Batman vppon Bartholome his booke De proprietatibus rerum, newly corrected, enlarged and amended: with such additions as are requisite, vnto euery seuerall booke: taken foorth of the most approued authors, the like heretofore not translated in English. Profitable for all estates, as well for the benefite of the mind as the bodie. 1582.
Bartholomaeus, Anglicus, 13th cent., Trevisa, John, d. 1402., Batman, Stephen, d. 1584.

¶Of the Mother. Cap. 49.

THe Mother in a woman is a singular member, disposed as a bladder, & kind Page  [unnumbered] hath ordeined that member to take & re∣ceiue ye humor seminall. Unto the which the menstruall superfluitie of humours, (as it were to a pumpe of the womans body) floweth, the which for ye menstrual flowing & reflowing thereof, is called Menstruum. For ye superfluitie is wont to follow the course of the Moone, as saith Isid. And it is called Muliebria also & du∣reth & lasteth kindly in women, as long as they haue vertue to conceiue childrē: and when Muliebria faileth, thē faileth the vertue of conceiuing. And it is called Muliebria, for in women alone this in∣firmitie is found. For onely a woman is Animal menstruale, as saith Isido. By touching of such bloud, fruite springeth not, neither buddeth, hearbs die, and trées loose their fruit, &c. Séeke the propertie & kinde of this bloud afore in the thirde booke, in the treatise of humours. This Menstruum is the beginning of mans generation, & common foode of rich and poore, of noble and simple in the mother wombe, héerewith the field of our birth is moisted, and the child is fed héerewith while he is in his mothers wombe. And the mothers womb hath two cels or hol∣lownesses, the right cell is it in ye which the man childe is bread: And in the left ell is the maide childe conceiued. The child yt is conceiued some deale in both, hath disposition of either sexes male and female. In Anathomia it is sayd, that the mothers hath thrée cells in the right side propried to males, and thrée in the left side ordeined to females: And in the middle is conceiued Hermophroditus, yt hath both sexes male and female.* And the childe that is conceiued in the Mother is called Fetus in Latine. The childe hath that name Fetus of Fouere, that is ten∣derly fed and nourished. The thin bag or skinne that the childe is wrapped in, is called Secundina, which commeth out with the childe when it is borne. And if it ha that by any chaunce Secundina a∣bideth in the mother after that the childe is borne: thereof commeth great perill, except it be put out and holpe of kinde, or else by medicine. The mother hath many griefes: somtime by conteining too much superfluitie of humours, and that is by a clammie humour that stoppeth the mouths of the vains, or else of cold, that constraineth, or else of drinesse that wasteth. And these diuersities be known by their owne proper signes and tokers. Also it is sometime griued with too much flowing & shedding of menstruall humours: and that commeth eyther of too great abundance, that kinde maye not holde, or else of too great violence of sharpnesse and byting of humours. And if this euill be olde or of long continu∣aunce, scarcely it may be cured & holpen. For if the months of the vaines haue bene long open, it is hard to close them. Also the mother is grieued with stifling: in that passion it séemeth to the woman that she shall be stifled.* For the mother presseth the spiritual members, and that commeth of too greate repletion of hu∣mours that stretcheth the mother in length and breadth: or else it chaunceth of a corrupt & venimous fumositie, that cōmeth of some corrupt humuor, & filleth the hollownes of the mother, & maketh the mother to ouerstretch in widenesse.

The Mother hangeth betweene the splene and the bladder,*but somewhat higher then the bladder, the bottome or hollownesse is extended vnto the nauell, & is the place of the first Frag∣ma, of conception called Embrion, be∣ware of carnall copulation.

And so ye ful mother asketh more place, & thrusteth vpward togethers ye spirituall mēbers: wherby the woman is nigh sti∣fled. Also the mother somtime falleth too much forward, either to ye right side, or else to the left side: & sometime goeth out of her own place. And ye commeth of sla∣king of sinews, therof, & of superfluity of humours, ye charge sore & grieueth ye mo∣ther. And somtime the mother is grieued with sore ach & punching of postumes: whervpon followeth grieuous ach pric∣king & burning. Also when she is concei∣ued with childe, the mother is grieued with ach & stretching of powers ye com∣meth of mouing of the child,* & namely a∣bout the time of trauailing of child: For in ye time the child moueth more strong∣ly thē afore. Therfore néeds ye mother is greued: it is most specially griued in tra∣uayle, Page  63 when it thinketh to discharge it selfe, and the outpassing of the childe by some manner happe is let: which some∣time happeneth through the straightnes of the wayes of the Mother: and some∣time for too great fatnesse of the woman: and sometime for greatnesse of the child; and féeblenesse, and for default of vertue of out putting in the body of the woman that trauayleth of childe. And somtime it happeneth that the childe is dead, and therefore it may not help it selfe to come out of the mothers wombe. And some∣time the woman supposeth that she go∣eth with childe: and she beareth in hir wombe some manner lumpe wonderful∣ly shapen, as sayth Aristotle lib 18. Also after in purgation, it happeneth women to haue an euill, that is called Mola.* For sometime a man laye by a woman, and after a certain time she thought that she had gone with child: for hir wombe began to rise and swell, and tokens of going with childe were séene in the wo∣man: and when the time of birth drew nigh, she brought foorth no childe, & the swellyng of hir wombe abated not, but she endured so thrée yeares: and at last she trauayled, and brought forth a lump of flesh, so hard, that scarcely it might be cut, either seperated with yron: & such a lumpe is called Molia in Latine. And there Aristotle saith, that this hapneth, when the matter that is conceyued, is stifled with a vapour & humour of euill digestion: for then such a lumpe is bred (that is called Mola) in the Matrice or Mother, &c. In these mannets and ma∣ny other, the wretched Mother is grie∣ued very sore.