Batman vppon Bartholome his booke De proprietatibus rerum, newly corrected, enlarged and amended: with such additions as are requisite, vnto euery seuerall booke: taken foorth of the most approued authors, the like heretofore not translated in English. Profitable for all estates, as well for the benefite of the mind as the bodie. 1582.
Bartholomaeus, Anglicus, 13th cent., Trevisa, John, d. 1402., Batman, Stephen, d. 1584.

Of a good Lord. Chap. 19.

AS this name seruaunt is a name of subiection, so this name Lorde is a name of souereigntie, of power, and of might. And therefore rightfull Lordship is ordeined of that Lord, of whom com∣meth all might and power. For without a Lorde might not the common profite stand safly, neither ye company of men might be peaceable or quiet: For if pow∣er and might of rightfull Lordes were with-halde and taken away, then were mallice frée, and goodnesse and inno∣cencie in no safety, as sayth Isidore. Also rightfull Lordshippe ouersetteth not his subiects by tyranny, but defendeth them, and putteth off and beareth downe their aduersaries and enimies: Also the might of Lordes forsaketh not seruaunts, but putteth it selfe for subiects against might and strength, that is against the subiects. Also Gregory saith, and so it is knowen, that this name Lord, is a name of might and of right wisenesse. For our Lord is rightful, and loueth right wisenesse, & his face séeth equitie: And therfore a rightful Lord by way of rightfull lawe, heareth and determineth causes, pleas, & strifes, that be betwéene his subiects, & ordeineth that euery man haue his owne, & draw∣eth his swoord against mallice, & putteth forth his shield of righteousnesse, to de∣fend innocents against euill doers, & de∣liuereth small children and such as be fa∣therlesse & motherlesse, and widowes of them that ouerséeth them: And he pur∣sueth robbers and rouers, théeues, & other euill doers: and vseth his power not after his owne will, but hée ordeyneth and disposeth it as the lawe asketh: And so this name Lord is a name of equitie, and also a name of fréedome and of frée heart. For righfull Lordes bée frée, and méeke of heart. And as it is sayd Hest. 23. When I had subdued all the world to my Lordshippe, I neuer misused the greatnesse of my might and power: but I would rule my subiectes with milde∣nesse and softnesse, &c. Therefore the ve∣ry Lord sheweth himselfe frée of gifts and speach to all men, except euill doo∣ers: and loueth more to bée loued, then feared. He knoweth not that hée hath Lordshippe ouer men that liueth right∣fully, but ouer beasts: that is to vnder∣stand, ouer beastiall men that be wick∣ed and euil, as Gregorie sayth vpon Ge∣nesis. 9. Yeur dreade be vpon all beasts, &c. A man, sayth Gregorye is not sette ouer reasonable beasts, but ouer vnrea∣sonable beasts, that he should not onely be dreaded of men, but also of beastes. Kind bringeth forth al men like in pow∣er & might: But for diuerse worthinesse the dispensation of Gods worde setteth some men before other: that he that dre∣deth not the righteousnesse of God, may dreade ye punishment of mans strength, and so for dread of our Lord he shall not Page  78 be proude: And hée commaundeth that they be not busie to winne and get their owne ioy and stoutnesse, but to saue and maintaine the right of subiectes: For they haue no Lordshippe ouer men, but ouer beasts. For in that parte that they bee beastiall, they bée put vnder Lord∣shippe Also this name Lorde is a name of gentlenesse and of noblenesse, as it is sayd Deut. pri. I haue taken of your lyg∣nages wise men and noble, and haue made them Lordes, Princes, and Tri∣bunes and Centuries: For Lords ought to be noble and gentle of heart, of flesh, and of thought. Therfore Ambrose saith, that among beasts kinde setteth them to be chiefe, which be most noble and most strong, and maketh them kings, Dukes, and leaders of other: As it sareth a∣mong beasts and Fowles, and also a∣mong Bées. Among them all, those that haue most noble conditions of the gifte of kinde, bée set before, and haue mastry in Lordshippe ouer the other. So that man may learne to bée a Lorde noble by reason and grace, sith that beasts bée by kinde aboue other beasts. Also this name Lorde, is a name of worshippe and of dignitie, as the Apostle saith, Ad Eph. 6. Seruants be ye obedient to your fleshly Lordes with feare and dreade and sha∣king, &c. Rightfully a Lorde receyueth of his subiects worshippe and reuerence, and by the worthinesse of his office hée maketh his subiectes worthye to haue worshippe: For by reason of one good king and one good Lorde, all a Country is worshipped and dreade, and enhaun∣ced also. Also this name Lord is a name of peace and suretie. For a good Lorde ceaseth warre, battaile, and fighting, and accordeth them that bée in striefe. And so vnder a good, a strong, and a peacea∣ble Lorde, men of the Country be defen∣ded and safe. For there dare no man as∣saile his Lordshippe, nor in any manner breake his peace.