The admirable history of the posession and conuersion of a penitent woman Seduced by a magician that made her to become a witch, and the princesse of sorcerers in the country of Prouince, who was brought to S. Baume to bee exorcised, in the yeare 1610, in the moneth of Nouember, by the authority of the reuerend father, and frier, Sebastian Michaëlis, priour of the couent royall of S. Magdalene at Saint Maximin, and also of the said place of Saint Baume. Who appointed the reuerend father, Frier Francis Domptius, Doctor of Diuinity, in the Vniuersity of Louaine, ... for the exorcismes and recollection of the acts. All faithfully set down, and fully verified. Wherunto is annexed a pneumology, or discourse of spirits made by the said father Michaëlis, ... Translated into English by W.B.
Michaelis, Sébastien, 1543?-1618., W. B., fl. 1613-1617.
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THE SVMMA∣RIE OF THE HISTORY OF the Magician burned at Aix, in the yeare 1611. the last of Aprill.

IN the Citty of Marseille there was a Priest called Lewes Gaufridi, that came from the side of the moun∣taines of Prouince, and for the space of 14. yeres remained a Magician. Hee fell into it, by reading a certaine booke in written hand, where there was French verses with diuers cha∣racters: and this was found by him amongst the bookes of an Vnkle of his, that died some yeeres past; so that in con∣clusion the Diuell did visibly appeare vnto him in a humane shape, and said. What wilt thou with me, for thou hast cal∣led me? And after some discourse, the said Lewes Gaw∣fridi said vnto him, If thou hast power to giue mee what I desire, I aske of thee two things. First that all the women that I shall be in loue withall, doe affect and follow me: Se∣condly that I may gaine estimation and honour aboue all o∣ther Priests of this Country, and amongst men of worth and credit. The diuell hauing promised him these two things did reciprocally demand, to haue giuen him his body, his soule, and his workes: whereunto hee answered, that hee would freely bestow these three things vpon him, onely hee desired to make reseruation of administring the Sacra∣ments. And being thus agreed, the said Gaufridi gaue him a schedule signed with his bloud, and the diuell inter∣changeably gaue vnto him another, and promised vnto him as aforesaid.

Page  [unnumbered]And being now become such a one, hee endeuoured to seduce a young girle, of the age of nine or ten yeares called Magdalene de Demandoul, alias de la Pallud, daughter vnto Mounsieur de la Pallud, a gentleman of Prouinco, whose consent at last hee gained, and led her whiles shee remained at a Grange of the said Monsieur de la Pallud; to a Caue or denne not farre from the said Grange: where she saw a great number of people (who were the Synode of Sor∣cerers) and was much abashed at the same. But the magi∣cian told her, these are all our friends, and you must be mar∣ked like vnto them: and so tooke the poore affrighted girle and marked and abused her; yet for all this shee would re∣ueale nothing when she came home, neither to father, nor to mother, nor to any other. Afterward she was ordinarilie carried by the Deuill to that Conuenticle, and was made the Princesse of the Synagogue, as the said Lewes was the Prince. Notwithstanding this, whiles shee re mained still at her Fathers, by the grace of God (who had regard of her yong and tender yeares) she had a desire to become one of the Virgines of Saint Vrsula, that are resident at Aix in Prouince, vnder the conduct and gouernment of Priests called the Priests of the Christian doctrine.

This her intendment she communicated vnto the Ma∣gician, who dehorted her from it with all the inforcements bec ould, and perswaded her to marry, promising to prouide for her a rich and proper man to be her husband. For all this she stil persisted in her first resolution, which put the Magi∣cian into such passion and choler, that he menaced her and said, if thou do go thither I will destroy all the company, as well of the virgines of S. Vrsula, as of the Priests of the Doctrine. Being gone thither, the Magician by Witch∣craft, & power of a Schedule which she had formerly giuen the diuell signed with her bloud, so wrought that shee was possessed by Belzebub, and many others of his associates. He also did by a Charme bewitch a companion of hers called Louyse Capeau, by the force whereof (as also because she had diuers times besought God, that shee might indure all Page  [unnumbered] torments euen to the paines of hell, as much as she could be capable of, that shee might conuert certaine of her sisters there, who were in a desperate estate, & deuoid of the grace of God) the said Louyse was possessed by a wicked spirit called Verrine, and by two other his companions. This be∣ing so, father Iohn Baptista Romillon Superiour of the Priests of the Doctrine, perceiued by their extraordinarie gestures, that these two women, were possessed, and thereup∣on caused them priuately to bee exorcised in their Chappell, as one that feared least this might tend to the defamation of that Company. And hauing continued this for the space of a yeere and certaine moneths, and to his vnderstanding profited nothing (for the diuels could neuer all that space be brought to speake) hee brought the said Magdalene as more manifestly possessed then the other to S. Maximin, to craue there the aduise of Father Sebastian Michaelis Priour of the Couent Royall that is at Saint Maximin, where the body of S. Magdalene lyeth: who was of opinion, that there should a generall Confession be by her made to S. Magdalene, and so she should receiue absolution from him, as from the Inquisitour of the Faith, least otherwise shee might reserue some particular fact to her selfe. After∣ward they made her make a vow for 9. daies in the Chap∣pell where the blessed S. Magdalene doth lye, and did exor∣cise her euening and morning, in which time the diuells v∣sed strange motions and gestures, and greeuously tormen∣ted her, but would neuer speake.

And now approached the time of Aduent, in which the said Father was to preach in the city of Aix: hee there∣fore aduised Father Romillon to bring Magdalene▪ and Louyse likewise to S. Baume, a place where S. Magdalene for thirty yeares space did her penance; and as a Vicarige that belongeth vnto the Couent Royall of S. Maximin: and told him that some dates past he had sent thithe Father Francis Domptius a Feming by birth and Doctor of Di∣uinity in the Vniuersity of Louaine, who beside his ohr sufficiencies had formerly exorcised in this kind. And all Page  [unnumbered] this was done accordingly.

When the two that were possessed came to S. Baume, Ver∣tine that was in the body of Louyse began to discourse vp∣on the day of the conception of our Lady, and spake a full hower; and continued on these discourses twice a day at the two Exorcismes till the third of Ianuary; saying that hee was abiding there by Gods appointment (although constrai∣ned and compelled thereunto) to conuert and make knowne vnto the world two magicians, especially him who was the Prince of them and commanded al the Magicians of Spain, France, England, and Turkie, and had Lucifer fo his di∣uill. And further he added that God could no longer in∣dure the blasphemies & iniuries, which they in the depth of night committed against his maiesty, and against the bles∣sed Sacrament, and said, that vpon speciall causes God had destinated him vnto this, and to be an instrument of their conuersion, which neuer yet tooke effect, because they had renounced God, the merits of Christ Iesus, his bles∣sed mother, all the Quires of Angells, and all the blessed Saints: as also all confessions and the other Sa∣craments, all preaching and exhortations of men, all mo∣tions and inspirations from God, and al visible creatures which might any way lead them on to their conuersion vnto God: the diuell (said he) onely excepted. Hence it is that God hath made choice by a great and new miracle of the diuells themselues (said he) for the manifestation and con∣uersion of them.

In these discourses, he principally endeuoured the conuer∣sion of Magdalene, and did rudely lay to her charge in the presence of a great multitude of people that stocked thither euery day, that she was not intirely conuerted, that she had a heart of stone, and that she did still practise and hold intel∣ligence with Belzebub, hauing the day or the night before consented anew vnto him. Finally he told her before all the standers by whatsoeuer she did in that Synagogue of wit∣ches: And heereupon she became so ashamed of her selfe, es∣pecially when she heard him say she was a Magician, that Page  [unnumbered] she began to shed many teares, and remained afterwards a perfect Conuert.

This once performed, Verrine began to inueigh against the Prince of the Sorcerers, without naming him: but said, that hee knew well enough what was spoken of him, eyther by the report of wicked spirits, or himselfe comming there in person to hold his synode, or by the speech of the lookers on, who cryed with a loud voice, That if hee would not bee conuerted he should be burnt aliue, yet he made slight of his conuersion: and therefore one day hee named him aloud in the presence of much people, and wrote him a letter by the hand of the Father the Exorcist; of which hee made little reckoning.

The Aduent being finished, Father Michaelis parted from Aix after Christmas, and came to Saint Baume, where he remained from the first of Ianuarie till the fifth of February, to try whether the two women were really possessed, or no: because they spake diuersly of it, and him∣selfe had a desire to make tryall thereof, in regard they were in a Church of his Iurisdiction. So hauing obserued all, and being confident that the two girles were indeed pos∣sessed, as also seeing what strange euents had befallen, which were caused eyther by the diuells or the Magicians: when the time of Lent drew neere hee went againe to Aix, to continue there his preaching, and acquainted Monsieur du Vair cheefe President of the Court of Parliament in Pro∣uince, with euery circumstance: and told him that there were three distinct infallible essences or realities in Mag∣dalene, which when he found to be true, he together with the parliament of Aix proceeded against the Magician, but obtained grace and pardon for Magdalene from his Maiesty, who had regard and compassion of her tender yeares and considered that the seducements were very full of craft and subtlety.

The Acts that were taken day by day from the begin∣ning of December vntill the 24 of Aprill in the yeere 1611. do extend and inlarge more amply all these strange Page  [unnumbered] euents and passages, as also any new occurrence that hap∣pened vntill that time. The said father Michaelis was present at all the acts and Exorcismes foure monethes to∣gether, to wit, Ianuary, February, March, and Aprill, besides that whereof he was an eye witnesse about the end of December,