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Title: hEre begynneth the volume intituled and named the recuyell of the historyes of Troye, composed and drawen out of dyuerce bookes of latyn in to frensshe by the ryght venerable persone and worshipfull man. Raoul le ffeure. preest and chapelayn vnto the ryght noble gloryous and myghty prynce in his tyme Phelip duc of Bourgoyne of Braband [et]c in the yere of the incarnacion of our lord god a thousand foure honderd sixty and foure, and translated and drawen out of frenshe in to englisshe by Willyam Caxton mercer of ye cyte of London, at the comau[n]deme[n]t of the right hye myghty and vertuouse pryncesse hys redoubtyd lady. Margarete by the grace of god. Duchesse of Bourgoyne of Lotryk of Braband [et]c., whiche sayd translacion and werke was ... fynysshid in the holy cyte of Colen the. xix. day of septembre the yere of our sayd lord god a thousand foure honderd sixty and enleuen [sic] [et]c ...
Author: Lefèvre, Raoul, fl. 1460.
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be there so longe / But in the ende whan their vytaill fay¦led / and they sawe that they muste nedes aventure hem self to come doun / Cacus by his scyence made certayn secrete thynges to go doun in to their stomakes And af∣ter put therto the fyre and taught all the other to do soo And than sodaynly as they felte the fyre yssue oute of their mowthes and the fumee & smoke in suche habon∣dance that hit semed alle on a lyght fyre / Than by the counceyll of cacus. they aduentured hem self to descende a doun in rennyng & castyng fyre and fumee so Impetu∣ousement / that hercules and the grekes wende that hyt had ben an orage of lyghtnyng of the heuen And had brente the montaigne So they made hym place / ffor hit was a thyng for to make men asore basshid / And thus they escaped the daunger of hercules at that tyme. ffor duryng all that day the roche was full of smoke and fumee that cacus had made / And the smoke was so materyell. that hit semed tenebres or derkenes.WHan cacus and his folk were thus escaped and passid the oost of hercules and of the grekes / Hercules was than the moste wyse Clerk that was in the world. And that all his passetemps he en∣ployed in studye he toke his bookes And began to prac∣tyse howe and by what rayson he was descended from the roche / he redde and torned many leeves / But alle thynge well considerid he fonde not that this fumee cam of naturell thynge / Wherof he had grete meruayll / Than he sente for Athlas that allway was loggyd behynde the ooste for to be solytayre. Whan Athlas was come he shewid hym the smoke and fumee that yet dured /
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