The monument of matrones conteining seuen seuerall lamps of virginitie, or distinct treatises; whereof the first fiue concerne praier and meditation: the other two last, precepts and examples, as the woorthie works partlie of men, partlie of women; compiled for the necessarie vse of both sexes out of the sacred Scriptures, and other approoued authors, by Thomas Bentley of Graies Inne student.
Bentley, Thomas, student of Gray's Inn., Abergavenny, Frances Nevill, Lady, d. 1576., Marguerite, Queen, consort of Henry II, King of Navarre, 1492-1549. Miroir de l'âme pécheresse. English & French., Catharine Parr, Queen, consort of Henry VIII, King of England, 1512-1548. Lamentacion of a sinner., Tyrwhit, Elizabeth, Morning and evening prayers., Catharine Parr, Queen, consort of Henry VIII, King of England, 1512-1548. Prayers or meditacions.
A Confession to be said before Morning praier.

I Doo acknowledge, and confesse vnto thee, O most mercifull and hea∣uenlie father, mine often and grieuous offences that I haue committed against thy diuine Maie∣stie, from my youth hi∣therto, in thought, word and deed; leauing vndone those things, which I ought and should haue done; and dooing those things which I ought not to haue done: prouoking thy wrath and indignation against me. And now lamenting this my wickednes; I appeale vnto thy mercie, & saie with the Publicane, O Lord GOD be mercifull vnto me a most wretched sinner, forgiue all that is past, saue and defend me from euill, and confirme me in good life, to the glorie of thy name: So be it.