A discourse of military discipline devided into three boockes, declaringe the partes and sufficiencie ordained in a private souldier, and in each officer; servinge in the infantery, till the election and office of the captaine generall; and the laste booke treatinge of fire-wourckes of rare executiones by sea and lande, as alsoe of firtifasions [sic]. Composed by Captaine Gerat Barry Irish.
Barry, Gerat.
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THe Artillerie whiche is to by conducted with an army, is to by comaunded by the Captaine generall, conside∣ringe the executiones he doethe pretende, and the greatnes of his army, and the circuide they may ocupie, they carie 30. or 35. canonnes of greate cice for batte∣rie some more, sometimes lesh, acordinge the execution, some shoote a bullet of pounde, from 7. to 8. inches in heighte.

  • 15. Haulfe cannonnes from 25. pounde bullet to 30.
  • 16. Culverines from 16. to 20. pounde bullet.
  • 26. Demy Culverines.
  • 25. Falcones and falconetes.
  • 82.

Greate store of cannon-pouder, and alsoe a goode quantitie of pouder, for smale shott, a store of leader bagges to carie pouder be∣hinde men a horsebake, when any sodaine occasion soe requireth, hi∣des to cover the pouder in the cariadge of the same, pices of chaines and broken yron, cartages full of musket bulletes to shoote oute of greate ordenance in the fronte of a battel, or any order of men a pro∣chinge neere to execute thire intente: In suche and semblable ocasio∣nes the aforesaiede instrumentes bienge well handled by goode and skillfull Canonieres in due time, are of wonderfull executiones, and do putt the enemy in mightie terron, in many occasiones by sea and lande, greate quantitie of bullettes for youre greate ordenance, and goode store of match, and bulletes for the smale shott, a store of mat∣tokes shoules and pickaxes, hatchetes, and axes to cutt woode and fagotes, and a store of wood houkes, a store of plankes, and peeces of timber, whiche may serve for many purposes, greate store of bas∣ketes to carie earthe to fill the gabiones and cover the smale shott in trinches and fortificationes, sledges and yron barres to breake rockes, greate and smale sawes, laddeles of brace and theyre staufes, spon∣ges, rameres for eache sorte of the greate ordenance; greate store of Page  [unnumbered]〈1 page duplicate〉Page  [unnumbered]

A Table for to finde oute the names of the greate ordenance nowe used for ofensive and defensive warres, the height of their diameter or height of their bullettes, and theire weights, the compass of the same, weight of the pouder required to each peece, the weight of eache peece of ordenance, lenght of the same, their thicknes, linght of their laddells, and the breade of the same, the number of men sufficient to drawe each peece, and the number of horses requisite for to drawe the same, the distance of paces eache peece cariethe at point blanke, the distance of paces eache greate peece shootes at utmoste random, the lenght of the coyler rope requisite for to drawe eache peece.
The names of the peeces of greate orde∣nance.The height of the dia∣meter of e∣verie peece in enches and partes.Heighte of the bullet in inches and partes.VVeight of the shot in poūdes and partes.Compas of the shot in inches and partes.VVeight of corne pou∣der due to charge each peee in poū∣des.VVeighte of the peece in poundes.The lenghte of the peece en feete.Thicknes of the mettall at the tou∣che hole in inhes and partes.Thicknes of the peece at the neck of the same.Lenghte of the laddel in inches and partes.The brea∣de of the laddell.Lenghte of the planc∣kes of the cariage in feete.The num∣ber of men, suficient to drawe each peece, when nede requi∣re.The num∣ber of the horses re∣quisite to drawe each peece of or∣dinance.Distance of pases the peece ca∣rieth at point blan∣ke.The distan∣ce of pases each great peece shoo∣tes at ut¦moste ran∣don.The lenght of the coy¦ler roape requisit to drawe each peece.
Cannon.87 ¼6425 1/7328000128423 ½1516 ⅔9016300150070
Cannon serpintin7 ½7 ¼5223 4/726700011 ½7 ½3 ¾2214 ¼16 ¼8014340160066
Frence Cannon.7 ¼7 ½46 ¾22 11/14236500127 ¼3 2/2113 ¼167012360174064
Demi canō eildest6 ½6 ¼36 ⅝21 3/1420600011 2/46 ¼3 ⅛221215 ½6511370180060
Demi canō ordin.6 ½6 ¾3220 2/718560010 ½6 ½32011 ½156010350170054
Demi canon.6 ¼5 ¼24 ½18 6/71650001163 1/102111 ½16569340160046
Culveringe.5 ½5 ½1917 2/715 ½460013 ¼5 ½3229 ½18508420210040
Ordinari culver.5 ¼5 ¼16 ¼16 ½124300125 ¼2 ¾21917 2/4468400200036
Demi culveringe.4 ½411 ¾14 1/793000114 ½2 4/208 ½16 ¼367380180034
Demi culveringe, somvvhat leshe.4 ¼4 /2913 5/147 ⅔2300104 /42 ½19 ½7 2/414 2/286320160030
Skr ordinary.3 ¼3 ½611 11/14519009 ½3 ¾2 1/16 ¼6 2/414245300150028
Saker or minnon.3 ¼3 ½4 ¾10 3/143 ¼110083 ¼2145 ¼11204280140024
Faucon.2 2/42 ½2 /38 9/142 ¼75072 2/42124 ½10 /4163260120020
Faconet.2 ¼21 ⅛7 1/141 ½40062 ¼1 2/4103 /48 2/4102220100020
Page  [unnumbered]Page  155 nayles litle and greate, coradge of smale sortes, horse sheowes and horse nayles, litle and greate bandes of yron for the whiles, and spare whiles withoute faile, lanternes and store of candles, for Carpente∣res to wourke at night time when necessitie soe requireth, talowe and tarr for the whiles, torches, wax, candeles, scalinge leaderes, a quan∣titie of musketes and pikes; A store of compositiones and mixtures for fire wourkes, saltpiter, camphora, solfer, armoniacke, sal gema, colofonia, rosin, red wax, stronge brandevin, a quantitie of o cam, smale cordes, and yron wires, giniper oyle, linseede-oyle, turpintin non preparata: The saltpiter used for fire-wourkes is moste co∣monly refined three times, of thies mixtures there needeth no grea∣te quantitie because that they are seldom used and besides they are ve∣rie costly and feowe can by founde for there due orderinge for seve∣rall executiones.

To drawe a cannon of greate cice in faire weader is required 18. or 20. horses, sometimes more if the situation by not goode, but in foole weader is required 24. horses, sometime more if the situation by not goode, thies horeses is to by chosen both greate and stronge, for a demy cannon 12. or 16. horses, in foole weader 16. or 18.

A stronge and goode wagon will carie 70. cannon shott and of o∣theres of lesher sieze acordinge to that rate, to the drawinge of which is required 4. or 6. horses, and acordinge to that weighte are all the other wagones loaden, with pouder and other munitiones, bridges, barckes requires more horses acordinge to the greatnes of the loade.

For the manadginge of thies amunitiones, and of the greate orde∣nance is required many men, a monghst the which it is moste neces∣sarie that theyre by goode and experimented Carpinteres, Canonie∣res, Gentlemen of the Artillerie to governe and conducte the same, prudently. A Contador, Mayor domo, Pagador, Comesaries or mu∣ster masteres, a harbinger to whose chardge, is 250. horse, and a pro∣voste over the horses that caries the Artillerie, some Smittes and ma∣ny pioneres or wourkmen, to make trinches rampares, mines, and contra-mines to make plaine and eiven bad pasadges, that the greate ordenance may pass, skillfull Ingineres to under-mine walles of tow∣nes, and fortreshes; to digg welles for water, over thies pioneres are a pointed Captaines to governe and comaunde them, which of ne∣cessitie oughte to by experte in fortificationes, contramininge, trin∣chinge, and knowinge who to manadge ingines of fire-wourkes to burne boates shipes, or any suche combustable thinge, and in kno∣winge Page  156 the compositiones fitt for them, and who to make them.

There oughte to by one of perfecte skill for a condestable or Ma∣ster gunner to governe, comaunde, instructe, oversee and examine all the reste gunneres, and to by verie carefull to see that they doe theyr dutie, and knowe who to a complish with theyr obligationes, for some rawe and unexperimented men do undertake the char∣ge of a gunner who knoweth juste nothinge: Theyre oughte to by in∣strumentes to take the leavelles, ingines to monte and dismonte all sortes of ordenance.

The Generall of the Artillerie, as a superior comaunder, oughte to procure and take a speciall care in due time to see all matteres pro∣vided and put in order, rather then to thincke theruppon, when oc∣casion shoulde presente, and specially in the lowe countries, where warres are dayly in exercice, and sundrie interprises, and brave exploi∣tes executed of a sodaine. He is to get a liste of all sortes of amuni∣nitiones and armes, as well defencive, as offencive both for foote and horse, givinge order and chardge of the same, to the Mayor domo, the which they oughte to give oute by librances or ticketes, from the Generall, because that goode acompte may by yealdeth of provisio∣nes of suche greate importance, in as much that no fraude mighte by suspected: When occasion shall offer to plante youre cannon or grea∣te shott, to batter a cittie towne foote or castell, or any other occa∣sion.

And pretendinge to effecte well youre purpose, youe shall place them by 5.6 7.8. as occasion shall require, a leowinge a certaine di∣stance betwexte every two peeces, acordinge as the occasion and si∣tuation shall require or permit, firste orderinge the place where they shall by put with plankes or tables all a longste under theire whiles, a leowinge 7. foote litle more or less behinde theyre whiles, for the re∣tiring of the peece, soe that of it self, or with litle paines it returnes a gaine to his due and former place; And alsoe before the Artillerie is to by set a resistance of tables, betwext it and the gabiones and para∣pet, and soe of a neowe bigin to chardge it. And when the Artillery bi∣gines to be hott, it is not to by refreshed with vineger, but rather weathinge the trimer in water, and with the same to refress the cane or barrell.

This observation beinge fullfilled in due time youe may still shoo∣te of, if occasion require: It is alsoe to by considered the thicknes and mettal, advertisinge that the Masteres of the ordenance doe a leowe Page  157 no more then 40. or 50. shott a day, if the occasion by not of suche importance.

He who taketh this honorable chardge in hande oughte to by skillfull in the arte of warr, and of greate care in givinge all orderes and instructiones in due time, and see that with greate care and pun∣ctualitie his orderes be observed. He oughte to knowe the names of every peece, and theyre severall weightes lenghtes bignes, and the ju∣ste boare of the cilender, the weighte and thicknes of theyre bulletes, the quantitie of pouder necessarie for every peece, their beste advan∣tadge att poincte blanke, the diference and goodnes of theyre pou∣der, the laddels, sponges, and rammeres necessarie, and befitinge for eache one, theyre ought to by bulletes and a rowes of wilde fire.

It is still to by considered the goodnes or badnes of the pouder, for the pouder beinge goode the lesser will serve, and is of farr better exe∣cution, and doth less heate the peece: To knowe who much pouder youe oughte to a leowe to eache peece take in pouder the waighte of the ⅔ partes of the bullet, and soe with all sorte of ordenan∣ce 〈 math 〉 of whatesoever cice, as for example a cannon of 66. pounde bullet requires 44. pounde of pouder, which is the ⅔. of the waighte of the bullet, and soe with the reste. The laddell beinge filled two times is the righte chardge of each peece, but that consideration oughte to be taken in the goodnes of the pouder and peece uppon the pouder and Artillery ought alwaies to be a pointed a goode and vigilante watche, soe that no fraude may take effecte, in naylinge the ordenance, or givinge fire to the pouder, both foote and horse ought to garde the same if neede require, and specially goode roundes.

The setinge, montinge, or placinge the Artillerie belongethe to the Campe master generall, or highe Marshall of the fielde: Theyre oughte to by a speicall care taken that of all sortes of munitiones thei∣re shoulde by rather more to spare then that theyre shoulde wante, for two many goode respectes, for the more youe have allwayes to spare of pouder, and other munitiones, the more honoure youe gai∣ne and the quieter youre mynde.

If youe shoulde chance to come to conqueste a foraigne coun∣trie where youe are well asured to get both horse and foote, and bein∣ge fullie resolued to overcome that countrie, and remaine in posses∣sion of the same, it is verie necessarie youe carie a longe with youe a greate quātitie of saddeles, briddles, spurres, and Masteres to make su∣che Page  158 wourkes, and alsoe to carie a longe with youe a quantitie of many sortes of weapones and munitiones, which suchc countries can not a fourde, and to take a speciall care that youe receive no men whiche mighte by suspected, for fidelitie is a preciouse guel of greate wourth, for nexte under God theyre is nothinge of so greate importance to a Prince as to have loyall subjectes, for trough theyre love and unitie, the fertilitie of the countrie, a companied with good lawes, goode discipline, prudente and brave conduction of his Captaines and Co∣maunderes in warr, as alsoe a companied with thies saied a faithfull and resolvte determination of his Souldieres, who beinge exercised and experimented in warr is a wounderfull comforte securitie, and repose bothe to the Kinge and countrie.