Batman vppon Bartholome his booke De proprietatibus rerum, newly corrected, enlarged and amended: with such additions as are requisite, vnto euery seuerall booke: taken foorth of the most approued authors, the like heretofore not translated in English. Profitable for all estates, as well for the benefite of the mind as the bodie. 1582.
Bartholomaeus, Anglicus, 13th cent., Trevisa, John, d. 1402., Batman, Stephen, d. 1584.
Page  189

Of the Lapwing. chap. 37.

THE Lapwing is called Vpupa a∣mong the Gréeks: for he eateth mans durt, and is nourished and fed ofte with doung, as Isidore sayth. For it is a bird most filthy and vncleane, and is copped on the head, & dwelleth alway in graues or in durt. And if a man annoint him∣selfe with her bloud when he goeth to sléepe, in his sléepe he shall sée féends busy to strangle & snare him: and her heart is good to euill doers, for in their euill doo∣ing they vse theyr heartes. Of this birde Philosophers tell, that when he ageth, so that he may neither sée nor flie, his birds pull away the féeble fethers, and annoint his eyen with iuyce of hearbes, and hide him vnder their wings till his fethers bée growen:* and so he is renued, and fly∣eth, and séeth cléerely, as Isidore saith.