Batman vppon Bartholome his booke De proprietatibus rerum, newly corrected, enlarged and amended: with such additions as are requisite, vnto euery seuerall booke: taken foorth of the most approued authors, the like heretofore not translated in English. Profitable for all estates, as well for the benefite of the mind as the bodie. 1582.
Bartholomaeus, Anglicus, 13th cent., Trevisa, John, d. 1402., Batman, Stephen, d. 1584.

Of darknesse. Chap. 45.

DArknesse is absence of light, and is called Tenebre of Tenendo, holding. For it bindeth and holdeth the eyen, that they may not sée the Sun nor any other light: and so darknesse is nought els but priuation. Also darke aire is called dark∣nesse: and so is the shadow of a dim bo∣dy, as Basilius saith, and is contrarye to light both in qualitie and in place Dark∣nesse bringeth in feare & dread, and with∣draweth fairenesse of coulours, and aba∣teth shame, and nourisheth sléepe & simn∣ber.

*I Haue thought good to set before thee, forth of the booke de Occulta Phi∣losophia of Henne Cornelius Agrippa, his Ladder, wherein is the wonder∣full compact of the vniuersall diuision of the number of. 12. beginning with the twelue orders of blessed spirits, omitting the. 12. names of God.

Seraphin, Cherubin, Throni, Dominationes, Potestates, Virtutes, Principatus, Archangeli, Angeli, Innocentes, Martires, Confessores.

The .12. Angells presidents ouer the signes.

Malehidel, Asmodel, Ambriel, Muriel, Verchiel, Hamadiel, Zuriel, Barbiel, Aduschiel, Hananell, Gabiel, Barchiel.

The .12. Tribes.

Dan, Ruben, Ihuda, Manasse, Asser, Simeon, Isachar, Beniamin, Neptalin, Gad, Zabulon, Ephraim.

The .12. Prophets:

Malachias, Aggaeus, Zacharlas, Amos, Oseas, Micheas, Ionas, Abdias, Sephonias, Naum, Abacuck, Ioel.

The .12. Apostles.

Mathias, Thadaeus, Simon, Iohannes, Petrus, Andreas, Bartholomeus, Philippus, Iacobus, Thomas, Mathaeus, Iacobus minor.

The .12. signes in the Zodiack.

Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpius, Sagittarius, Capri∣cornus, Aquaries, Pisces. These are in the celestiall world.

The .12. Moneths.

March, Aprill, May, Iune, Iuly, August, September, October, Nouember, De∣cember, Ianuarie, February. In the elementall world.

The .12. Plants.

Elelisphacos, *Peristereon, *Peristereon, Symphytus, Cyclaminus, Calamin∣thus, Scorpiuros, Artemsia, Anagallis, Lapathus, Dracontea, Aristolochia.

The .12. Stones.

Sardonis, Sardius, Topazius, Chalcedonius, Iaspis, Smaragdus, Berrillus, Ame∣thystus, Hyacinthus, Chrysopassus, Christallus, Saphirus.

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The .12. principall members.

Caput, Collum, Brachia, Pectus, Cor, Venter, Renes, Genitalir, Anche, Genua, Head, Necke, Armes, Brest, Heart, Belly, Reines, Members, Hippes, Knées, Ctura, the shanke. Pedes, the féete.

The .12. pointes of the dampned Diuells.

Pseudothie, False Prophets: Spiritus mendacij, Lieng spirits: Vasa iniquitatis, Uessalls of iniquitie: Vltores celerum, the last sharpnesse or endlesse torment. Prestigiatores. Iuglers, Cosoners, and Scorners: Aerae potestates, airie gouernors: Furae seminatrices malorū, sowers of desperate discord: Criminatores, siue explo∣ratores, False accusers, and outragious railers.

Tentatores, siue insidiatores, Prouokers and inticers: Malefice, Witches, Apo∣state, Reniers of the faith: Infideles, Unbeléeuing.

These .12. sortes of peoples, framed to the. 12. sortes of wicked Diuells, are made one in the proportion of endlesse dampnation, euen so, in the gouernment of euery. 12. is specified the most vnsearchable will of God, howe farre man hath power of gouerning, and by what effectes he is gouerned, the knowledge where∣of, is the gifte of God, the benefite of men, and the alteration of all other crea∣tures.

Blacknesse, is darknesse, a grisly hiew to tell,
a bright shining cleerenesse, doth punish in the hell:
On earth it giues dought, in heauen eternall ioy,
in hell, contrary turning the wicked to'anoy.
This is the might of God, for lasting soules to know
that bodies haue possest, perpetuall ioy or no.
His mercie, moue vs still, of mischiefe to beware,
his loue, accept our will, to him our soules prepare.

A note also of the foure seasons of the yeare.

The Spring time is hot and moist, and continueth so long as the Sunne is in Aries, Taurus, and Gemini, March, Aprill, May, which is from the .10. of March, vnto the .12. of Iune.

The Sunne is hot and drie, conned from the beginning of Cancer, vnto the ende of Virgo, Iulye and August: September, that is from the .12. of Iune, vnto the .14. of September. Harnest is colde and drie, that is from the beginning of Li∣bra, vnto the end of Sagittarius. October, Nouember, December, counted from the 14. of September, to the 12. of December.

Winter is colde and moyst, continuing from the beginning of Capricornus, to the ende of Pisces, Ianuarie, Februarie, March, Capricornun, Aquarius, & Pis∣ces, that is from the .12. of December to the .10. of March.

A briefe note how to vnderstand the Ephimerides.

Understand ther be seauen Planets, the highest, Saturne ♄, then Iupiter ♃, Mars ♂, Sol ☉. Venus ♀ Mercury. ☿, and the Moone ☽

A coniunction is figured ♂, and it is when an other Planette is ioy∣ned with the Sunne, or Moone, or others among themselues within one degree.

The Sextile aspect or radiation is thus expressed, ✶ and it is within as degrees, the one from the other.

The quadrant aspect thus □, 90 degrées distant. That Trine thus, △ separated. 120. degrées. The opposition thus ☍, 180 degrées, the one distant from the other.

These followe by order.

  • Coniunction ☌,
  • Sextile ✶,
  • Quadrat □,
  • Trine △,
  • Opposition ☍.
  • Saturne ♄,
  • Iupiter ♃,
  • Mars ♂,
  • Sol ☉,
  • Venus ♀,
  • Mercurie ☿,
  • Lunae ☽.
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  • Aries ♈,
  • Taurus ♉,
  • Gemini ♊,
  • Cancer ♋,
  • Leo ♌,
  • Virgo ♍,
  • Libra ♎,
  • Scopio ♏,
  • sagittarius ♐,
  • Capricornus ♑,
  • Aquarius ♒,
  • Pisces ♓: