The copie of a letter sent out of England to Don Bernardin Mendoza ambassadour in France for the King of Spaine declaring the state of England, contrary to the opinion of Don Bernardin, and of all his partizans Spaniardes and others. This letter, although it was sent to Don Bernardin Mendoza, yet, by good hap, the copies therof aswell in English as in French, were found in the chamber of one Richard Leigh a seminarie priest, who was lately executed for high treason committed in the time that the Spanish Armada was on the seas. Whereunto are adioyned certaine late aduertisements, concerning the losses and distresses happened to the Spanish nauie, aswell in fight with the English nauie in the narrow seas of England, as also by tempests, and contrarie winds, vpon the west, and north coasts of Ireland, in their returne from the northerne isles beyond Scotland.
Burghley, William Cecil, Baron, 1520-1598., Leigh, Richard, 1561?-1588, attributed name., Mendoza, Bernardino de, 1540 or 41-1604.

The examination of Iohn Antonio de Moneke xxx. miles from Ganna. 17. September. 1588.

HE saith, the Prince of Ascule was a slender made mā, and of a reasonable stature, of xxviii. yeares of age, his haire Page  [unnumbered] of an aborne colour stroked vpward, of a high forehead, a ve∣rie little beard marquesotted, whitely faced with some little red on the chéeks, he was drowned in apparrell of white satten for his doublet and bréeches after the Spanish fashion cut, with russet silke stockings. When this Prince came into their ship at Callice, he was apparelled in blacke rased veluet laid on with broade gold lace. He saith, that this Princes men, for the most part were in the shippe that this examinat was in, from their comming out of Spaine: and when they were at Callice the Prince passed in a litte Phelocke with six others from ship to ship to giue order to them, and some said he went to the shore at that time.

He saith, it was thought to be about lx. leagues West from the Northwest part of Ireland, that the Duke departed from the rest of the companie. Hee saith, they parted by a tempest growing in the night, & that about sixe daies after, a Portin∣gall Gallion ouertaking this ship told vnto those of this ship, that there were xxv. ships of the whole Nauie passed away with the Duke, and that the rest then remaining of the whole Nauy were dispersed by this tempest, some eight in one com∣pany, and foure in another: and thus dispearsedly passed on the seas. But how many ships remained after their departure from the coast of Scotland, of the whole Nauy, this examinat can not tell. He saith that after this first tempest which was a∣bout xxv. dayes now past, growing of a Southwest wind, they had sundry tēpests before they were lost with variable winds, sometime one way, and sometimes an other.