Batman vppon Bartholome his booke De proprietatibus rerum, newly corrected, enlarged and amended: with such additions as are requisite, vnto euery seuerall booke: taken foorth of the most approued authors, the like heretofore not translated in English. Profitable for all estates, as well for the benefite of the mind as the bodie. 1582.
Bartholomaeus, Anglicus, 13th cent., Trevisa, John, d. 1402., Batman, Stephen, d. 1584.

¶Of stinking of the mouth. Ca. 24.

*STinking of ye mouth cōmeth some∣time of corruption of the téeth, and of the gums, & sometime of whelkes & of pimples of the mouth, & of the roofe: somtime of euill disposition and doing of the breast, & of the spirituall members: sometime of rotted humours of the sto∣macke: and somtime of vniuersall and whole infection of the bodye as it fareth in Lepers,* the breath of them stinketh & infecteteth other: sometime of eating of stinking things, as it fareth in them that alwaies eate garlike, onions, & léekes: & somtime of the corruption of the spiritu∣all members, & of the vniuersall corrup∣tiō of those humors, which be infect: this stinking may be hid & not cured, for such stink is continuall, & cōmeth by seasons. The stink that commeth of ye vice of the stomacke is colde, & commeth & goeth in a manner, for it is great afore meate and little after meate by noone:* and this may well be cured with cleansing & swéete smelling, & comfortatiue medicines. Thē first the matter that is in the stomacke & is cause of the stink, shall be defied, de∣parted, & put out: ofte after eating, spuing shall be excited, that the chambers of the stomack, may be clensed & purged of rot∣ted meates, & the patient shall beware & spare meates, yt be disposed to rotting: & he shall vse swéete smelling wine to com∣fort him. If it come of other cause, as of rotted téeth or of gums, the téeth shall be drawen out that be the cause thereof: or the gums shall be froted & cleansed with séething of roses in wine: or they shall be washed with vineger luke warme: the gums and the rootes of the téeth shal be froted and clensed with powder of Thus and Masticke and with honie.

To chew cloues is a good helpe to mitigate the loathsome ayre for the in∣ner parts,* but the rankenesse that com∣meth from the arme holes, must be cu∣red by letting bloud, or some good purgation, & commonly such children as be begotten in such heate of bloud: are choaked in the matrixe, and so bee dead borne, or if, they lyue, they are very scuruie & scabbed, & of a grose complection.