The souldiers accidence. Or an introduction into military discipline containing the first principles and necessary knowledge meete for captaines, muster-masters, and all young souldiers of the infantrie, or foote bandes. Also, the cavallarie or formes of trayning of horse-troopes, as it hath beene received from the latest and best experiences armies. A worke fit for all noble, generous, and good spirits, that loue honor, or honorable action. G.M.
Markham, Gervase, 1568?-1637.
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TO THE RIGHT HONORABLE, and THRICE Worthie Lords, Oliver, Lord Viscount Grandi∣son; George, Lord Carew; Fulke, Lord Brooke; Arthur, Lord Chichester: And to the right Honora∣ble, Sir Edward Conway, Knight, Sir Horrace Vere, Knight, Sir Edward Cecill, Knight, Sir Robert Man∣sell, Knight, Sir Iohn Oagle, Knight, and Sir Thomas Button, Knight; Being the Lords and others of his Maiesties most Honorable Councell of Warre.

I Doe not presume (Right Honorable) to offer this poore Tri∣bute of mine Expe∣rience, as a Modell whereby your Good∣nesses might shape a∣ny thing to adde strength to your owne vncontrolable knowledges; God forbid there should be in me such an impudent daring: But I humbly desire it may kisse your hands, as a sacrifice offered from your servant, or as a weaknes that stands in need of your protections: Vertue I know measureth every thing by its owne good∣nesse, Page  [unnumbered] in which is exprest an infinite Cha∣ritie, and you are that large Fountaine of vertue, that I cannot feare (how ever im∣perfection may perswade me) but I shall touch of your noble waters; In your Ho∣nors I know is power to iudge of my la∣bour, and in you is authoritie to exercise mercie: and though you finde nothing written in it, but what you may reade ten thousand times better in your own brests, yet be pleased to thinke there be many puny scollars in our Kingdome (to which I haue ever desired to be a servant) that from these briefe Rules may gather more abler Iudgements. Therefore it is onely your noble favour and allowance, that must make it acceptable to those which neede it, and profitable to our Empire, which I wish to be serued by it. O then let these Graces flie from your Noble Na∣tures, with that mildnesse that as I haue ever lived, I may die

Your Honors poore servant and Souldier, G. M.