Batman vppon Bartholome his booke De proprietatibus rerum, newly corrected, enlarged and amended: with such additions as are requisite, vnto euery seuerall booke: taken foorth of the most approued authors, the like heretofore not translated in English. Profitable for all estates, as well for the benefite of the mind as the bodie. 1582.
Bartholomaeus, Anglicus, 13th cent., Trevisa, John, d. 1402., Batman, Stephen, d. 1584.

¶Of Seres. chap. 144.

SEret is a prouince in the East, & hath that name of a town that is called Se∣res. There cotton is gathered of trées, & silke is made of that cotton. The Poet syenketh of men of that land and saith. Ignoti facie, sed not vellere Seres.

(*Seres, a people in Asia, hauing great plentie of silke, first increased of the silke worme, called Bombax, and also much cotten wooll called Bombazi. In the olde copie, Ignoti facie, voce fere mille Seres.