Theorique and practise of warre. Written to Don Philip Prince of Castil, by Don Bernardino de Mendoza. Translated out of the Castilian tonge into Englishe, by Sr. Edwarde Hoby Knight. Directed to Sr. George Carew Knight
Mendoza, Bernardino de, 1540 or 41-1604., Hoby, Edward, Sir, 1560-1617.
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BY order from the Lordes of the Royall Councell, I haue seene this booke, intituled, Theorique and practise of warre, directed to the Prince our Lorde, composed by Don Bernardino de Mendoza: And by the experience which I haue of two and thirtie yeares which I haue serued the K. our Soueraigne in the warres, Captaine of light horsse, and Infanterie, and Campemaister, and Campemaister gene∣rall, and hauing read all whatsoeuer with the best diligence I could gather written thereof, antique or moderne in that profession, and such histories as sett downe the reasons of their losse or victorie, which haue had the commaunde or rule ouer armies, which is the height of the arte militar, holding experience to vnderstand them, I say that this worke is verie worthie of His Highnes, because firste hee proposeth such principall aduertisements, as are to bee considered, and vnderstood in the managing of a warre, preuenting in the be∣ginning excuses for taking armes, as one that hath had experience, howe vncerten the euentes are, and laying down the matter of state with much christian zeale, in which hee sheweth well the much Theorique and practise which he hath: and after hauing done great and worthie seruices to the K. our Soueraigne, it is not the least, to haue made such a booke, for the profitt which as wel the Prince our Lo. may drawe out thereof, as the generals of his armie, and leaders, and soldiors, which are to folowe them, Therefore is it fit that it bee printed, so great profit redounding thereby. At Madrid, the 12. of May, 1595.

Don Francisco Arias de Bobadilla.

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