The souldiers accidence. Or an introduction into military discipline containing the first principles and necessary knowledge meete for captaines, muster-masters, and all young souldiers of the infantrie, or foote bandes. Also, the cavallarie or formes of trayning of horse-troopes, as it hath beene received from the latest and best experiences armies. A worke fit for all noble, generous, and good spirits, that loue honor, or honorable action. G.M.
Markham, Gervase, 1568?-1637.
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PAge 14. line 28. for before reade betweene. p. 18. l. 24. for Formes r. Forme. p. 31. l. 30. for lenitie r. leuitie. p. 32. l. 11. for not r. at. p. 33. l. 18. for yea r. yet. p. 41. l. 28. for Rooes reade Races.