Batman vppon Bartholome his booke De proprietatibus rerum, newly corrected, enlarged and amended: with such additions as are requisite, vnto euery seuerall booke: taken foorth of the most approued authors, the like heretofore not translated in English. Profitable for all estates, as well for the benefite of the mind as the bodie. 1582.
Bartholomaeus, Anglicus, 13th cent., Trevisa, John, d. 1402., Batman, Stephen, d. 1584.

Of the Zodiake. cap. 9.

ZOdiacus is a circle that passeth a∣slont, & is departed euen in twelue partes, the which twelue partes Phi∣losophers call signes. And these signes shewe to vs in what parte of heauen the Sunne and the Planettes are in. Then the twelue signes bée twelue spaces di∣stinguished in like much, knowen of A∣stronomers by notable starres, and euery each signe is departed in thirtye degrées, and euery each degrée is sixtye minutes, and euerye minute is sixtye scruples. So that sixtye scruples make one minute, and sixtie minutes make one degrée, and thirtie degrées make one signe. And these signes bée called by their owne proper names: As Aries, the Weather: Taurus, the Bull, and so of other. They be called beastes, not for that beastes be set in heauen: but for in effectes and dooing they present some propertie of such beasts: as it shall be said héere following.

Among these twelue signes, foure bée Cardynall signes, as Isidore sayth: as Cancer, highest, and Capricornus, lowest, Aries and Libra in the middle. The first twaine bée called Signa Sol∣sticiaria,* those bée the signes in the which the Sunne stinteth. For in Can∣cer the Sunne stinteth, and commeth no néerer to vs warde: And in Capri∣cornus hée passeth no further vpwarde.* In the first hée maketh most long daies and short nightes: And the seconde againewarde: and in the other two signes the daye and night bée lyke.

And in Libra is euennesse of daye and night in Haruest: and then in eyther time dayes and nightes bée lyke long: also in these signes there bée thrée fy∣rye,* that bée Aries, Leo, and Sagit∣tarius: and there bée thrée earthye, Page  [unnumbered] that be Taurus, Virgo, Capricornus.* And there bée thrée ayrye,* that bée Ge∣mini, Libra, Aquarius. And there bée thrée watrie,* that bée Scorpio, Cancer, Pisces. Among these signes, they that bée firye and ayrie, bee hotte and male, and daye signes. And they that bée wa∣trie and earthie, bée colde and female, and nightish signes. Also among these, foure bée mooueable, that bee the foure cardinall signes, that bée Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricornus: for in these signes time chaungeth. And foure bée pight, in the which time is pight: that bee Taurus, Leo, Scorpius, and Aquari∣us. And foure be common, in the which they bée meddeled: that bée Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces. And these signes bée called houses: for they bee the home and dwelling places of Planettes. And of these houses, some bée called the houses of Triplicitie, and some of exal∣tation. For those signes that accord in one kinde, make a Triplicitie, and haue one name, & so they be ordeined in foure parts of heauen. For in the east part bée the firie signes,*Aries, Leo, & Sagitarius: The earthy signes be Taurus, Virgo, & Capricornus in the South.* The airie be Libra, Gemini, Aquarius, in the West.* Watrie bee Cancer, Pisces, scorpio in the North.* And among Triplicities of houses, those that be in the East be stron∣ger in theyr working and dooing than the Weasten, the Northern, or the Sou∣thern: For more noble planets haue ma∣strie therin. For the Eastern Triplicitie, that is the first, hath the Sunne by day and the Moone by night, and Saturnus is partenee with them by daye and by night. And West in Triplicitie hath Saturnus, Mercurius, and Iupiter. And the Northen Triplicitie hath Venus, Luna, & Mars. And the Southerne Tri∣plicitie hath Saturnus, Mercurius, and Iupiter. Also signes bée called houses of exaltation and rising. For as Planettes be more or lesse enhaunced in degrées of signes, the more vertuouslye and perfect∣ly they woorke. For the Sunne hath his vertue & exaltation in ye eightéene degrée of Aries: and his falling in the degree of Libra, Venus hath her blisse in Piscibus, in the eight and twentie degrée, & her fal∣ling and her discomfort in such a falling of the signe, that is there afore, that is Virgo. Mercurius ariseth in Virgo, fif∣téene degrées, and falleth in Piscibus in as many degrées. The Moone ariseth in Cancer in the third degrée, and falleth in Scorpion in as manye degrées, Satur∣nus ariseth in Tauro in one and twen∣tie degrées, & falleth in Aries in as ma∣ny degrees. Mars ariseth in Capricor∣nus, in seuen and twenty degrees: and fal∣leth in Cancer in as many degrées. Iupi∣ter ariseth and Caput draconis in Ge∣minis in thrée degrées, and falleth in Sa∣gittario, in as many degrées. Cauda the taile of a Dragon ariseth in Sagittario, in thrée degrées, and falleth in Geminis. Beside these euery each signe is departed in thrée partes, the which partes bée cal∣led Facies. The beginning of which is from the first degrée of Aries, and dureth to the tenth degree: the second dureth to the. xx. the third dureth to the thirtye. The first part that is called Facies is gi∣uen to Mars, the second to the Sun, the third to Venus.

The first Facies of Taurus, and is gi∣uen to Mercurius: the second to ye Moone, the third to Saturnus. The first Facies, of Geminis is giuen to Iupiter: The se∣cond to Mars: the third to the Sunne. The first of Cancer to Venus: the se∣coude to Mercurius: the thirde to the Moone The first Facies Leonis is giuen to Saturnus: the second to Iupiter: the third to Mars. The first Facies of ye signe that is called Virgo, is giuen to the Sunne: the second to Venus, the third to Mercurius The first Facies of Libra, is giuen to the Moone: the second to Sa∣turnus, and the third to Iupiter. The first Facies of Scorpio is giuen to Mars, the second to the Sunne, and the third to Venus. The first Facies of Sagittarius is giuen to Mercurius, the second to the Moone: ye third to Saturnes The first Fa∣cies of Capricornus, is giuen to Iupiter, the second to Mars, the third to the Sun. The first Facies of Aquarius is giuen to Venus, the second so Mercurius, the third to ye Moone. The first Facies of Pis∣ces is giuen to Saturnus, the second to Iu∣piter,Page  125 the third to Mars.

Then a Planet that is in his house, hath fiue starres: in degrée of exaltation and arising, he hath foure: in the house of the Triplicitie, he hath thrée: in ye part that is called Facies, he hath one or two. And among the Planettes hée that is most abundaunt in number, passeth most in strength. And euerye each Planette is more strong in his owne house, than in anothers house. And so by strength of the signe that a Planet is in the Pla∣net is strengthened and is feebled of feeblenesse of the signe that hée is in.

As a strong man is more strong on a strong horse than a féeble. And therefore as Misael sayth: Astronomers in thoy domes and in their iudgements take heed of the houses ascendents.* That is to vn∣derstand of arising of signes, and digni∣tie of Planets, that they may déeme and gesse what shall befall by principate and masterie in houses, in Angles, or as∣cendents anglye either falling from an∣gles.

And also some signes bée called Do∣mus angules, as the Cardinall signes, of the which wée haue spoken before, that be Cancer, Libra, Capricornus, and Aries: And some signes bée called Domus succedentes, following Angu∣lis, as Taurus, that followeth the signe that is called Aries: and Leo, that fol∣loweth the signe which is called Can∣cer: and Scorpio that followeth the signe which is called Libra, and A∣quarius, that followeth the signe, which is called Capricornus. And some bée called Domus cadentes de Angulus, falling from Angelis, as Gemini, Vir∣go, Sagittarius, Pisces: as it is séene in Misael his figure. And by rising and going downe, Oppositions and Coniunc∣tions, and aspects of these signes diuers and contrarye things fall in this world. For as the same Authour saith, they bée in strength of kinde, and both gendered vnder a strong signe, male, ascendent, and arising: and vnder a strong Pla∣net, with good aspect therin, bee of strong and good dispsition in their kinde: and againeward.

Also houses that bée called Domus Anguli, the first house is Easterne, that is the signe which is called Aries: and the Northerne house is Cancer: and the West Angule is Libran and the Angule of the earth is Capricornus. These foure Anguler signes bée of most vertue: and the Easterne more than the Westerne: and the Northen more than the Southerne. And the angle of the earth is lesse strong than the other an∣gles, as the same Authour sayth. The signes that bee called Domus succeden∣tes, be of meane effect and vertue: and the second signe, that is to witte, the se∣cond signe from Aries yt is Taurus, and the fourth signe, the fifth, the eight, the eleauenth: and among these signes or houses, the eight is worst working and betokening: and therefore Astronomers cal it Domus moris, the houss of death: and the other signes bée called Domus cadentes, faing houses, that bée the fourth, the fifth, the sixt, the ninth, and the twelfth, and bée of feeble effect, and of worst betokening, and namelye the sixt and the twelfth: and the cause there∣of in, as the author sayth, for in the signe that is called the sixte house, Mars is worde and Master: and therefore it is called the house of sicknesse and of fée∣blenesse of all things: and in that signe is the ioye of Mars, and in the twelfth is the ioye of Saturnus: and therefore it is called the house of enmitie, of forrow, & trauaile: also signes that be called Do∣mus, beholde euerie other, and haue as∣pect euery each to other: so it is sayd, that there bée three principall aspectes, that bee called Sextilus, Timus, & Quartus. Aspectes is called Sextilis, when a Pla∣net in any signe ascendant arising, hath aspect to the thirde before him, and to the thirde after him: and that from the third to the leauenth Ensample. If any Planet be in ye beginning of Aries, hath aspect to the Planet, that is in the head of Gemini before him: and to him, that is in the beginning of Aquarius, after him that is in the leauenth signe: and this aspect is called Sextilis: for it hol∣doth the sixt part of heauen, that is six∣tie degrées, and such aspect is laudable, fortunate, good, and gratious.

Page  [unnumbered]It is the signe of meane loue as Astro∣nomers tell, as the foresayde Authour meaneth. The third aspect is from ye fift signe to the ninth. Ensample. A Planet that is in the beginning of Aries, hath aspect to him that is in Leone before him and to him that is in Sagittario, after him, that is the night signe. And this as∣pect is called Tercios, and Trinus also: for it conteineth the third parte of hea∣uen, that is fire score degrées, & this as∣pect is best. For it is in the signe of per∣fect friendship and loue, as the Authour sayth.

*The fourth aspect is from the fourth signe and the ninth. Ensample. A Planet that is the beginning of Aries, hath as∣pect to him that is in the head of Cancer before him, & to the Planet that is in the head of Capricornus after him, or behind that is the tenth signe. And this is called Qitartus, the fourth: For it conteineth the fourt parte of heauen, that is foure score degrees and tennt. And this aspect is euill: for it is the signe of wrath and enuyd, and enmitie, and in perfection, as the foresaid Authour sayth. And coniunc∣tion & appostion be not aspects: but som∣time they be called aspects by misersing & chaunging of that name aspect. Then when the first signe hath aspect to the leauenth; as Aries to Libra, it is called Aspectus oppositus, and is worst: for it is the signe of perfect enmitie, & signifi∣eth and betokeneth worst haps, & name∣ly if Mars haue such aspect to Saturnus, or to the Sunne: And when a Planet commeth with a Planet in ye same signe ascendent, or in the next signe there be∣fore, or behinde: then it is called Con∣iunction. And this Coniunction may bee good, if that the Planets be good. And a∣gaineward euill,* if the Planets be euill, as the Authour saith. And all this is said in figure, that the Authour maketh and setteth.