Batman vppon Bartholome his booke De proprietatibus rerum, newly corrected, enlarged and amended: with such additions as are requisite, vnto euery seuerall booke: taken foorth of the most approued authors, the like heretofore not translated in English. Profitable for all estates, as well for the benefite of the mind as the bodie. 1582.
Bartholomaeus, Anglicus, 13th cent., Trevisa, John, d. 1402., Batman, Stephen, d. 1584.
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¶Another Table containing the principall matters in this Booke, and where to finde them.

Liber. 1. 2.
OF Contrition, confession, and satis∣faction.
folio. 2
Of the aeternitie. fol. 2.
Scala vnitatis.
Presumption the woorke of Disorder. chapt. 7.
folio. 5
Of Archangels that are aboue Ang.
fo. 9
Of the soule, cap. 18. folio. 10.
Liber. 3.
Of the soule to be, to be well, to be best, cap. 3.
folio 16
The sight of the eye, cap. 17
folio. 18
When instrumēts sound best, ca. 18.
fo. 19
Naturalis, Vitalis, Animalis, cap. 22.
fol. 22.
Liber. 4.
The equalitio of elements, cap. 4.
fol. 27
Cause of Surfet, cap. 5. fol: 28.
Addition. 3.
Of the ceremonies of the dead, ca. 7. Addition.
fo. 2
Agilitie of women, cap. 7.
folio. 30
Liber. 5.
Lamiae or night consumers, cap. 2.
fol. 36
The place of imagination, cap. 3.
fol. 36. b
Tokēs of the brain distepred, ca. 3.
fo. 37
Of forgetfulnesse, ca. 5. fol. 38.
To know if the sick shall dye, ca. 7.
fo. 39
A token of death, cap. 13.
folio. 42.
The benefite of concert is speah,
•••9 folio. 44
Madnesse and forgetfulnesse, ca. 21.
fo. 46
Mans fasting spettle doth kill Serpent, cap. 21.
folio. 46.b
Flyes haue none other soūd but by their wings, cap. 22.
folio. 47
Cause of bloud, cap. 24.
folio. 48
Humours, cap. 26.
folio. 49
Of foure kindes of leprosie, ca. 28.
foli. 50
The Goute in the feete, Idem.
Of consumption, cap. 32.
foli. 53
Of vntimely birth, cap. 34
fol. 53.b
Anoyance of the heart, cap. 36.
The harmonie of the elemental humors, cap. 41.
Carnall lust, cap. 49.
fol. 62. Addition.
Corruption of the Flesh, cap. 62.
Liber. 6.
Of conception, cap. 4.
folio. 72
Of chusing wholsome Nurses, ca. 5.
Of taking heede of matching with an vncleane Stocke, cap. 6.
fol. 73
Against dronkennesse, cap. 20.
Of modest Musike, cap. 23.
A disquiet minde is enemie to digestion, cap. 24.
Liber. 7.
Hemicranis, the megrime, cap. 3.
folio. 87
A hot impostume, cap. 5.
Three kindes of falling Euills, chapt. 10 folio. 90.
Foure kindes of crampes, cap. 13. Addition.
Deptiuation of fight, cap. 20.
Of stinking breath, cap. 23.
Mans body is of spirite, humor, & mem∣bers, cap. 33.
Of Dropsies in the belly, cap. 52.
Goute in the ioyntes, cap. 57.
About what time the French Poxe be∣gan, cap. 66.
Liber. 8.
The celestiall world, cap. 1.
folio. 118
Concerning the heauens, ca. 3.
122. Ad.
Castor & Pollux, cap. 12.
Why the Planets were called by proper names, cap. 23.
130. Addition.
The Sunne eight times as big as the earth, cap. 28.
Of the twelue orders of blessed spirites, cap. 45.
140. Addition.
Lib. 9.
Mans lyfe is comprehended in seauen triumphs, cap. 2.
folio, 142. Addition.
Note all the Additions vnto the eleuēth chapter
folio 146. and Addition. 146.
Foure manner of resisting temptations, cap. 50.
    Liber. 10.
  • Containeth the operation of fire.
Liber. 11.
That the cloudes be neerer to the earth, then to heauen, cap. 4.
folio. 160.b
Of the renewing of the Rain-bow ca. 5,
Idem folio.
That the Rain-bow shall not be seene fortìe yeares before the Dome.
A note of great secret.
Liber. 12.
The Grashoper maketh noyse, not by Page  [unnumbered] voyce, but with his legges, ca. 13.
fo. 183.
Liber. 12.
Those springs whose current is towarde the rising of the Sunne are wholsom∣mest, cap. 3,
folio. 191
Of Scilla and Charibdin, ca. 23.
Eeles grow of deaw in May, ca. 29.
  • the first Table expresseth.
Liber. 15.
Of Athiens, cap. 5.
folio. 213
The originall of the Amazons, ca. 62.
Of Antwerpie, ca. 13.
folio. 215. Addition.
Of Britaine added.
folio. 219. Read al the Addition of this booke.
    Liber. 16.
  • Of precious stones. Read also all the Ad.
    Liber. 17.
  • Of hearbes and trees, whose speciall ver∣tues are disclosed in their Additions.
Liber. 18.
Of the pith in the ridge bone of a man, commeth a serpent, cap. 9.
folio. 344.
The Basiliske. Addition. cap. 16.
The Crocodile, cap. 33.
folio. 359. Add.
Of English Grypes, cap. 56.
Of Sheepe & their discommoditie, ca. 81.
folio. 376. Addition.
Read also the Additi. to the chapters of this booke.
    Liber. 19.
  • Addition of the 117. chapter, of Vipers and ingraters of markets.
  • Of Linning in the 19. booke, which is the skilfull placing of colours.
  • Of Measures in fol. 418. newly added.

¶A necessarie Catalogue, of the most hardest olde English words, how they maye be truly vnderstood after our vsuall speaking, as well in all other old Copies, as in this booke: next vnto euery such word, is the knowen English.

Angells inwit, heauenly knowledge. A∣raied, furnished, skilled, or beautified. Attercop, a spider. Arerid, lifted vp. A spiracle, a loftie sentence or a quickning conceipt. Arbalastes, crosse-bowes. Anon, spéedely or shortly after. A seeth, that is an attonement. Ayen, againe. A swap, a blow or stroke on any part of the body, dusset signifeith the same, & also a cuffe. Benimmeth, witholde or kéepe. Botraces, venemous frogs. Bounching, bending or swelling. Blenching, mixing, & sometime dazeling. Beshine, to give light vnto, or illuminate. Beshined, lightned, or beauti∣fied. Burgening, when the young twigge appeareth. Buffing, stutting or stamme∣ring, somtime it signifieth bosting. Bloo∣nesse, yale or wan. Bolisme, immoderate appetite. Botchy, swelling vp or cocke∣ling. Behoteth, promiseth. Breechmē, Ma∣riners or saylers. Boistous, grose, or stub∣berne. Bedes, petitions.

Cleeretie, brightnesse. Couenable, néedful, Couth, that is know or knew. Curtels, Nerues and small rinmes in the bodie. Clight, closed or fastened togethers. Cle∣ping, promising.

Descriued, reuealed. Doome distributiue, particular iudgement. Dole, sorow. Dee∣ming, to suppose. Drastes, refuse or loes of wine, or of humor. Dennes, caues or ho∣low places, distingweth, diuideth. Deale, to bestow or part. Dread, to be in feare. Decorate, to beautifie. Defieng, to digest. Dunch, deafe or herd of hearing. Dulcet, sweet, pleasant or daintie. Dunder, thun∣der or tempest.

Exciteth, stirreth or inlardgeth. Enchesō, forfait. Ensinement, perseuerance. Eleing∣nesse, waiward and solitary. Eald, olde. Fundement, foundation or beginning: it is taken for the longation: which is ter∣med the art hoale, or arse gut, it maye be called the venticle for the stomacke. Feat, neat or clenly. Feruor, seruēt or ear∣nest. Gendrid, begotten. Gastnes, appara∣tions. Grollēg, wallowing of ye stomach. Gostes, spirits. Gropeng, féeling. Griesely, fearefull to beholde. Goushes, streames. Grees, degrées, qualities or parts. Gnau∣reng, forgetfulnesse. Gabbing, prating, or vnseemly speaking. Highted, beautified, or to make handsome. Houen, to aduance or set vp. Hearingles, deafe. Hirelings, ser∣uants. Hiew, shape or séemlinesse. Horie, mouldie or fended. Hele, to couer or o∣ucreast. Hem, them. Intelligence, vnder∣standing. Inwit, conceit of minde. Insun∣did, confounded. Innermore, before writ∣ten.

Page  [unnumbered] K••, cut off.

Leden, guide, Lore, still. Leches, sur∣geons. Lendes the flankes and thigh. Melling, conioyning. Malshragges, Ca∣terpillers Palmers, & Cankers. Me∣nace, to threten. Misticke, secret. Much, is taken for quantitie. Meede, reward. Nemped, disclosed. Neneeuen, Tempe∣rance. Nenet, will not. Nesh, softe.

Obstacle, stubborne or wilfull. Onid, mixed and ioyned. Out take, except.

Pampination, pulling leaues, that grow too thicke. Partner, pertaker, sometime for a companion. Percase, likelihood.

Quitted, to discharge.

Ruthe, pitie or compassion. Ripe men, haruesters, & learned men. Rock, shake. Rabbish, foole hardie, or malepart, & snat∣ching. Reeses, waues of the sea. Ren∣leth, mixed together. Reling, muldering or ready to fall a sunder.

Stretchable, vpright. Siker, safe. Spiri∣tuelte, puruie or well meaning. Shapes, differences of bodies. Stempnes, subiec∣tions. Stable, stedfast. Sturdie, stoute, strong or valiant. Stithe, afrend or clime. Stammering,uetull. Stalking, sew go∣ing. Speedfull, ready. Squitter, menstru∣all, or matter corrupt: sternes, sterce∣nesse, or stubborne. Sauation, saluation, or preseruation. Spended, consumed. Smacke, taaste. Seecheth, séeketh, shaad, shadow. Siketly, warely or safelye. Sig∣neth, expresseth.

Thraldome, Bondage, Thyted, cut, as with a knife. Tourmentes, Engines. Trow, suppose or déeme. Thirleth, pear∣ceth, entermixeth or seteleth.

Vncunning, wanting skill. Vnweuid, vnperfect worke. Violaceus, fretting. Vores, for owes of land. Vindi••ation, gathering ripe grapes. Vnneth, scarely Welthfull. fruitfull. Wittie, discéete: Wreche, reuenge. Wosen, the strot boll, or entraunce to the stomacke. Wood∣nes, madnesse. Weene, to thinke. Wap∣peng, quaking. Woos, vapour. Woo, griefe of minde. Welkin, the bright aire aboue the cloudes.

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