The monument of matrones conteining seuen seuerall lamps of virginitie, or distinct treatises; whereof the first fiue concerne praier and meditation: the other two last, precepts and examples, as the woorthie works partlie of men, partlie of women; compiled for the necessarie vse of both sexes out of the sacred Scriptures, and other approoued authors, by Thomas Bentley of Graies Inne student.
Bentley, Thomas, student of Gray's Inn., Abergavenny, Frances Nevill, Lady, d. 1576., Marguerite, Queen, consort of Henry II, King of Navarre, 1492-1549. Miroir de l'âme pécheresse. English & French., Catharine Parr, Queen, consort of Henry VIII, King of England, 1512-1548. Lamentacion of a sinner., Tyrwhit, Elizabeth, Morning and evening prayers., Catharine Parr, Queen, consort of Henry VIII, King of England, 1512-1548. Prayers or meditacions.
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¶ Also here followe godlie Praiers and Meditations, wherein the mind is stirred, pa∣tientlie to suffer all afflictions heere; to set at naught the vaine prosperitie of the world: and alwaie to long for euerlasting felicitie: collec∣ted out of holie works, by the most vertu∣ous and gratious Princesse KATHE∣RINE, Queene of England, France, and Ireland.

Colossians. 3, verse. 1, 2.

If ye be risen againe with Christ, seeke the things which are aboue, where Christ sitteth on the right hand of God.

Set your affection on things that are aboue: and not on things which are on the earth.

The first Chapter, Of praiers to performe Gods will in patience.

MOst benigne Lord Iesu, grant me thy grace, that it may alwaie worke in mee, and perseuere with me vnto the end.

Grant me, that I may euer de∣sire and will that, which is most pleasant, and most acceptable to thee.

Thy will be my will, and my will be to followe al∣waie thy will.

Let there be alwaie in me one will, and one desire with thee, and that I haue no desire to will, or not to will, but as thou wilt.

Lord, thou knowest what thing is most profitable, and most expedient for me.

Page  81 Giue me therefore what thou wilt, as much as thou wilt, and when thou wilt.

Doo with me what thou wilt, as it shall please thee, and as shall be most to thine honour.

Put me where thou wilt, and freelie doo with me in all things after thy will.

Thy creature I am, and in thy hands, leade and turne me where thou wilt.

Lo, I am thy seruant, readie to all things that thou commandest. For I desire not to liue to my selfe, but to thee.

Lord Iesu, I praie thee grant me grace, that I ne∣uer set my hart on the things of this world: but that all worldlie and carnall affections may vtterlie die, and be mortified in me.

Grant me aboue all things, that I may rest in thee, and fullie quiet and pacifie my hart in thee.

For thou Lord art the verie true peace of hart, and the perfect rest of the soule: & without thee all things be greeuous and vnquiet.

My Lord Iesu, I beseech thee, be with me in euerie place, and at all times; and let it be to me a speciall so∣lace, gladlie for thy loue to lacke all worldlie solace.

And if thou withdrawe thy comfort from me at any time, keepe me, O Lord, from desperation, and make me patientlie to abide thy will and ordinance.

O Lord Iesu, thy iudgments be righteous, and thy prouidence is much better for me, than all that I can imagine or deuise.

Wherfore doo with me in all things as it shall please thee. For it may not be but well, all that thou dooest.

If thou wilt that I be in light, be thou blessed: if thou wilt that I be in darknesse, be thou also blessed.

If thou vouchsafe to comfort me, be thou highlie blessed: if thou wilt I liue in trouble, and without comfort, be thou like wise euer blessed.

Page  82 Lord giue mee grace gladlie to suffer whatsoeuer thou wilt shall fall vpon me, and patientlie to take it at thy hand: good and bad, bitter and sweete, ioie and sorrowe: and for all things that shall befall vnto me, hartilie to thanke thee.

Keepe me Lord from sinne, and I shall then neither dread death, nor hell.

O what thanks ought I to giue vnto thee, which hast suffered the greeuous death of the crosse, to deli∣uer me from my sinnes, and to obtaine euerlasting life for me!

Thou gauest vs most perfect example of patience, fulfilling and obeieng the will of thy father, euen vnto the death.

Make me wretched sinner, obedientlie to vse my selfe after thy will in althings, and patientlie to beare the burden of this corruptible life.

For though this life be tedious, and as an heauie burden to my soule: yet neuerthelesse thorough thy grace, and by example of thee, it is now made much more easie and comfortable, than it was before thine incarnation and passion.

Thy holie life is our waie to thee, and by following of thee we walke to thee, that art our head and Saui∣our: and yet, except thou hadst gone before and shew∣ed vs the waie to euerlasting life; who would endeuor himselfe to followe thee? Seeing we be yet so slowe and dull, hauing the light of thy blessed example and holie doctrine to leade and direct vs.

O Lord Iesu, make that possible by grace, that is to me impossible by nature.

Thou knowest well that I may litle suffer, and that I am anon cast downe and ouerthrowne with a little aduersitie: wherfore I beseech thee O Lord, to streng∣then me with thy spirit, that I may willinglie suffer for thy sake, all maner of trouble and affliction.

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The second Chapter, A confession of our infirmities, with a desire to rest in God aboue all things.

LOrd, I will knowledge vnto thee all mine vnrighteousnesse, and I will confesse to thee all the vnstablenesse of my hart.

Oftentimes a verie little thing troubleth me sore, and maketh mee dull and slowe to serue thee.

And sometime I purpose to stand stronglie: but when a little trouble commeth, it is to mee great an∣guish and greefe, and of a right little thing riseth a greeuous temptation to mee.

Yea when I thinke my selfe to bee sure and strong, and that (as it seemeth) I haue the vpper hand: sud∣denlie I feele my selfe readie to fall with a little blast of temptation.

Behold therefore (good Lord) my weakenesse, and consider my frailenesse best knowne to thee.

Haue mercie on me, and deliuer me from all iniqui∣tie and sinne, that I bee not intangled therewith.

Oft times it greeueth mee sore, and in a maner con∣foundeth mee, that I am so vnstable, so weake, and so fraile, in resisting sinfull motions.

Which although they drawe me not alwaie to con∣sent, yet neuerthelesse their assaults bee verie gree∣uous vnto mee.

And it is tedious to mee to liue in such battell, al∣beit I perceiue, that such battell is not vnprofitable vnto mee: for thereby I knowe the better my selfe, and mine owne infirmities, and that I must seeke helpe onlie at thy hands.

O Lord God of Israel, the louer of all faithfull soules, vouchsafe to behold the labour and sorowe of mee thy poore creature.

Assist mee in all things with thy grace, and so streng∣then Page  84 me with heauenlie strength, that neither my cru∣ell enimie the feend, neither my wretched flesh (which is not yet subiect to the spirit) haue victorie or domini∣on ouer mee.

O what a life may this bee called, where no trouble nor miserie lacketh! Where euerie place is full of snares of mortall enimies!

For one trouble or temptation ouerpassed, another commeth by and by; and the first conflict yet during, a new battell suddenlie ariseth.

Wherefore Lord Iesu, I praie thee giue me thy grace, to rest in thee aboue all things, and to quiet mee in thee aboue all creatures, aboue all glorie and ho∣nour, aboue all dignitie and power, aboue all cunning and policie, aboue all health and beautie, aboue all ri∣ches and treasure, aboue all ioie and pleasure, aboue all fame and praise, aboue all mirth and consolation that mans hart may take or feele besides thee.

For thou Lord God, art best, most wise, most high, most mightie, most sufficient, and most full of all good∣nesse, most sweet, and most comfortable, most faire, most louing, most noble, most glorious, in whom all goodnes most perfectlie is.

And therefore, whatsoeuer I haue besides thee, it is nothing to mee. For my hart may not rest, ne fullie bee pacified, but onlie in thee.

O Lord Iesu, most louing spouse; who shall giue mee wings of perfect loue, that I may flie vp from these worldlie miseries, and rest in thee?

O when shall I ascend to thee, and feele how sweet thou art?

When shall I wholie gather my selfe in thee so per∣fectlie, that I shall not for thy loue feele my selfe, but thee onlie aboue my selfe, & aboue all worldlie things, that thou maist vouchsafe to visit mee in such wise, as thou dooest visit thy most faithfull louers?

Page  85 Now I often mourne and complaine of the mise∣ries of this life, and with sorowe and great heauinesse suffer them.

For manie things happen dailie to mee, which of∣tentimes trouble mee, make mee heauie, and darken mine vnderstanding.

They hinder mee greatlie, and put my mind from thee, and so encumber me manie waies, that I can not freelie and cleerelie desire thee, ne haue thy sweet con∣solations, which with thy blessed Saints be alwaie present.

I beseech thee, Lord Iesu, that the sighings and in∣ward desires of my hart may moue and incline thee to heare mee.

The third Chapter. A recounting of Gods benefits, with praier to obtaine a free and cleane mind, with hartie wisdome and deliuerance.

OIesu, King of euerlasting glorie, the ioie and comfort of all Christian people, that are wandering as Pilgrims in the wildernes of this world: my hart crieth to thee by still de∣sires, and my silence speaketh vnto thee, and saith: How long tarieth my Lord God to come to mee?

Come O Lord, and visit mee: for without thee I haue no true ioie, without thee my soule is heauie and sad.

I am in prison, and bounden with fetters of sorowe, till thou O Lord, with thy gratious presence vouch∣safe to visit me, and to bring me againe to libertie and ioie of spirit, and to shew thy fauourable countenance vnto me.

Open my hart (Lord) that I may behold thy lawes, and teach me to walke in thy commandements.

Make me to knowe and folowe thy will, and to haue alwaies in my remembrance thy manifold benefits, that I may yeeld due thanks to thee for the same.

Page  86 But I knowledge and confesse for truth, that I am not able to giue thee condigne thanks, for the least be∣nefit that thou hast giuen me.

O Lord, all gifts and vertues that anie man hath, in bodie or soule, naturall or supernaturall, be thy gifts, and come of thee, and not of our selues; and they declare the great riches of thy mercie and goodnesse vnto vs.

And though some haue mo gifts than other; yet they all proceed from thee, and without thee the least cannot be had.

O Lord, I accompt it for a great benefit, not to haue manie worldlie gifts, whereby the laud and praise of men might blind my soule, and deceiue me.

Lord, I knowe that no man ought to be ashamed or miscontent, that he is in a lowe estate in this world, and lacketh the pleasures of this life; but rather to be glad and reioice thereat:

For so much as thou hast chosen the poore and meeke persons, and such as are despised in the world, to be thy seruants and familiar friends.

Witnesse be thy blessed Apostles, whome thou ma∣dest chiefe pastours and spirituall gouernours of thy flocke, which departed from the counsel of the Jewes, reioising that they were counted worthie to suffer re∣buke for thy name.

Euen so (O Lord) grant that I thy seruant may be as well content to be taken as the least, as other be to be greatest; and that I be as well pleased to be in the lowest place, as in the highest; and as glad to be of no reputation in the world for thy sake, as other are to be noble and famous.

Lord, it is the worke of a perfect man, neuer to se∣quester his mind from thee; and among manie world∣lie cares to go without care: not after the maner of an idle or a dissolute person, but by the prerogatiue of a Page  87 free mind, alwaie minding heauenlie things, and not cleauing by inordinate affection to anie creature.

I beseech thee therefore, my Lord Iesu, keepe me from the superfluous cares of this world, that I be not inquieted with bodilie necessities; ne that I be not taken with the voluptuous pleasures of the world, ne of the flesh.

Preserue me from all things, which hinder my soule health, that I be not ouerthrowne with them.

O Lord God, which art sweetnesse vnspeakable, turne into bitternesse to me all worldlie and fleshlie delights, which might drawe me from the loue of eter∣nall things, to the loue of short and vile pleasures.

Let not flesh and bloud ouercome me, ne yet the world with his vaine glorie deceiue me, nor the feend with his manifold crafts supplant me: but giue me ghostlie strength in resisting them, patience in suffe∣ring them, and constancie in perseuering to the end.

Giue me for all worldlie delectations, the most sweet consolation of thy holie spirit, and for all fleshlie loue, indue my soule with feruent loue of thee.

Make me strong inwardlie in my soule, and cast out thereof all vnprofitable cares of this world, that I be not led by vnstable desires of earthlie things: but that I may repute all things in this world (as they be) transitorie and soone vanishing awaie, and my selfe al∣so with them, drawing toward mine end.

For nothing vnder the sunne may long abide; but all is vanitie, and affliction of spirit.

Giue me (Lord) therefore heauenlie wisdome, that I may learne to seeke and find thee, & aboue all things to loue thee.

Giue me grace to withdrawe me from them that flatter me, and patientlie to suffer them that vniustlie greeue me.

Lord, when temptation or tribulation commeth, Page  88 vouchsafe to succour me, that all may turne to my ghostlie comfort, and patientlie to suffer, and alwaie to saie, Thy name be blessed.

Lord, trouble is now at hand; I am not well, but I am greatlie vexed with this present affliction. O most glorious father, what shall I do? Anguish and trouble are on euerie side, helpe now, I beseech thee in this houre: thou shalt be lauded and praised, when I am perfectlie made meeke before thee, and when I am cleerelie deliuered by thee.

May it therefore please thee to deliuer me. For what may I most sinfull wretch do? Or whether may I go for succour, but to thee?

Giue mee patience now at this time in all my troubles; helpe me, Lord God, and I shall not feare ne dread, what trouble so euer fall vpon me.

And now, what shall I saie, but that thy will be done in me? I haue deserued to be troubled and greeued; and therefore it behooueth that I suffer, as long as it pleaseth thee.

But would to God that I might suffer gladlie, till the furious tempests were ouerpassed, and that qui∣etnesse of hart might come againe.

Thy mightie hand, Lord, is strong ynough to take this trouble from me, & to asswage the cruell assaults thereof with them, as thou hast oftentimes done be∣fore this time; that when I am cleerelie deliuered by thee, I may with gladnesse saie, The right hand of him that is highest, hath made this change.

The fourth Chapter, To despise all things in the world, and yeeld our selues vp to God, that he may be all in all for our redemption in time of neede.

LOrd grant me thy singular grace, that I may come thither where no creature shall let me ne keepe me from the perfect beholding of thee.

Page  89 For as long as anie transitorie thing keepeth me backe, or hath rule in me, I may not freelie ascend to thee.

O Lord, without thee nothing may long delight or please: for if anie thing should be liking and sauourie, it must be through helpe of thy grace, seasoned with the spice of thy wisedome.

O euerlasting light, far passing all things, send downe the beames of thy brightnesse from aboue, and purifie and lighten the inward parts of my hart.

Quicken my soule, and all the powers thereof, that it may cleaue fast, and be ioined to thee in ioifull glad∣nesse, and ghostlie rauishings.

O when shall that blessed houre come, that thou shalt visit me, and glad me with thy blessed presence; when thou shalt be to me all in all? Uerelie vntill that time come, there can be no perfect ioie in me.

But alas, mine old man, that is, my carnall affecti∣ons liue still in me, and are not crucified nor perfectlie dead.

For yet striueth the flesh against the spirit, and mo∣ueth great battell inwardlie against me, and suffereth not the kingdome of my soule to liue in peace.

But thou good Lord, that hast the Lordship ouer all, and power of the sea, to asswage the rages and surges of the same, arise and helpe me; destroie the power of mine enimies, which alwaies make battell against me: shew foorth the greatnesse of thy goodnesse, and let the power of thy right hand be glorified in me. For there is to me none other helpe nor refuge, but in thee onlie my Lord, my God: to thee be honour and glorie e∣uerlasting.

O Lord grant me, that I may wholie resigne my∣selfe to thee, and in all things to forsake my selfe, and patientlie to beare my crosse, and to followe thee.

O Lord, what is man, that thou vouchsafest to haue Page  90 mind of him, and to visit him?

Thou art alwaie one, alwaie good, alwaie righteous and holie, iustlie and blessedlie disposing all things af∣ter thy wisdome.

But I am a wretch, and of my selfe alwaie readie and prone to euill, and do neuer abide in one state, but manie tunes doo varie and change.

Neuerthelesse, it shall be better with me, when it shall please thee. For thou O Lord onelie art he that maiest helpe me; and thou maiest so confirme and sta∣blish me, that my hart shall not be changed from thee, but be surelie fixed, and finallie rest and be quieted in thee.

I am nothing else of my selfe, but vanitie before thee, an vnconstant creature, and a feeble. And there∣fore, whereof may I rightfullie glorie? Or why should I looke to be magnified?

Who so pleaseth himselfe without thee, displeaseth thee; and he that delighteth in mens praisings, looseth the true praise before thee.

The true praise is to be praised of thee: and the true ioie is to reioice in thee.

Wherefore, thy name O Lord, be praised, and not mine; thy works be magnified, and not mine; and thy goodnesse be alwaies lauded and blessed.

Thou art my glorie, and the ioie of my hart, in thee shall I glorie and reioice, and not in my selfe, nor in a∣nie worldlie honor or dignitie, which to thine eternall glorie compared, is but a shadowe, and a verie vanitie.

O Lord, we liue here in great darknesse, and are soone deceiued with the vanities of this world, and are soone greeued with a little trouble: yet if I could behold my selfe well, I should plainelie see, that what trouble soe∣uer I haue suffered, it hath iustlie come vpon me, be∣cause I haue often sinned, & greeuouslie offended thee.

To me therefore confusion, and despite is due; but Page  91 to thee laud, honour and glorie.

Lord send me helpe in my troubles; for mans helpe is little woorth.

How often haue I beene disappointed, where I thought I should haue found friendship? And how of∣ten haue I found it, where as I least thought?

Wherefore it is a vaine thing to trust in man. For the true trust and helth of man is onlie in thee.

Blessed be thou Lord therefore in all things, that happen vnto vs. For we be weake and vnstable, soone deceiued, and soon changed from one thing to another.

O Lord God, most righteous Iudge, strong and pa∣tient, which knowest the frailtie and malice of man; be thou my whole strength and comfort in all necessities. For mine owne conscience Lord sufficeth not.

Wherefore to thy mercie I doo appeale, seeing no man may be iustified, ne appere righteous in thy sight, if thou examine him after thy iustice.

The fift Chapter, Of the euerlasting daie, and anguish of this life.

OBlessed mansion of thy heauenlie Citie! O most clearest daie of eternitie, whom the night may neuer darken!

This is the daie alwaie cleare and mer∣rie, alwaie sure, and neuer changing his estate.

Would to God this daie might shortlie appeare, and shine vpon vs, and that these worldlie fantasies were at an end.

This daie shineth clearlie to thy Saints in heauen, with euerlasting brightnesse: but to vs pilgrims in earth it shineth obscurelie, and as through a mirrour or glasse.

The heauenlie Citizens knowe how ioious this day is; but we outlawes, the children of Eue, weepe and Page  92 waile the bitter tediousnes of our daie, that is of this present life, short and euill, full of sorowe and anguish,

Where man is oftentimes defiled with sinne, in∣cumbred with affliction, inquieted with troubles, wrapped in cares, busied with vanities, blinded with errors, ouercharged with labours, vexed with temp∣tations, ouercome with vaine delights and pleasures of the world, and grieuouslie tormented with penurie and neede.

O when shall the end come of all these miseries?

When shall I be clearelie deliuered from the bon∣dage of sinne?

When shall I Lord haue onelie mind on thee, and fullie be glad and merrie in thee?

When shall I be free without letting, and be in per∣fect libertie of bodie and soule?

When shall I haue peace without trouble: peace within and without, and on euerie side stedfast & sure?

O Lord Iesu, when shall I stand and behold thee; and haue full sight and contemplation of thy glorie?

When shalt thou be to me all in all? And when shall I be with thee in thy kingdome, that thou hast ordei∣ned for thine elect people from the beginning?

I am left here poore, and as an outlawe, in the land of mine enimies; where dailie be battels, and great misfortunes.

Comfort mine exile, asswage my sorowe; for all my desire is to be with thee.

It is to me an vnpleasant burden, what pleasure soeuer the world offereth me here.

I desire to haue inward fruition in thee; but I can not attaine thereto.

I couet to cleaue fast to heauenlie things; but world∣lie affections plucke my mind downeward.

I would subdue all euill affections; but they dailie rebell, and rise against me, and will not be subiect vnto Page  93 my spirit.

Thus I wretched creature sigh in my selfe, and am grieuous to my selfe, while my spirit desireth to be vp∣ward and contrarie, my flesh draweth me downward.

O what suffer I inwardlie! I go about to mind heauenly things, and streight a great rable of world∣lie things rush into my soule.

Therefore, Lord, be not long awaie; ne depart thou in thy wrath from me.

Send me the light of thy grace; destroie in me all carnall desires.

Send foorth the hot flames of thy loue, to burne and consume the cloudie fantasies of my mind.

Gather, O Lord, my wits, and the powers of my soule togither in thee; & make me to despise all world∣lie things, and by thy grace strongly to resist and ouer∣come all motions and occasions of sinne.

Helpe me thou euerlasting truth, that no worldlie guile nor vanitie hereafter haue power to deceiue me.

Come also thou heauenlie sweetnesse, and let all bit∣ternesse of sinne flie far from me. Pardon me, and for∣giue me as oft as in my praier my mind is not surelie fixed on thee.

For manie times I am not there, where I stand or sit; but rather there whither my thoughts carie me.

For there I am, where my thoughts be, and where as customablie is my thought, there is that that I loue.

And that oftentimes commeth into my mind, that by custome pleaseth me best; and that delighteth me most to thinke vpon.

Accordinglie as thou dost say in thy gospell: Where as a mans treasure is, there is his hart.

Wherefore, if I loue heauen, I speake gladlie ther∣of, and of such things as be of God, and of that that apperteineth to his honour, and to the glorie of his Page  94 holie name.

And if I loue the world, I loue to talke of worldlie things, and I ioie anon in worldlie felicitie, and so∣rowe and lament soone for worldlie aduersitie.

If I loue the flesh, I imagine oftentimes that, that pleaseth the flesh.

If I loue my soule, I delight much to speake and to heare of things that be for my soules health.

And whatsoeuer I loue, of that I gladlie heare, and speake, and beare the images of them still in my mind.

Blessed is the man that for the loue of the Lord, set∣teth not by the pleasures of this world, and learneth trulie to ouercome himselfe, and with the feruour of spirit crucifieth his flesh; so that in a cleane and a pure conscience he may offer his praiers to thee, and be ac∣cepted to haue companie of thy blessed Angels, all earthlie things excluded from his hart.

The sixt Chapter, A sweet praier, wherein being pressed downe with troubles, we humblie yeeld our selues vnder the mightie hand of God our Creator.

LOrd and holie Father, be thou blessed now and euer. For as thou wilt, so it is done; and that thou dooest is alwaie best.

Let me, thine humble and vnwoorthie ser∣uant, ioie onelie in thee, and not in my selfe, ne in anie thing else besides thee.

For thou Lord art my gladnes, my hope, my crowne, and all mine honour.

What hath thy seruant, but that she hath of thee, and that without hir desert.

All things be thine; thou hast created and made them.

I am poore, and haue beene in trouble and paine, euer from my youth, and my soule hath beene in great hea∣uinesse Page  95 through manifold passions, that come of the world, and of the flesh.

Wherefore Lord, I desire that I may haue of thee the ioie of inward peace.

I aske of thee to come to that rest, which is ordeined for thy chosen children, that be fed and nourished with the light of heauenlie comforts. For without thy helpe I can not come to thee.

Lord giue me peace, giue me inward ioie, and then my soule shall be full of heauenlie melodie, and be de∣uout and feruent in thy lauds and praises.

But if thou withdrawe thy selfe from me (as thou hast sometime done) then may not thy seruant runne the waie of thy commandements, as I did before.

For it is not with me, as it was when the Lampe of thy ghostlie presence did shine vpon my head; and I was defended vnder the shadowe of thy wings from all perils and dangers.

O mercifull Lord Iesu, euer to be praised; the time is come, that thou wilt prooue thy seruant; and right∣full it is, that I shall now suffer somewhat for thee.

Now is the houre come, that thou hast knowne from the beginning, that thy seruant for a time should out∣wardlie be set at naught, and inwardlie to leane vnto thee.

And that she should be despised in the sight of the world, and be broken with affliction, that she may after arise with thee in a new light, and be clarified, and made glorious in the kingdome of heauen.

O holie father, thou hast ordeined it so to be; and it is done as thou hast commanded.

This is thy grace (O Lord) to thy freend, to suffer hir to be troubled in this world for thy loue, how often so euer it be, and of what person so euer it be, and in what maner soeuer thou wilt suffer it to fall vnto hir. For without thy will or sufferance, what thing is done Page  96 vpon the earth?

It is good to me, O Lord, that thou hast meekened me, that I may therby learne to knowe thy righteous iudgements, & to put from me all maner of presump∣tion, and statelinesse of hart.

It is verie profitable for me, that confusion hath co∣uered my face; that I may learne thereby rather to seeke to thee for helpe and succour, than to man.

I haue thereby learned to dread thy secret and ter∣rible iudgements, which scourgest the righteous with the sinner; but not without equitie and iustice.

Lord, I yeeld thanks to thee, that thou hast not spa∣red my sinnes, but hast punished me with scourges of loue, and hast sent me affliction and anguish within and without.

No creature vnder heauen may comfort me, but thou Lord God, the heauenlie leach of mans soule, which strikest and healest, which bringest a man nigh vnto death, and after restorest him to life againe, that he may thereby learne to knowe his owne weakenesse and imbecillitie, & the more fullie to trust in the Lord.

Thy discipline is laid vpon me, and thy rod of corre∣ction hath taught me, and vnder that rod I wholie submit me.

Strike my backe and my bones as it shall please thee; and make me to bow my crooked will to thy will.

Make me a meeke and an humble disciple, as thou hast sometime done with me, that I may walke after thy will.

To thee I commit my selfe to be corrected. For bet∣ter it is to be corrected by thee heere, than in time to come.

Thou knowest all things; and nothing is hid from thee that is in mans conscience.

Thou knowest all things to come before they fall, & it is not needfull that anie man teach thee, or warne Page  97 thee of anie thing that is done vpon the earth.

Thou knowest what is profitable for me, and how much tribulations helpe to purge awaie the rust of sinne in me.

Doo with me after thy pleasure. I am a sinfull wretch, to none so well knowne as to thee.

Grant me (Lord) that to knowe, that is necessarie to be knowne; that to loue, that is to be loued; that to desire, that pleaseth thee; that to regard, that is pretious in thy sight; and that to refuse, that is vile before thee.

Suffer me not to iudge thy mysteries after mine out∣ward senses, ne to giue sentence after the hearing of the ignorant, but by true iudgement to discerne things spirituall; and aboue all things, alwaie to search and followe thy will and pleasure.

O Lord Iesu, thou art all my riches, and all that I haue, I haue it of thee.

But what am I (Lord) that dare speake to thee? I am thy poore creature, and a worme most abiect.

Behold Lord, I haue naught, and of my selfe I am naught worth. Thou art onlie God, righteous and holie; thou orderest all things, thou giuest all things, and thou fulfillest all things with goodnesse.

I am a sinner, barren and void of godlie vertues.

Remember thy mercies, and fill my hart with plen∣tie of thy grace. For thou wilt not that thy works in me should be made in vaine.

How may I beare the miserie of this life, except thy grace and mercie do comfort me?

Turne not thy face from me, deferre not the visiting of me; ne withdrawe not thy comforts, least happilie my soule be made as drie earth, without the water of grace.

Teach me (Lord) to fulfill thy will, to liue meekelie, and worthilie before thee. For thou art all my wisdome Page  98 and cunning, thou art he that knowest me as I am, that knewest me before the world was made, & before I was borne or brought into this life. To thee (O Lord) be honour, glorie, and praise for euer and euer: