A discourse of military discipline devided into three boockes, declaringe the partes and sufficiencie ordained in a private souldier, and in each officer; servinge in the infantery, till the election and office of the captaine generall; and the laste booke treatinge of fire-wourckes of rare executiones by sea and lande, as alsoe of firtifasions [sic]. Composed by Captaine Gerat Barry Irish.
Barry, Gerat.

Num. IV.

THies conciderationes duly had, and resolusion taken, then Aploott muste be drawen with conveniente rules and measu∣res to reduce the citti forte or place to the beste forme that may by, with as litle ruine or defeatinge of houses or churches as can be, plasinge the bulwarkes, and cavalleres and other edifices conve∣niente to theire seates and purpose in the place moste fitt for the sa∣me, and that to be don withe as litle loss to the inhabitantes as may be possible. Resolution taken uppon the designe forme and greate∣nes that the place or fortress is to haue, he is to fortifie the feobleste parte or partes therof firste, and the apteste to by offended. The fortification well fortified and finished, it is necessary that it be fur∣nished with a conveniente garison of souldiores for the better securi∣tie and defence therof, for otherwise it were like a boddy withoute a soule (and biside this) if it haue not provision of all sortes of vitual∣les, artillery and munitiones, and of all armes defencive and offenci∣ve in goode and sufficiēte store, and of shoules spades mattokes pick∣axes, Page  204 sawes, hameres, yron, sledges, barres of yron, nayles, ropes, &c. And many other necessaire instrumentes to wourke in earth, or in walles or in stones or in tember, and alsoe in water, mandes, baske∣tes, hand barrowes and wheele barrowes, plankes, beames, stakes, watlinges gabiones, and other thinges at batteries and beseedginge, withoute the which it is impossible to repaire and intrinche againste batteries asaultes and other ofences of the enemy, all which belonges to the office care and dutie of the generall of the artillery: to see them provided in every towne or place of any importance within the realme, as also all other places which standes for the defence and safetie of the same.

Thies fortificationes wee treate of are very costely, and hardlie to by performed but by a mighty Prince, and specially suche as are made with brike stone goode earth and thurff, as is the castell and citti of Anwourpe, Gante, and san Gilian in Portugall, and the castell of Millan, and sundrie otheres the licke, are hardlie broughte to perfe∣ction but with expence of millones, so nowe adayes all places are for∣tified with earth and thurff onely, as is for the moste parte the greate towne of Gante, Mastrick, Dam, Ostende, Hulste and many more places in the lowe countries, as Sluse, Weasell and the towne of Breda, which haue indured such gallante batteries, sufficiente to weare oute a greate and mightie prince, both in his power and purse, whiche was to be seene in the famouse siedge and regaininge of Bre∣da, where all Kinges and Princes in Cristendom for the moste parte on both sides, sheowed theire forces and mighte, not withstandinge it was won by the invencible power of that mightie Monarke the Catholick Kinge of Spaine, troughe his greate mighte and power, acom∣panied with the prudente brave conduction and militarie industrie of his renoomed Generall Marques Spinola, and many brave Captai∣nes and souldiores, togither with the incomporable power loue and vnitie of his faithfull and renoomed lubjectes of the vnited provin∣ces of the lowe countries, to their greate glorie and honoure, and soe spreade abroade and related by many auctores to their and predeces∣sores greate fame and renoome of perpetuall memory to all posteri∣tie, wherof to relate it were tediouse, and incredible to such as haue not seene the same, with so many thousandes of wagones ful of all sortes of vitualles and amunisiones cominge every day, where mighte by perceived the loue and greate encomparable mighte of his vnited subjetes of the vnited provinces. Al which i haue seene and this Page  [unnumbered]〈1 page duplicate〉Page  [unnumbered]

Page  [unnumbered]Page  205 towne of Breda inuiorened with adoble trince rounde aboute som fi∣ve leages with verie many fortes and redutes, all which was finished in verie feowe dayes with earth and fagotes. In fine suche fortificasiones may serve to goode purposes and indure sufficientlie, beinge well and ingeniouslie made and of goode earth, and carefully remended in due time, and when anny piece of the same should fall or decay, pre∣sently to be repaired and made upp.