Batman vppon Bartholome his booke De proprietatibus rerum, newly corrected, enlarged and amended: with such additions as are requisite, vnto euery seuerall booke: taken foorth of the most approued authors, the like heretofore not translated in English. Profitable for all estates, as well for the benefite of the mind as the bodie. 1582.
Bartholomaeus, Anglicus, 13th cent., Trevisa, John, d. 1402., Batman, Stephen, d. 1584.

De Ouis Riuatricis. ca. 111.

RIuatrix is a certaine venimous Ser∣pent, that infecteth water, and her egges be lyke to the egges of an Adder, that is called Colubet, and they be lesse & more speckled, and bee worse and more venimous. The serpent Riuatrix sitteth on her egges nigh waters and welles, and infecteth them, and corrupteth with full wicked venim. Of this Serpent Iu∣can speaketh and saith, that Riuatrix de∣fileth waters. Looke more heereof, lib. 17.