A discourse of military discipline devided into three boockes, declaringe the partes and sufficiencie ordained in a private souldier, and in each officer; servinge in the infantery, till the election and office of the captaine generall; and the laste booke treatinge of fire-wourckes of rare executiones by sea and lande, as alsoe of firtifasions [sic]. Composed by Captaine Gerat Barry Irish.
Barry, Gerat.

THE FOURTH CHAP. Another way to arme artificiall canes of fire-wourcke.

TAke three partes of rosin, two partes of brimstone, one haulfe parte of the grease or fatt of a hog ¼. parte of red wax, cause the rosen and brimstone to be beaten into pouder, and mingell them togither. Then put to them the grease, and red wax and put them over asofte fire in a caldron, or earthen pott, stirringe them still til they corpora∣te well, and remaine a goode while over the fire: Then take five par∣tes Page  181 of serpintin pouder of the beste, and of saltpeeter three times re∣fined three partes, whiche muste be beaten to pouder, then take two partes of camphire stamped, then one parte of cristall glash, whiche muste be beaten into fine pouder, alsoe one parte of armoniak whi∣che muste be beate in into pouder, all which yove shall putt into the saied mixtures, and let them all boyle over asofte fire till they be well corporated and dried, or if yove will tacke them up when they are well corporated and reasonable drie it emporteth nothinge, by rea∣son they are quick to kindle fire, and required not over muche drien∣ge, and if yove finde that the mixtures be not well wet that they may the better corporate, put alitle a qua vite or petroll oyle or of bothe to them, till yove see that they be very well corporated, he that un∣dertaketh to macke any store of thies Fire-wourckes muste make up a furniesh for the beater securitie of the same, for putinge the mixtu∣res in caldrones or pottes over the fire as many do, it is dangerouse exepte it be handeled be one of perfect skill and greate vigilance whiche jhave often times tried.

For the fillinge of youre artificiall canes or tronkes withe the aforesaid mixtures, needeth much consideration and practice, for the perfecte execution of this wourcke. Put in case it is acane where aboy is arme can inter into, yove muste fill it as foloweth but if grea∣ter or lesher consideration muste be taken in fillinge the same with the mixtures in measure and proportion, or it will faile in burninge all of asodaine or verie sloe so that greate practice and curiositie is required for the perfecte handelinge of this wourke.

For the fillinge of the saide canes before spoken of put into the bottom of the same two handes and haulfe full of musket pouder, then three handes full of the drieste mixtures, then two handes full of pouder, then foure handes full of the mixtures, then a litle pou∣der, then five handes full of the mixtures, and soe still in this course, till youe fill youre cane within three eaches of the mouthe of the sa∣me, which youe shall fill with verie drie and quick mixtures apt to kindle fire, and on the upmoste parte or mouthe of the cane some pouder. That don take a peece of matche made of fine cotten, and sod in Aqua vitae, gineper-oyle, and fine beaten pouder, and well dried, in the sun or over asofte fire till ib be verie well dried of this matche cutt three enches and sticken itt into the mixtures that is in the mouth of the cane, and when youe are ready for youre exe∣cution do but give fire with youre ordinarie matche to this gunpou∣der Page  182 matche, and presently at the firste touch of youre ordinary match, or of any other fire it will instantly kindel fire: Advertisinge that youe are to cover the mouth of the cane with a peece of stronge parchmente, and binde it well, so that the mixtures may not faule oute of the cane, the veri end of the match muste a peere trough the saied partchment to give it fire, when occasion shall require, and then the cane shall presently bigin to wourcke with greate furie and terri∣ble to the behoulderes, for the wonderfull flame and terribel noyce.

I have seene trial made often times that theyer is nothinge that pu∣teth one in more terror then thies instrumentes, beinge well made and duelie handled, and douptles the flame and noyce of this fire will put the enemy in greate terror, when it bigines his course of exe∣cution, and none so valiante durste stay neere it as longe as the flame indures, and questionles it will make a way as farr as the haulfe pike and flame can reache though ever so valiante youre enemy be, and it is a moste excelent instrumente to bourde shippes per force, or to gi∣ve fire to theyre mines if youe perceive where the same doeth laye, advertisinge that the saide cane shall shoote of two shottes one after a nother, the firste that layes in the thirde degre, and the other that layes in the bottom.

Thies canes can be made severall maner of wayes be such as are curiouse in the manadginge of this arte, whicc none can bringe to perfection, but with longe practice, and muche chardges, be reason the compositiones and mixtures required for the same are wonder∣full deere, so that for the saide respectes hardely can youe finde one in ten tousand that will undertake the executinge of this wourcke; may be some will that are curiouse in readinge many brave Auctores, thinckinge that onely by the same they knowe inough, they are farr deceived, for i knowe that withoute practice they shall fall into very many errores, wherof i have seene verie many triales made, and besi∣des greate chardges before they coulde come to the perfecte judge∣mente of the deepe secretes and curiousities of this rare arte.

Thies canes or tronckes of fire-wourcke, are handled severall ma∣ner of wayes be suche as are curiouse; for some are of quicke execu∣tiones, otheres of slow acordinge as the ocasiō shall require, in putin∣ge to thē mixtures agriable for that purpose, some yealde a flame of 16. foote but thies indures but verie shorte, otheres yealde a flame of 12. or 13. foote, whiche indure lōger, whiche are made for sodaine executiones, otheres are made which do yealde a flame of 9. or 10. Page  183 foote, whiche do indure lōge i nogh for any sodaine exploite, for thies are made for suche executiones: Suche as doe not indure a bove the ⅛ parte of a quarter of an houre wil almoste wholy burne the cane, i meane all the inner parte of the same, suche as are made to indure haulfe a quarter of an houre will wholy burne the cane into a eish∣sees as faste as the mixtures or compositiones do burne. So any bod∣dy may perceive that thies compositiones are of wonderfull force, and of rare executiones, whiche questionles shall soe by founde by such as will take the paines and chardges, to make triall, and beinge experte in the due handlinge and manadginge of them. Thies mi∣xtures are to bee putt in canes made, like the figure folowinge mare∣ked with the letter B.