A discourse of military discipline devided into three boockes, declaringe the partes and sufficiencie ordained in a private souldier, and in each officer; servinge in the infantery, till the election and office of the captaine generall; and the laste booke treatinge of fire-wourckes of rare executiones by sea and lande, as alsoe of firtifasions [sic]. Composed by Captaine Gerat Barry Irish.
Barry, Gerat.


THe figure followinge beinge armed and well ordered is ofrare execution in narowe or straighte places, ey∣ther to ofende or defende, and are verie necessarie in many ocasiones be sea and lande; On the two shoulde∣res wherof youe may arme two scubbes filled withe the receites before taughte, and in the inner parte of the instrumente, whiche is made of yron for this purpose whiche youe see by the figure followinge and goeth cross the pike, youe may put five pipes of yrō or brace prepared and made for that purpose, and that eache of them be of eighte or nine enches lōge, and soe greate in the boare as a pistoll barrell, whiche are to be fastened with nayles and coper wire, and to chardge them with goode pouder bullet and wad, that don youe may cause them to give fire one after on other, in layinge all a longhste the touche holes a peece of fine linenge clath filled with fine pouder, and wett in gineper-oyle, that the fire may take hir course by degrees; soe that the saide pipes shall shoute one after a nother as youe woul∣de desire it to doe, (eyther quicke or sloe;) Advertifinge that the linin∣ge wherin youe put the pouder to give fire to the touche holes is to be well fastned or bounde yuste uppon the touche holes with marlin corde, so that the course of theyre execution may tacke effecte in ju∣ste the due time ordained, the which in givinge fire to the firste the reste will dischardge one after an other.

Duringe which time the two scubbes placed on the two shoulde∣res of the instrumente, beinge fired will burne; duringe the time of the execution of thies pipes, and rather more, and will yealde a grea∣te Page  191 flame, the compositiones that goes to this instrumente are the sel∣fe same before taughte for to arme scubbes, soe that this instrumente beinge handled by one that is skilfull and curious in this arte, the exe∣cution wherof is wourdie the behouldinge, and shall see who orderly shalll those five shottes dischardge one after an other, eyther quicke or floe, as the curious understander of this wourcke will have the sa∣me to be, (soe acordingely shall he put the proportion required for the execution he desireth) the draughte of this instrumente sheoweth the letter H. hire after.

In ocasiones of triumph youe may cause other pipes or canes grea∣ter then thies to by made of the greatnes of the boare of an arcabuse de crocke, and of fiftine inches longe in the barrell, whiche beinge filled in this maner followinge, is wourthie to by admired, fill each of the saide canes as foloweth firste take a caliver shott of pouder, and chardge the firste cane therwith, then beate uppon the same a stop∣p or wad of fine cotten boyled in pouder brandevin and petrol-oy∣le, then fill uppon the same to the quantitie of a goode musket shott of the mixtures made for the artificiall canes, and uppon the same a stoppel of cotten as before taughte then amusket shott of pouder, then fill the reste of the cane or barell to the mouth of the mixtures made for the artificiall canes, and take heede that youe doe not beate them harde uppon the pouder and see that thies mixtures be verie drie, for beinge soe required for this execution, and observe the selfe same order for the fillinge of the reste of the canes and all alonge the mouthe of thies putt apeece of lininge full of fine stamped pouder wett in gineper-oyle and brandevin and see that it be verie well faste∣ned juste uppon the mouth of thies canes, that no fire can touche the same, but that whiche is ordained as before taughte: soe in givinge fire to the firste cane or barell, the reste in order one after another will dischardge, and each of thies bareles or canes shall yealde two shotes and aflame, whiche shall indure but very shorte, the mixtures required for this execution is of that which is made for the artificiall canes the draughte of this instrument sheoweth the letter H. Adver∣tisinge that thies mixtures are to by very drie and apte to kindell fire, and in theyre putinge to the barrell to beate them very softe for bein∣ge soe required.

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