
This day from sin and Sathans power, thy seruant me defend.
We laud thée Father for thy grace,
We praise the Sonne which made vs frée:
We thanke the holie Spirit for our solace,
Which is one God and persons thrée.
An Antheme.

HIs deerlie beloued sonne God did not spare; but for vs all deliuered him. How shall he not with him giue vs all things also?

A praier to God the father to be vsed before Morning praier.

OUr mercifull father, which in teaching vs to praie, by thy sonne Christ, hast commanded vs to call thee father, and to beleeue that we are thy beloued children, who stirrest vp none of thine to praie, but to the intent that thou wouldest heare them, giuing vnto vs also all things more effec∣tuallie and plentiouslie, than we can either aske or thinke. We do beseech thee, for thy sonnes sake, to giue vs grace to beleeue, and knowe assuredlie, that thy sonne our Sauiour Christ, is giuen of thee vnto vs to be our Sauiour, our righteousnesse, our wisdome, our holines, our redemption, and our satisfaction. O Lord suffer vs not to trust in anie other saluation, but in thy sonne our Sauiour Iesus Christ: So be it.

Page  106
The Hymne of our redemption by Christ.
PRaise we our father louinglie, which gentlie vs preserued:
When we forsooke him wretchedlie, & death by sinne deserued.
His mercie was so bountious, that though we from him fell:
Fréelie in Christ he pardoned vs, and vs redéemd from hell.
Glorie be to the Trinitie, the Father, Sonne, and spirit liuing:
Which art one God & persons thrée, to whom be praise without ending,
A forme of priuate Morning Praier. Our father which art in heauen, &c.

O Lord open thou my lips, that my mouth may speake and shew foorth that which is to thy glorie and praise. And shut my mouth from speaking of anie thing, whereby I should of∣fend thy diuine maiestie, or be hurtfull to my neighbor.

O God make speede to saue vs.
O Lord make haste to helpe vs.

Glorie be to the Father, and to the Sonne, and to the holie Ghost.

As it was in the beginning, is now, and euer shall be, world without end,

Praise ye the Lord. Thanks be giuen to God.
The first Psalme at Morning Praier.

O Lord heare my words, marke my crieng, O my King and my God, for vnto thee onelie come I to praie: neither doo I looke for suc∣cour anie where else than of thee.

Page  107 O Lord, I beseech thee, that thou wilt gratiouslie hearken to my petitions, that thy grace may spring in my hart with the morrowe light of thy comfort, the night of care and perturbation being ouerpassed: suf∣fer me not to perish with the vngodlie folke whome thou cursest.

I come running to thee, not trusting in mine owne righteousnes; but to thy great and manifold mercies.

O Lord with the rule of thy iustice will I be direc∣ted. For thy name sake make plaine thy waie before me, and my waie before thee; least the spirit of malice doo turne me thence.

Let them reioice that repose themselues and trust alwaies in thy mercie; let them sing Hymnes and Psalmes, which doo glorie and reioice in thee, let them triumph which loue thy name.

Defend me, O Lord, with thy grace, as with a shield in time of perill; to the intent that when I am assaul∣ted with them, I may yet with constant cheere growe vp vnto my full perfection.

Glorie be to the father, &c. As it was in the, &c.
The second Psalme.

OH Lord GOD and father, I beseech thee by Christ our Lord, that of thine infinite mercie thou keepe me, so as at no time I followe the counsell of the vngodlie, which knowe thee not; or of Hypocrites, which with their harts seeke thee not.

O Lord, suffer me not to enter into the waie of sin∣ners, with a mind to fulfill the desires and lusts of the flesh.

But whensoeuer through frailtie of my corrupt na∣ture. I shall chance to run astraie, then O Lord, staie me, and plucke my foote backe againe.

Keepe me, that I sit not in the seate of pestilent scor∣ners, Page  108 which cloaking their Pharisaicall and diuellish intents, condemne in other men thy veritie & Gospell.

Oh Lord, bring to passe that I may burne in the de∣sire of thy lawe, that vpon the aduancement of thy word my mind may alwaies be occupied, that I may euermore choose that which is most pleasant to thee, and hate that both in my selfe and others, which to thee is displeasant.

Make I praie thee that I may be a tree planted by the sweet riuers of thy ghostlie waters, to the intent I may bring foorth fruit to thy glorie, and to the profit of my neighbour, as often as thou shalt minister time and occasion therevnto.

Least my leaues, which are my words and works should fade and fall awaie; but that all things may prosper, whatsoeuer I shall doo in thy name.

Assist me, I beseech thee, and grant O most mercifull father, that for Iesu Christs sake I may take roote in the ground of life; least with the vngodlie, like chaffe and dust I be blowne abrode with the most pernicious winds of this world.

And grant that I may stand in the assemblie of the righteous, and that I may enter into iudgment with∣out punishment; and escape euerlasting damnation.

Glorie be to the father, &c. As it was in the begin, &c.
The third Psalme.

TO thee, O Lord, I lift vp my mind, in thee I trust, O Lord God; let me not be confoun∣ded, least mine enimies make me a iesting stocke, and a matter to laugh at.

O Lord make thy waies knowne vnto me, and trade me in thy paths.

Direct me in thy truth, and instruct me; for thou art God my Sauiour, I looke after thee euerie daie.

O Lord thou art sweet and rightfull, and bringest Page  109 againe into the waie them which went out.

Thou leadest strait into thy iudgement, them that be mild and tractable, and teachest them that be meeke thy word and testimonies.

Thou healest them that be contrite in hart, and as∣swagest their paines and griefe.

Thou holdest vp all them which else should fall, and all that are fallen thou liftest vp againe.

Thou giuest sight to the blind, and loosest them that be bound.

Thou art nigh vnto all them that call vpon thee, so that they call vpon thee faithfullie.

Thou fulfillest the desire of them that doo feare thee, and hearest their praier, and sauest them.

Haue mercie vpon me, O God, haue mercie vpon me, for in thee my soule trusteth.

Uerelie my soule hath a speciall respect to thee. For my health, my glorie, and all my strength cōmeth from thee.

For thine owne sake, oh Lord God, laie not my sins to my charge.

I vnderstand not all mine errours, innumerable troubles doo close me round about, my sinnes haue ta∣ken hold vpon me, and I am not able to looke vp.

Put to thy hand to helpe me, and leade me right in all my works.

Make me to walke perfectlie in thy waies, that no kind of sinne ouercome me.

Set a watch before my mouth; and keepe the doore of my lips.

Let the words of my mouth, and the meditation of my hart be euer pleasant and acceptable in thy sight.

Let the word of truth neuer go awaie from my mouth, and suffer no malice to dwell in my hart.

O Lord deliuer my soule from lieng lips, and saue me from the deceitfull tongue.

Page  110 Put into my mouth thy true and holie word, and take from me all idle and vnfruitfull speech.

Deliuer me from false surmises and accusations of men: rule me euen as thou thinkest good, after thy will and pleasure.

Turne awaie mine eies, that they behold no vaine things; fasten them in thy waie.

Take from me fornication and all vncleannesse, and let not the loue of the flesh beguile me.

Yea deliuer my soule from pride, that it doo not reigne in me, and then shall I be cleane from the greatest sinne.

Staie and keepe my feete from euerie euill waie, least my steps swarue from thy paths.

Mine eies looke euer vnto thee, O Lord, bicause thou art nigh at hand, and all thy waies be the truth.

Thy mercies be great and manie, O Lord, blessed is he whosoeuer trusteth in thee.

For when I said vnto thee, My feete be slipped, thy mercie, O Lord, by and by did hold me vp.

Teach me to doo thy will, and leade me by thy path-waie, for thou art my God.

Oh Lord, saue my soule, and deliuer me from the power of darknesse.

Let the brightnesse of thy face shine vpon thy ser∣uant, for vnto thee, O Lord God, I haue fled for succor.

Looke vnto me, and haue mercie vpon me; for I am desolate and poore.

Keepe my soule and deliuer me, that I be not con∣founded. For I haue trusted in thee.

O Lord God, forsake me not, although I haue done no good in thy sight.

For thy goodnesse grant me, that at the least-wise now I may begin to liue well.

O Lord shew thy seruants thy works, and their chil∣dren thy glorie; and the gratious maiestie of the Lord Page  111 our God be vpon vs. Oh prosper thou the works of our hands, oh prosper thou our handie works.

Glorie be to the Father, the Sonne, and the holie Ghost.

As it was in the beginning, is now, and euer shall be, world without end,

A contemplation of Christes Passion.

O What loue and mercie of man vndeserued from God the father, through his onlie sonne Iesu Christ, by whose flesh and bloud we haue cleane remission of our offences; when we call to mind this mysterie of our redemption, and our sufficient sacrifice, whereby sinne, death and hell be put to exile; and grace, mercie and peace be obtei∣ned! For this we haue not onlie occasion to lament our selues, which were the verie causes why Iesus did la∣ment in care, and became poore in bodie, sweat water and bloud against his death, praied in affliction, and suffered for our redemption: but also to giue dailie thanks, and to reioice to God the father, for this his sonne, by whom we haue felowship with Angels, and are become Citizens of the saints, and of the houshold of God, partakers of euerlasting life for euer. O hap∣pie be they which forget not this heauenlie Philoso∣phie, this giltlesse passion of Iesu Christ! To knowe & beleeue this, is life euerlasting, and the quietnesse of conscience. This passion is our riches in pouertie, and helpe in aduersitie, and onlie life in death. By this his painefull affliction, were all the Patriarches, Pro∣phets, Martyrs, and euerie beleeuing bodie saued, that euer was, or shall be; without which all flesh is damned and accursed. Now sweet Christ, for this thy blessed oblation, haue mercie on me now and in the houre of death; that in the dreadfull daie of iudgment, sinne, death and hell may not preuaile against me sin∣full Page  112 creature, but haue mercie vpon me, according to thy greatest mercie, which is this thy death and passi∣on, for which be praise to the holie Trinitie for euer and euer,

The Hymne of the passion of Christ.
IEsus which is the liuelie well of wisdome,
And the heauenlie truth of the father eternall,
Which from heauen to this world did come,
To deliuer vs thrales from paines infernall,
Of Iudas was sold, and of the Iewes taken,
And of his Disciples at midnight was forsaken.
We laud thee father for thy grace,
We praise the sonne which made vs free,
We thanke the holie spirit for our solace,
Which is one God and persons three.
In the dawning of the daie they did him fast bind,
And before Pilate he was then conuented,
False witnesse against Iesus they did then find,
When the cruell Seniours in iudgement him presented,
Beaten was his bodie, defiled was his face,
And yet God and man, the verie well of grace.
We laud thee father, &c.
When thrée houres were past, before Pilates throne,
All the people cried, Kill Iesus the Iewes king,
His crowne was thornes, in purple he made mone,
With a crosse ouer Cedron they did him bring,
And prepared his deadlie place on Galgatha hill,
To suffer pains for Adams gilt, so was his fathers will.
We laud thee father, &c.
The sirt houre approched his painefull end,
When on the trée his bodie they nailed,
In heauen was his helpe, in earth he had no freud,
He died betwéene two théeues, on him the Elders railed,
Page  113 Then he thirsted for his elect, which subiect were to thrall,
Unthankefullie they offred him vinegre mingled with gall.
We laud thee father, &c.
This verie God, Gods onlie begotten child,
Said to his father, Why hast thou me forsaken?
Yet receiue this sacrifice, and my spirit vndefild:
The heauens were darkned, asunder the stones were shaken.
Bloud and water then sprang from this blessed lamb,
Then graues opened, the dead aliue foorth came.
We laud thee father for thy grace, &c.
The second Meditation or praier of our frailtie and miserie.

O Miserable wretched woman that I am, how may I be compared to any of thy saints that shall dwell in thy Tabernacle or holie hill? For they loue to be in holie contemplati∣on: and I in the vaine multitude, forgetting thee: they be meeke, and I vnpatient: they do not forget thee, but my good Lord, when do I remember thee, but when af∣fliction enforceth me; or the lamentable fall of my bree∣thren constraine me to thanke thee? Thou most migh∣tie and fearefull God of hosts, thy holie name be bles∣sed foreuer, Amen. What shall I saie my God? Thou art most good, and I euill; thou holie, and I mise∣rable; thou art light, and I am blind; thou art the blessed ioie, and I am carefull and full of sorowe. My Lord, thou art the Physician, and I the miserable pa∣tient; I am nothing but vanitie and corrupt, as eue∣rie liuing man is. What shall I saie (O Creator) but this, that I am thy creature, and shall I perish? Thy hands haue made me, and were wounded for me; thy bloud was shed for me, and hath washed me; thy holie Ghost hath sanctified me, and taught me: yet Lord, my daies are nothing. What should I mortall creature Page  114 thus talke with my selfe, Lord God, but that need hath no lawe? Sorowe hath compelled me to seeke comfort, sicknesse enforceth me to folowe the Physician, consci∣ence pricketh me to crie to thee my Lord for a heauen∣lie cordiall of comfort, which am in great discomfort, borne of a woman, full of miserie and shortnesse of time, and passe awaie like a shadowe, neuer content with one estate, but in earth remaine for euer.

The Hymne to God the Creator.
O Creator, to thée thy creature I call,
Who made of mould do liue in paine,
And sicke in soule, my flesh is thrall,
O wo is me, my daies be vaine:
Yet vnto God I call for grace,
My soule in heauen to haue a place.
A praier to the blessed Trinitie. Let vs praie.

O Holie, blessed, and glorious Trinitie, three e∣quall, and coeternall persons, but one God almightie, haue mercie vpon me vile, abiect, abhominable, and sinfull wretch, meekelie ac∣knowledging before thy diuine Maiestie my long con∣tinued life in sinne, euen from my childhood hitherto. Then good gratious Lord, as thou giuest me the grace to acknowledge them; so giue me grace not in word onlie, but in hart also, with sorowfull contrition to re∣pent, and vtterlie to forsake them. Forgiue me also those sinnes, through which by mine owne fault, wic∣ked affection, and euill custome, my reason is with sen∣sualitie so blinded, as I cannot discerne them for sinne. Illuminate my hart (good Lord) and giue me grace to Page  115 acknowledge them. Forgiue me my sinnes negligent∣lie forgotten, and bring them to my mind, with grace to be throughlie repentant for them.

O mercifull God, grant me thy grace so to despise sinne, and all worldlie vanities, that I may saie with the blessed Apostle Saint Paule: The world is cruci∣fied to me, and I to the world; Christ is to me life, and to die is my gaine and aduantage; I desire to be loo∣sed, and to be with Christ. Lord giue me thy grace to a∣mend my life, and to haue an eie to mine end, without anie grudge, or feare of death, which to them that die in thee, is the gate of eternall life.

Almightie God, teach me to doo thy will; take my right hand, and leade me in the true waie from mine: drawe me after thee, bind my mouth with snaffle and bridle, when I will not drawe vnto thee. Oh gratious God, all sinfull feare, all sinfull sorowe and pensiue∣nesse, all sinfull hope, all sinfull mirth and gladnesse take awaie from me. On the other side, concerning such feare, such heauinesse, such comfort, consolation, and gladnesse, as shall be profitable for my soule, doo with me according to thy great goodnesse.

O Lord giue me grace, in all my feare and agonie, to haue recourse to that great feare and wonderfull a∣gonie that thou my sauiour hadst at the Mount of O∣liuet, before thy most bitter passion; and in the medi∣tation thereof to conceiue ghostlie comfort and conso∣lation, profitable for my soule. Almightie God, take from me all vaine-glorious minds, all appetites of mine owne praise, all enuie, couetise, gluttonie, sloth and lecherie, all wrathfull affection, all appetite of re∣uenging, all desire of delight of other mens harmes, all pleasure in prouoking anie person to wrath and anger: all delight in taunting or mocking anie person in their affliction or trouble. And giue vnto me, O Lord, an humble, quiet, peaceable, patient, charitable, Page  116 kind, tender, and pitifull mind, in all my words, my works, and thoughts, to haue a tast of thy holie and blessed spirit.

Giue me good Lord a full faith, a firme hope, a fer∣uent charitie, a loue to thee, good Lord, incomparable, aboue the loue of my selfe, that I may loue nothing to thy displeasure, but euerie thing in a due order to thee. Giue me good Lord, a longing to be with thee, not for the auoiding of the calamities of this wretched world, nor so much for the auoiding of the paines of hell, nei∣ther so much for the obteining of the kingdome of hea∣uen, in respect of mine owne commoditie: as euen for verie loue of thee. And beare me good Lord, thy loue & fauour, which thing my loue to thee-ward (were it ne∣uer so gret) could not but of thy great goodnes deserue. And pardon me good Lord, that am so bold to aske thee so high petitions, being so vile and sinfull a wretch, and so vnworthie to attaine the lowest: but good Lord such they be, as I am bound to desire and wish, and should be much neerer the effectuall desire of them, if my ma∣nifold sinnes were not the let, from which O glorious Trinitie, vouchsafe of thy goodnesse to wash me, with that blessed bloud that thou my sweet sauiour Iesus Christ diddest shed out of thy bodie, in the diuers tor∣ments of thy most bitter passion, that by that same greeuous passion, glorious resurrection and ascension, I may come to that vnspeakable ioie, the which thou hast prepared for thy chosen and elect, through the same Iesu Christ our sauiour, to whome with the Father, and the holie Ghost, three persons and one God, be all honour and glorie world without end: So be it.

After praier, saie this conclusion, or Collect.

O God, that art the strength of such as trust in thee, mercifullie assist vs that call vpon thy name; and for asmuch as mans infirmitie can Page  117 do nothing without thee, grant I most humblie be∣seech thee, the help of thy spirit, that fulfilling thy com∣mandements, both in will and deed, I may please thee, through Iesus Christ our Lord: So be it.

The blessing.

OH Lord blesse me and defend me, O Lord lift vp thy countenance ouer me, and be merci∣full vnto me: O Lord lift vp thy countenance ouer me and giue me thy peace, that in thy peace, O Lord, I may depart, to amend my life, and doo vnto the poore as much as I can: giue me grace to be at vnitie, in quietnesse, and in charitie with all thy chosen and elect people, and that thy feare, oh Lord, may euer rest in my hart: So be it.

Praise vnto God the Father, and peace vnto the liuing: As they that depart in thy faith, in thée doo rest & haue their being.
The end of Morning praier.
EVENING PRAIER. ¶ A Confession to be said before Euening praier.

O Father of heauen, O sonne of God redee∣mer of the world: O holie Ghost three per∣sons and one God; haue mercie vpon me most wretched caitife, and miserable sin∣ner. I haue offended both heauen & earth, more than my tongue can expresse. My sinnes (alas) are aboue all mens, both in number and greatnesse, which I haue committed. Whither then may I go? Or whither should I flie? To heauen I may be asha∣med to lift vp my face, and in earth I am not woorthie to find a place of refuge or succour. To thee therefore, O Lord, doo I run; to thee doo I humble my selfe, sai∣eng; O Lord my God, my sinnes be great and innu∣merable: Page  118 but yet haue mercie vpon me for thy great mercie. The great mysterie that God became man, was not wrought for little or few offences. Thou didst not giue thy sonne, O heauenlie Father, vnto death for small sinnes onlie, but for all the greatest sinnes in the world: so that the sinner returne vnto thee with his whole hart, as I doo here at this present. Wherefore haue mercie vpon me, O God, whose propertie is al∣waie to haue mercie: wherefore haue mercie vpon me O Lord, for thy great mercie. I craue nothing, O Lord, for mine owne merits, but for thy name sake, that it may be halowed therby, and for thy deere sonne Iesus Christs sake, and now therefore: Our father of heauen halowed, &c.

A praier to be said in the Euening.

MOst mercifull and heauenly father, I thanke thee by thy sonne Iesus Christ, that this day thou hast giuen me all things needfull both for my soule and bodie, preseruing me from all hurt and perill. I aske thee mercie for mine offen∣ces, and I most humblie beseech thee, that thou wilt likewise this night keepe me from sinne and all euill, so that all my thoughts, my words & works may please thee. I doo commit my selfe both bodie and soule, and all that I go about, into thy hands. I beseech thee that thy holie spirit may be with me, least my deadlie aduer∣sarie haue anie power ouer me,

Another Euening praier.

O Souereigne, dreadfull, and most louing Lord my God, who neuer ceasest to shew thy mer∣cie towards sinners, yea when they offend and trespasse against thee, such is thine in∣finite clemencie and loue. As then thou forbearest not Page  119 to heape thy benefits vpon them; I most sinfull and wretched wretch, yeeld thee humble thanks, for thine inestimable goodnesse shewed towards me, in creating me to thine owne likenesse, and making me capable of thine euerlasting glorie: for the creation of so manie other creatures for my behoofe and sustenance, for that inestimable worke of my redemption, whereby thou deliuerest me from the slauerie of Sathan, and pur∣chasest mee free entrance into thy celestiall region: for hauing singled me amongst so many millians that knowe thee not, and lie drowned in ignorance, super∣stition, and miserable errours, to be thy seruant and a true faithfull Christian: for both thy blessed Sacra∣ments, especiallie for that Sacrament aboue all Sa∣craments, wherein thou thy selfe art spirituallie con∣teined. Finallie, for hauing preserued me so manie times from hell, wherein I had beene long since plun∣ged, hadst not thou of thine vnspeakeable goodnesse su∣steined and deliuered me from my foes. For these and all other thy benefits: namelie, for those thou hast this daie most bountifullie bestowed vpon me, O my soue∣reigne Lord, I yeeld thee such sincere & dutifull thanks as my poore hart can possiblie affoord thee: beseeching thee to haue mercie vpon me, & in supplie of my wants to accept the mediation and thankesgiuings of Iesus Christ thy onelie sonne, and mine onelie Sauiour and intercessour.

And now mine onlie redeemer and Sauiour I hum∣blie craue the light of thy grace, to knowe wherein I haue this daie anie waies offended thee by nature; and that by sound discussion, and through examination of my conscience, I may see mine owne sinnes with sor∣rowe and detestation; and thine ineffable mercie with a zealous & firme purpose of amendment of life. Thou seest, O Lord, my lewdnesse, and wotest my miserie, much better than I my selfe doo. Sorie I am with all Page  120 my hart, that I should still offend so louing a Lord, and wish to God my sorowes were greatlie multiplied. I purposed earst, to doo better by thy grace, which wan∣ted not, & yet haue I transgressed in my former trespas∣ses: neither yet may I despaire, O Lord, but will con∣tinuallie trust to thy mercies in all euents, & purpose firmelie, as I now doo, euerie daie to amend my life.

Deliuer me, my gratious God, from all mortall sinne for euer, and giue me grace to persecute my vices with sorowe during life. And for the satisfaction of these and all my former sinnes, as also for all thine ineffable be∣nefits bestowed vpon me and all mankind; I offer vn∣to thee the merits of thy bitter passion, those most pre∣tious drops of bloud thou sheddest for me; and that in∣flamed charitie, wherewith thou wholie resignedst thy selfe to all thy torments, for my sake; and in the vnion of this thine oblation on the crosse, I offer vp my selfe, soule, bodie, and all I haue of thine, within or without me, to thine honour and euerlasting glorie. I retaine nothing to my selfe: but giue all to thee, whose it is; and make that thine by my will, which is thine of iu∣stice. Giue me thy grace, O my God, to liue better her∣after, and to confesse my sinnes in due time vnto thee. Giue me true humilitie, continuall repentance, and grace both to knowe thee, and also my selfe. Giue me puritie of hart in all my dooings, patience, chastitie, and perfect charitie. Giue me a good life, and a good death, and in the dangerous houre of my departure, the assistance of thy blessed Saints and Angels, with whom I may, through thy mercie, in another world praise and glorifie thee euerlastinglie,

The Hymne or praier to God the Father.
BLessed be God father of heauen,
Which hath strengthned his féeble flocke:
Page  121 With stedfast faith, and boldnesse euen,
To beare his crosse, burden and yocke.
These are the last daies perillous,
Fréelie Christs Gospell to professe:
Come downe Lord shortlie to iudge vs,
And take vs from the heauinesse.
An Antheme.

WHosoeuer shall call vpon the name of the Lord shall be saued.

A praier to God the Father to be vsed be∣fore Euening praier.

O Mercifull Lord and louing Father, without whose aid and motion, I am not able to stir one member toward heauenlie seruice, the burden of this slowe and sinfull flesh doth so ouercharge my weake soule. According to thy father∣lie pitie looke vpon me, O God, and quicken my dull spi∣rit with thy grace, to rise out of this mirie puddle, and to come before thy presence in humble repentance, crauing thy mercie for my miserable sinnes and wic∣kednesse, that being released in the bloud and righte∣ousnesse of Iesus Christ, I may ioifullie serue, honour, and praise thine eternall Maiestie, through thy deere sonne my mercifull Lord and redeemer, to whom with thee and the holie Ghost, be all glorie and thanks for euer,

The Hymne of our redemption by Christ.
PRaised be God for his excéeding fauour,
Wich hath giuen vs his sonne to be our Sauiour,
We are sinners, vnrighteous, foolish, and fleshlie,
Christ is our mercie-stoole, righteousnesse, & wisdome verelie.
Page  122 We are vncleane, holden vnder the danger of deth & sins exaction,
Christ is our holines, our life, our redemption and satisfaction.
Glorie be to thée, O Lord, borne of the vndefiled virgin,
Glorie be to the Father, and to the holie Ghost, our soules surgin: So be it.
A forme of Priuate Euening praier. Our Father which art in heauen, &c.

COnuert vs our Sauiour, and turne awaie thy wrath from vs.

O God make speede to saue vs.
O Lord make haste to helpe vs.

Glorie be to the Father, &c. As it was in the be, &c. Praise ye the Lord. Thanks be giuen vnto God.
The first Psalme at Euening praier.

BOw downe thine eare, O Lord, to my re∣quests, and suffer me to exhibit my supplica∣tion vp vnto thee. For behold, night and daie I trace and hunt after thee by all meanes I can. To thee onelie earlie and late doo I still call and crie for mercie, according as thou hast giuen mee in commandement.

For when I call to memorie the time of my life euill dispent, I quake to thinke vpon thee, yea and my spirit faileth me, so sore am I afraid of thy iudgements.

Yet well pondering the processe of thy grace & mer∣cie promised me in Christ, I cease to despaire, knowing that thou, O GOD, hast not forgotten thy gifts of grace, and that thy power to haue compassion is not waxen faint, but that both thou canst and wilt put backe thy wrath most iustlie conceiued against me for my sinne.

Page  123 In full trust whereof O Lord I come vnto thee, be∣seeching thee to hide my life with Christ within thee, and vnder the shadowes of thy wings to defend me, that thy grace & couenant may be with me euermore.

Turne not thy mercie from me O Lord, nor bring me downe to destruction as I haue deserued: but shew thy grace and fauour vnto me, that I may liue, and (being exalted through thy righteousnesse) praise thy name most ioifullie.

Remember my corrupt nature O Lord, how short my life is, and that thou madest not man for nothing. No man can deliuer himselfe from death: no man can saue his owne soule from hell: thou onelie O Lord must do it, namelie, to such as beleeue in thee.

This life passeth as doth a dreame, or grasse in the field, which to daie is greene, and to morrow drie. If thou be displeased, then we be lost: if thou chafe, then we shrinke for feare, for through sinnes we be dead vn∣to thee; with whome a thousand yeares be but as one daie, yea as the least minute of an houre.

Certesse Lord, if thou haue respect to our sins, who shall continue? Shew me therefore how manie be the daies of my life, that I may dispend them wiselie, to the praise of thy name, least that I foolishlie trusting vpon long life, suddenlie might perish & come to death.

Come Lord now vnto vs, and comfort vs. Come O God, and hide not thy face from me, that I be not like vnto those that be hurled into the pit of perdition. And after this night of calamitie ouerpassed, let the plea∣sant morning of comfort luckilie shine vpon me, that betimes I may heare and feele thy goodnesse, for in thee is all my trust.

Deliuer me this night from the snare of Sathans gard, which hunt in the darke how to plucke me from thee.

Let me not stand in the feare of the night-euill of Page  124 vnbeleefe, and of thy strait iudgement, neither let me be afraid of the fleeing arrowe in the daie time.

Let me not be in feare of that horrible pestilence, creeping in through darkenesse, I meane, let me not be ignorant how detestable my sins be, that I dissemble them not, nor qualifie them.

Let me not dread that middaie diuell, which abuseth thy Church vnder a title and pretence of holinesse; neither let Sathan, though he change himselfe into an Angel of light, strike anie feare in me.

But both on the right side and on the left, as well in the night as in the daie, that is, as well in aduersitie as prosperitie, and as well in spirituall businesse, as in corporall, let thy holie Angels diligentlie wait vpon me, that I do not stumble: then shall I tread vnderfoot that hellie dragon.

Yea so shall I of dutie be bound alwaie with coura∣gious spirit, to praise and hallowe thy name: not onlie in the morrowe, when all things shall chance to my harts desire, to ascribe all to thy goodnesse, without a∣nie deseruing on my behalfe: but also in the night of trouble and aduersitie, when I shall call vnto mind thy most faithfull and trustie promises, that I despaire not, thus to praise thy meere and speciall grace, and blesse thee, saieng:

Blessed art thou O Lord God of our fathers, for thou art praise and honour, worthie, and to be magni∣fied for euer.

Blessed be the glorie of thy holie name, for it is wor∣thie to be praised, & aboue all to be magnified for euer.

Blessed art thou, O father, O Sonne, and O holie Ghost, for thou art worthie to be praised, and aboue all to be magnified for euer.

Blessed be thou in the firmament of heauen, for thou art praise-worthie for euer.

O giue thanks vnto the Lord all his creatures, for Page  125 he is kind-harted and mercifull: yea his mercie endu∣reth for euer.

Oh speake good of the Lord all ye works of his in all places of his dominion: and let euerie thing that hath breath praise the Lord, and giue him thanks: for his mercie endureth for euer.

O that all men would therefore praise the Lord for his goodnesse, and declare the wonders that he doth for the children of men!

Praise thou the Lord O my soule, and forget not all his benefits, yea and all that is within me praise his holie name, for his louing mercie and for his truth, which endureth for euer, & worlds without end,

Glorie be to the father, &c. As it was in the begin, &c.
The second Psalme.

MY God, my God remember me, forsake me not, suffer me not to be lost, sith both night and daie I crie to thee, heare me my Lord.

Our fathers trusted in thee, and thou hel∣pedst them, whensoeuer they called vpon thee, at no tune thou failedst them, but wast alwaies at hand to assist them.

Come foorth father most deerelie beloued in my hart, restore me from Sathans kingdome.

Thou drewest me foorth of my mothers wombe, and hast preserued me vnto this daie.

Of thy benignitie and mercie (which I beseech thee denie me not at this my neede) go not awaie from me, for anguish and pensiuenesse of hart drawe nigh vnto me, and yet is there none that can helpe me, but thou onlie.

Let me escape from these dangers through thy Christ my sauiour, who for my sake hath suffered so spitefull and bitter paines, who for me was sore vexed, cruellie Page  126 scourged, wounded, nailed, and hanged on the crosse.

Let me escape I saie for his bloud sake, which he so largelie shed for vs, to cause vs obteine forgiuenesse of our sinnes, and enioie the new and euerlasting coue∣nant made betwixt thee and vs.

Stand not farre from me O Lord my refuge and strength: come neere and helpe me, deliuer my life from the sword, and my soule from the wood dogs, from the Lions iawes restore me, betweene the hornes of the Unicornes heare thou me.

Then shall I blowe abroade thy name with all prai∣ses vnto my brethren, and in the assemblie of the holie persons I shall commend thee.

Despise not the praiers of the poore, turne not awaie thy face, heare my crie, for I will record this thy good∣nesse among the miserable, painefull, and troublesome consciences, that they thereof may take hart of com∣fort, growe in hope, cleaue more feruentlie vnto thee, blowe abroade thy most glorious name, and giue thee euerlasting thanks for their saluation,

Glorie be to the father, &c. As it was in the beginning, &c.
The third Psalme.

OUT of the furthest angles of the earth on euerie side, thou shalt with a mightie voice call men to iudgement Lord God omnipo∣tent, to whome nothing is hid.

Open our eares that we may heare this thy pro∣mise: I shall be your God.

In thee constantlie beleeue we, with thy foison we be filled.

Prudentlie thou dost declare and testifie, that of our goods and sacrifices thou hast no need, and doest not ei∣ther regard or measure them: for all be thine, and in thee it lieth to make the things we now possesse to be Page  127 ours, or not ours.

Thou onlie requirest sacrifices of thanke sgiuing: let vs therefore disclose the bottome of our harts to thee: let vs knowledge thee to be our God.

Let vs halowe thy name in all things, flowe in thy word, render thanks both in weale and wo, require thy succours in straits and necessities, in which time thou hast promised to helpe vs: then shall we, so deliue∣red, blase thy name.

Lord God most iust, true of promise, and deerest Fa∣ther: thee beseech I to send succours vnto me euen of thine infinite goodnesse.

For thy renowmes sake, for Iesus Christs sake thy beloued sonne, and for his pretious bloud largelie shed for vs on the crosse, haue mercie vpon me, so that once purged I may come againe in fauour with thee.

Pitie me, heare me out of the straits of this sinfull flesh, wherewith on euerie side I am hampered in.

Set me at large againe, rid me from mine enimies, which seeke to drawe me awaie from thy true seruice.

In thy comfort let me reioice, and be full of spiritu∣all ioie: let me euer brute thy name, not vnmindfull of thy benefits.

Releeue me most pitifull God, according to thy word, which is the truth.

Most tender father, shew me that thy ioifull health.

Glorie be to the Father, &c. As it was in the begin, &c.
The fourth Psalme.

THy clemencie and blessing most mightie God we craue, and require of thee full instantlie.

Let thy countenance shine vpon vs, haue compassion vpon vs, that here in earth wee may find out the waie which leadeth vnto thee, and may attaine thy saluation among the Gentils.

O that all people would confesse thee with louing Page  128 harts for thy manifold benefits and pleasures, which they haue receiued at thy hands, who dost with iustice gouerne men, and art their leader vpon earth!

Powre downe Lord thy goodnesse, and continuall blessings vpon vs, and then shall the earth yeeld vnto thee glorie and praise, and to vs fruits for meate.

Thou God the father blesse vs, thou God the sonne blesse vs, and thou God the holie Ghost blesse vs: yea thou holie, blessed, and glorious Trinitie, grant vs thy continuall blessing.

O that all the coasts of the earth (Lord God) would feare and stand in awe of thee!

Would God that we also might studie to worke no man either pleasure or displeasure that should be a∣gainst thy will; but that we may doo all things accor∣ding to thy commandements!

Glorie be to the father, &c. As it was in the begin, &c.
A contemplation and praier exclaming of the carefull passions of the soule and bodie.

WO is me carefull carcase and filthie defiled flesh, conceiued and borne in sinne, depriued of originall iustice, compared to a beast, in Adam fallen as a rotten apple from a liuing tree. What haue I gotten by my fall? Darknes, care, miserie, affliction, sicknesse, paine, anguish, and finallie dreadfull death. And alas, what shall I be hereafter? A stinking carion, woormes meate, foode for fire, dust and claie, doong and forsaken, rotten & consumed, blind, poore and naked, troden vnder the feete of my posteri∣tie, and forgotten of all men, not knowing where my bodie is, which shall vanish like a shadowe, and my life shall wither like a leafe, and fade as a flower.

O holie God, the more our bodies doo increase, the neerer death doth approch, the clocke of our conscience Page  129 doth ring euerie minute, the houre of death to be at hand. Death approcheth with his sharpe dart and bloudie chariot: Awaie (saith he) to euerie liuing wight. For what is he that shall not see death, and come to nothing? Oh vncertaine life; but most assu∣red death! His net is cast ouer all flesh: now I doo re∣ioice, then I lament: now am I whole, then sicknesse doth come: now haue I friends, then am I forsaken: now at libertie, soone after in bondage: now yoong, then age drawes neere. And thus I neuer remaine in one state: made light and proud in prosperitie, despe∣rate in aduersitie, withered and old with care, despised in pouertie, flattered when I am in health; and finally vncertaine when or where I shall die. But yet I most humblie praie thee deere father, for Iesu Christs sake, which suffered a shamefull death for my sins, to haue mercie vpon me, according to thy great mercie, and take not thy holie Ghost from me, and lead me not into temptation, but deliuer me: for into thy hands I com∣mend my soule, O thou God of truth,

An Hymne of the state of all Adams posteritie.

I Am the fruit of Adams hands, through sin lockt in satans bands, Destined to deth, the child of ire, a flaming brand of infernall fire: Borne I was naked & bare, and spend my time in sorowe & care, And shall returne vnto the dust, and be depriued of carnall lust. Yet thou father didst Iesus send, to pardon them that did offend: We laud him in the work of might, that we be blessed in his sight.

The second meditation of the dreadfull daie of iudgement.

O What feare and sorowe shall happen to the reprobates, when they shall stand helpelesse before the terrible & dreadfull throne of God, to render accounts of all thoughts, words & works, I saie, the acts of the flesh and bloud, in the ex∣treame Page  130 day, when he shall come with fire; and then all creatures in heauen, earth and hell, shall tremble at his presence. Then shall all guiltie consciences be ope∣ned, & euils endlesse punished, where that Iudge will not be corrupted. That daie doth come; that daie is at hand, and where as pure harts shall be accepted, and no bribes of vaine gifts shall be preferred, but iustice without mercie vnto the vngodlie, infernall torments to the wicked, endlesse care and affliction to the idola∣ter, fornicator, extortioner, persecutour, disobedient, murtherer, blasphemer, theefe, false witnesse bearer, vsurer, heretikes, witches and malefactors, and to all the vessels of reprobation. Where as shall be heard wailing, crieng, lamenting and gnashing of teeth: then they mourne that shall neuer die: hell fire neuer bee quenched, nor the Iudge intreated; but the wicked still molested with dolor, agonie, dread, and in his paine absent from God, present with diuels & monsters in∣fernall. This is the second death when both bodie and soule shall remaine in paine, as long as God is, which is euerlasting. This daie is at hand, when the elect and all the Saints, Patriarchs, Prophets, Martyrs and all the blessed shall receiue their rewards, not of themselues, but onlie of Iesu, before whom all the bles∣sed shall kneele and cast off their crownes, and giue ho∣nour to him that sits on the seate, whose holie name is blessed of all tongues and kindreds: Amen, Amen. This is the daie, when all teares shall be wiped from the carefull eies of the seruants of God, which shall neuer be molested, nor of worldlings be afflicted, but euerla∣stinglie glorified, with the Father, the Sonne, and the holie Ghost, three persons and one God, who of his mercie defend vs from damnation, and that vnspeake∣able paine, which wee through sinne haue deserued, euer to be punished withall: but yet are through Ie∣sus preserued, by whome we are elected, redeemed, Page  131 iustified, and brought from sinne, death and hell: to whom be laud and praise, in the world of worlds, of Angels and men:

The Hymne of the daie of iudgement.
SWéet Iesus of thy mercie, our pitifull praiers heare:
That we may be on thy right hand, when thou shalt appeare.
For thou shalt come with heauenlie power, and sit on the throne:
None shall iudge the quicke and dead, but thou Christ alone.
O Christ cast vs not awaie, in that daie of ire:
When thou shalt send before thée, a hot consuming fire.
To purge all creatures, defild with Adams sinne:
Then a new heauen and earth, O Lord thou wilt beginne.
Then the elect shall be blessed, vpon thy holie hill:
But the wicked shall be damned, that haue withstood thy will.
Thy shéepe shall be safe, and defended in the fold:
The goats shall wander, in hunger, storme and cold.
Thy Saints shall behold thée, in thy throne of light:
The reprobates shall euer, haue fearefull things in sight.
Wailing in wretchednesse, with euerlasting paine:
Yet Lord be mercifull, our liues are but vaine.
Our flesh shall fade, death hath digd our graue:
Yet of thy mercie Lord, thy sinfull creature saue.
And blesse vs in the time of grace, before the daie of ire:
When the corrupt elements, shall be purgd with fire.
We laud thee Father, &c.
A generall praier, wherein we commend our selues, and the whole state of Christs Church vnto GOD.

O God thou Father and God of my life, suffer me neither to haue a proud looke, nor a proud thought; turne awaie all voluptuousnesse from me: let not the intisements of the world Page  132 beguile me; let not the concupiscence of the eie deceiue me; let not the lusts of the flesh take hold vpon me; let not rancor and malice reigne in my hart. O Lord God, for thy sonne our Sauiour Iesu Christs sake, I be∣seech thee, that thou wilt not giue me ouer to an vn∣shamefast and obstinate mind: So be it.

Unto thee Lord almightie, the King of mercie, bée now and euer eternall honour & glorie. Unto thee the same Lord of mercie I doo commit my soule and bodie, most humblie beseeching thee, for thine abundant mer∣cie sake, to take the cure of me, and to haue mercie on me. I doo commit also vnto thy mercie my faithfull friends and well-willers liuing, beseeching thee to for∣giue vs all, and to haue mercie vpon vs, and giue vs grace to liue according to thy lawe, and to the glorie of thy name, that we may doo that, which thou requirest of vs, that it will please thee of thy mercie, to saue and defend vs from all perils, bodilie & ghostlie this night and euer, and especiallie all things that shall turne to thy displeasure. And with all my hart I thanke thee most mercifull Lord, for the great benefits that thou hast bestowed vpon me largelie in this world, afore manie creatures, which are more woorthie a thousand times than I: but my most gratious Lord, I wot and knowledge verelie, that all good gifts doo come freelie from thee, of thine abundant mercie. Wherefore with all my hart I thanke thee, and all worship, praises and thanks be to thee and none other. Therefore I saie with the Prophet Dauid: Not vnto vs, Lord, not vn∣to vs: but vnto thy name be giuen all honour & glorie.

Also I commit to thy mercie mine enimies, perse∣cutors and slanderers, beseeching thee to turne their harts, and to giue vs grace one to forgiue another from the verie botome of our harts, that from hence-foorth we may liue in loue and charitie, to thy glorie, and to the increase of thy kingdome.

Page  133 I doo commit to thy mercie our Queene Elizabeth, and this Realme, beseeching thee to incline hir hart to all godlinesse and vertue, that she may long reigne o∣uer vs in peace and tranquillitie, to liue in thy feare, and call vpon thy holie name, and to be readie at all times to set foorth thy blessed lawes and commande∣ments: and that thou O omnipotent God, with thy mightie hand and stretched out arme, wilt confound all Idolatrie and superstition, and set vp thy true and holie religion, that thy faithfull seruants may triumph and reioice in thee with merie harts, and sing vnto thy praise, that this the mightie hand of GOD hath brought to passe, and to thy name giue the honour and glorie, to whome all honour and glorie is due.

I doo commit vnto thy mercie, all those that in this transitorie life be in sorowe, sicknesse, neede, tribulati∣on, or anie other aduersitie, and speciallie all those that for the profession of thy Gospell, and the defence of the saine, doo put their liues vnto the edge of the sword. O Lord for thy mercies sake, forgiue them and vs our of∣fences past, comfort them in their greeuous afflicti∣ons, strengthen them in their weakenesse, send them patience in their tribulations, abate the pride of their and our enimies, asswage the malice of them, con∣found their wicked deuises, that we and they being ar∣med with thy mightie defence, may be preserued euer∣more from perils, to glorifie thee, which art the onlie giuer of all victorie, through ye merits of Christ: So be it.

I commit to thy mercie all those that doo faithful∣lie professe thy holie Gospell, beseeching thee to giue vs grace to liue according to thy lawes, that by well doo∣ing, we may stop the mouthes of the vngodlie aduersa∣ries of the Gospell, and thereby win them to the right waie, that we may all with one hart, and one mouth, glorifie thee, O Lord God in the daie of visitation, to whome all honour and glorie is due.

Page  134 And now O my most mercifull Lord, and louing fa∣ther, I finallie commit vnto thy mercie my wretched soule and bodie, humblie beseeching thee to haue mer∣cie vpon me, according to thy great bountifull mercie: and according to the multitude of thy tender compas∣sions, doo awaie I beseech thee my most greeuous ini∣quities.

Unto God the father, the sonne and the holie Ghost, be now and euer eternall honour and glorie, world without end,

A praier at night going to bed.

THe God of Angels and men, the founder of all creatures visible and inuisible, in whose hand is life and death, light and darknesse, and all the motions of soule and bodie, with∣out whome there is no good gift, nor perfect quietnesse of conscience, but onlie vanitie and vexation of mind, and vtter confusion of soule and bodie, and finall tor∣ments in the horrible pit of darknesse: now my Lord God, darknesse doth approch, this daie hath lost his beautie, I as vnworthie of thy benefits, most humblie praie thee this night to blesse me, and with thy holie Angels assist me, thy holie spirit this night lighten me, which hast of earth made me, and by thy creatures doest nourish me, and with thy bloud hast consecrated me with thee to dwell eternallie in glorie, when death hath dissolued me, which am but vanitie, &c. And banish Sathan from me, that neither mine owne conscience now vexe me, nor mine old offences trouble me. I most humblie beseech thee this night to pardon me, which haue sore offended thee, in thought, word and deede, against thy diuine maiestie, which sore repenteth me. Saue me good Lord this night sleeping, from Page  135 dreadfull dreames, and painefull slumber deliuer me, that I may awake in Christ, and rest in peace: So be it.

The Hymne or praier for night.
PRaise ye the Lord his seruants all, lift vp to him your hands,
The night singers in Gods courts, in all Christian lands.
Praise we the Lord our God & king, which made the earth & heuen,
His blessing be on vs this night, which made the planets seuen.
Into thy hands O Lord our God, our soules we do commend,
This night from sinne & Sathans power, thy mercie vs defend.
We laud thee Father for thy grace,
We praise the Sonne which made vs free:
We thanke the holie Spirit for our solace,
Which is one God and persons three:
Another Hymne or praier to be said when ye go to bed.
I Go to bed, I hope to sléepe, God knoweth when I shall rise,
My soule, O Lord, defend and kéep, from it turne not thine eies.
This daie I haue committed sinne, a hundred times and more:
I was conceiued and borne therein, forgiue me Lord therefore.
To thée I will my soule betake, sinfull it is to sée,
For I do knowe thou canst it make, as pure as néede to bée.
Forgiue me mine offences all, my soule, Lord, do not kill,
To thée I will betake my soule, accept my zealous will.
Thy pardon Lord I trust to haue, as Dauid had and mo,
My soule I trust thou wilt now saue, from death & damned wo.
In thée O God I put my trust, to guide and aide me still,
To kéepe me alwaies true and iust, according to thy will.
Thou God of might, & great renowme, I trust thou wilt me kéepe,
Lord with thy leaue I will lie downe, to take my rest and sléepe.
So be it.

M. W.

Page  136
The Antheme.

WE looke for our sauiour, euen the Lord Iesus Christ, which shall change our vile bodie, that it may be like to his glorious bodie, ac∣cording to the power whereby he is able to subdue all things vnto himselfe. Amen.

Let vs praie.

  • Lord haue mercie vpon vs.
  • Christ haue mercie vpon vs.
  • Lord haue mercie vpon vs.

* Our Father which art in heauen, &c.

VIsit we beseech thee O Lord, this our dwel∣ling, and driue from it all the assaults of our enimie: let thy holie Angels dwel in it, which may keepe vs all this night in thy peace, and euer let thy blessing be vpon vs. Grant this O most mercifull father, for thy sonnes sake, Iesus Christ, who with thee, and the holie Ghost, liueth and reigneth one God world without end,


SAue vs O good Lord waking, and keepe vs sleeping, and be so mercifull to vs, that with Christ we may wake, and quietlie to rest in peace, So be it.

The conclusion after Euening praier.

O Lord Iesu Christ that art in heauen perfect God and man, heare my praiers, haue mer∣cie vpon me, and praie vnto thy father for me. Be thou my mercifull mediator vnto thy father, that I might find mercie for my sinnes at all times, and thy holie Angels to guide me this night, and all the time and daies of my life, and at the gene∣rall daie of iudgement, that I may be partaker of that Page  137 ioifull voice of thine, saieng, Come hither ye blessed, and possesse euerlasting life,

The Blessing.

GOD, euen our owne GOD blesse vs: and graunt vnto vs, and all our faithfull and deere freends, his continuall benediction and health.

Yea let thy mightie hand and outstretched arme, O Lord, be still my defence; thy mercie and louing kind∣nesse in Iesu Christ thy deere sonne my saluation; thy true and holie word my instruction; thy grace and ho∣lie spirit my comfort and consolation vnto the end, and in the end: So be it.

¶ Certaine godlie sentences written by the Ladie E. T.
  • Vse inuocation of Gods holie name.
  • Thinke vpon the needie once a daie.
  • The life to come forget not.
  • Further the iust sute of the poore.
  • Prefer Christ his kingdome.
  • Offend not in euill doing.
  • Set little by the iudgement of man: but feare the iudgement of God.
  • Be at peace with all men.
  • Vse to be acquainted with the godlie.
  • Helpe to pacifie displeasure.
  • Hastilie iudge not anie bodie.
  • Kill anger with patience.
  • VVith pitie rebuke.
  • Page  138 Make much of modestie.
  • Harbour a harmelesse hart.
  • Let no good deed.
  • Speake in season.
  • He that keepeth his mouth, keepeth his life.
  • In being well occupied, thinke not long.
  • Lose as little time as ye may.
  • Be alwaies one.
  • Fauour the friendlesse.
  • Be not vnthankefull.
  • Trust not the world.
  • Deceiue none.
  • Rather take hurt, than do anie.
  • Auenge not.
  • Let once be amended.
  • Fauour not flatterie.
  • Looke cheeflie on your selfe.
  • Do not forget your charge.
  • Let your mind be occupied well.
  • Vse pleasures after a meane.
  • Once you were not heere.
  • Awaie you must, and turne to dust.

{quod} E. T.