Batman vppon Bartholome his booke De proprietatibus rerum, newly corrected, enlarged and amended: with such additions as are requisite, vnto euery seuerall booke: taken foorth of the most approued authors, the like heretofore not translated in English. Profitable for all estates, as well for the benefite of the mind as the bodie. 1582.
Bartholomaeus, Anglicus, 13th cent., Trevisa, John, d. 1402., Batman, Stephen, d. 1584.
Page  386

De Vipera. cap. 117.

VIpera is a manner kinde of serpents that is full venemous. Of this ser∣pent Isid. speaketh lib. 12. and saith, that Vipera hath that name, for she bringeth forth broode by strength: for when hir wombe draweth to the time of whelp∣ing, the whelpes abideth not couenable time nor kinde passing, but gnaweth and fretteth the sides of their dam, and they come so into this world with strength, & with the death of the bréeder. It is said, that the male doeth his mouth into the mouth of the female, and spetreth the se∣men, and she wexeth woode in lyking of increase, biteth off the head of ye male, & so both male and female are slaine, for the male dieth in gendring, & the female dyeth in whelping. Of this serpent Vi∣pera be made pastees which are called, Trocisci Tiriaci, of the which is made Triacle, that is remedie against venim. Li. 8. ca. 40. Plin. speaketh of this Adder Vipera and saith, that he hideth himself only in chins and deus of the earth, and other Adders and Serpents hide them∣selues in hollow stones and trées: and this Adder Vipera sustaineth and may beare hunger long time in a strong win∣ter, and commeth to the den vnder earth, and casteth first away his venime, and doth sléepe there vntill Springing time come againe. And when the pores of the earth open, then by heate of the Sunne, this Serpent Vipera awaketh and com∣meth out of his den, and for his sight is apppaired by the long abiding vnder the earth, he séeketh the roote of fenell, or the hearbe of it, and washeth his dim eyen with the iuyce thereof, and taketh of the hearb to recouer his sight which he hath lost. And Tyrus is a maner serpent that is called Vipera also. Of him Aristotle speaketh lib. 8. and saith, That Tirus right as the Crocodile, hideth him in winter, and doth afterward off his skin that is betwéene his eyen, and they that know not the doing, wéene that hée is blinde, and then he doth off the skin of his head all in one day: and his flaieng and passing out of his skin, is as the passing out of a childe of the mothers wombe, and he is by that manner renu∣ed, and putteth away, and is so deliuered of his age. Moreouer, in the same booke, in the ende thereof it is found, that it is sayd in this wise: Great Serpents flye this serpent Tirus though he be little, and all his body is rough, and when he biteth anye thing, all that is about the thing, rotteth anone. And one little ser∣pent called Tirus is found in Inde, and his biting is so strong, that against it no medicine can be found. Ambrose in Ex∣ameron saith, that among all Serpents, the kinde of Vipera is worst, and when he would gender, he wooeth a Lampray that is called Murena, and commeth to the brinke of the water that he thinketh Murena is in, & calleth hir to him with hissing, and exciteth and wooeth hir to be clipping, and this Lampray commeth a∣none: and anone as the Adder Vipera séeth that she is ready, he casteth awaye all his venime, and goeth then and be∣clippeth the Lamprya: and when the déede is done, then he drinketh and ta∣keth again the venim which he had cast away, and so tourneth againe to his den with his venim. Also lib. 39 cap. 1. Plin. sayth, that this Adder Vipera swalow∣eth a certain stone, and some men know∣eth that, and openeth slyly the serpent, and taketh out that stone, and vseth it a∣gainst venim. Also if the Dragon or the Adder, which is called Aspis, biteth a man or a beast, the head of the Adder Vipera healeth him and saueth him if it be layd to the wounde. And againe∣ward, the flesh of the Adder Aspis ofte times heleth and saueth him, that ye Ad∣der Vipera stingeth, & draweth out the venim, which the Adder Vipera did shed in the wounds.