Batman vppon Bartholome his booke De proprietatibus rerum, newly corrected, enlarged and amended: with such additions as are requisite, vnto euery seuerall booke: taken foorth of the most approued authors, the like heretofore not translated in English. Profitable for all estates, as well for the benefite of the mind as the bodie. 1582.
Bartholomaeus, Anglicus, 13th cent., Trevisa, John, d. 1402., Batman, Stephen, d. 1584.

Of Carthage, chap. 84.

CArthage is the name of a Citie and of a prouince of Affrica in Hispania: and there be two Carthages, the more and lesse: and Dido made both, shée went out of the Prouince of Fenir, and builded a citie on the cliffe of Af∣frica, and called the citie first Carca∣da in the language of Fenicia. And af∣terward the name was chaunged: and the citie was called Cartago. This citie when it was most famous, and not lesse renowmed then Rome, Sci∣pio with his Romane hoast destroyed and beate it to the grounde: as Isidore saith liber. 16. And nowe the Romanes haue builded it againe, as Isidore say∣eth. And another Cartage is in Affrica betwéene Bisantium & Numidia, & ioy∣neth in the North to the Sea that is cal∣led Mare Siculum, and stretcheth in the South to the Countrye of Getules. The next parte thereof beareth aboun∣dauntlye corne: and hath greate plen∣tye of Oyle and of fruite, and is full of mettall. In the farther parte towarde Nomidia is greate plentie of beastes, Serpents, and great wilde. Asses, that go aboute in desart; as Isidore sayth. lib. 15. Also there be many Elephants and other beasts, as plinius also affirmeth liber. 5. cap. 5.

(*Carthago) a famous Citie in Af∣frike called Carthage, almost enuironed with the Sea: which City was in com∣passe about the walles .360. furlonges; which are .45. Italian miles: whereof seuen miles and an halfe ranne in length on the ridge of an hill which went from sea to sea, where were set the stables of Elephauntes, a very large place, almost in the middle of the Citye was a Castle or Towre called Byrs, on the top wher∣of stood Aelculapius Temple, (the sonne of Apollo and Cotonis, and was called the God of Phisicke; and honoured in the forme of a Serpent) vnderneth were ha∣uens or Keyes of the Castle, and a lyt∣tle round Ile called Cothon, standing as it were in a great ponde, about which were set the houses, yt serue for the nauy of Carthage. This Citie continued wars with the Romanes fortie yeares, and had many excellent men of warre, of whome Anibal was the most noble and famous. That Citye had in subiection, a greate parte of Affrike, Scicile, the more parte of Spaine, and the Iles of the middle Sea. It was at last destroyed by Sci∣pio, before the incarnation of Christ .144 yeares. The country where it stoode is now called Thunyse.)